Link Love -7/17

Hello friends!

I’ve been loving the summer weather lately. Blue skies, puffy white clouds, cool mornings that are practically made for running, warm lazy afternoons, ahh I’m feeling so blessed 🙂 Weather is one of those things that has a huge impact on my mood, and so I hugely appreciate when skies are sunny and clear. Sunny day=happy Vangie.


Sunday means Link Love *whoop whoop* so grab a comfy seat and get reading!


Sprinting Legend Allyson Felix Shares Four Ways To Kick Up Your WorkoutsSome awesome tips to jump start your routine. 

7 Weird Facts About BalanceAhh this is so cool! The human body is such an awesome thing. 

This New Fitness Fad Requires You To Do Nothing But Watch NetflixThis seems a little bit far fetched, but would you try it? 


Soda And Other Sugary Drinks Tied To An Increased Risk Of CancerI’m not a soda drinker, but it’s just a good reminder to eat and drink in moderation. 

16 Charts That Will Help You Be Way Less Stressed


I Tested Some Easy Camping Hacks IRL And It Was Extremely WildFor my camping/backpacking lovers. 

You Don’t Have to Believe What You ThinkAn older post but still wonderfully applicable. 

Carb is Not a Four Letter Word-Yes a thousand times! Carbohydrates are essential nutrients; they are not meant to be restricted. 


Blueberry Banana Oatmeal CookiesI. Need. These. ASAP. 

Paleo Sweet Potato Blueberry Breakfast Bars.Yummers! 

Sweet Potato Black Bean BurgersLove, love, love veggie burgers in the summer.

Black Sesame Tahini Vegan Banana BreadThis looks scrumptious. 


Linking up with Running with Spoons.


Does the weather affect your mood? 

What recipes do you want to try this week? 

Did any of the articles stand out? Which one and why? 






2 thoughts on “Link Love -7/17

  1. Definitely love the fast workouts link! The only weather I don’t like is below zero. Or really windy with snow. I can deal with mostly everything else 🙂


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