Thinking Out Loud: Kindred Spirits and Current Joys

Happy Friday Eve!

Thursdays, because of my work schedule, are always a weird day for me. I work a full day on Saturday and the afternoon on Sunday, but I don’t work Thursday or Friday, which makes Thursday feel like the start of my weekend. It definitely messes with my head, but I get Friday off so no complaints here.

I like to think of Thinking out loud(see what I did there 😉 ) as a brain dump. It’s close to the end of week, and it’s a time for reflection and just getting everything out that’s been circulating all week.

So here it is. My brain dump for your viewing pleasure.

1. I’m beyond excited to see some awesome ladies this weekend! I’ve been really busy with work and haven’t set enough time aside for quality time with friends. My kindred spirit and best friend is coming on Friday. She is such a bright soul. I love spending time with her. Then on Sunday I get to see another lovely lady. (before she goes off to college!)

2. The weather has been a huge blessing. I can not stress enough how much the weather affects my mood. I really don’t want it to though, because when it’s cloudy in the winter, I essentially start hibernating and taking on bear-like characteristics.  For now, I’m enjoying the cool mornings and sunny skies 🙂


3. Thank you to all who read and commented on my DITL post yesterday! Seriously, your comments make my day.

4. I have been on an intense almond butter kick lately. Usually I’m a peanut butter girl, but nope, all I’ve been craving is almond butter. I’m not mad about it. My favorite vessels for copious globs of almond butter this week have been waffles, muffins, and bananas. Yummmm.

5. I am in love with this song at the moment. At first it weirded me out, there’s something about children singing in songs that reminds me of horror movies, but after listening to it a few times. I love it. His voice is amazing.

6. This verse popped up in my devotions this morning, and it really convicted me. When I have things I don’t want to do, I agonize over them to the point that completing the task is blown way out of proportion. Finding joy in everything you do is not easy, but it’s really important if you want have joy in life. It’s a good reminder to find joy in the journey, no matter how small! Even something like cleaning your toilet can be a joy because at least you have a toilet to clean. Life without indoor plumbing would not be fun 😕


7. Volunteering on an organic farm has been intensely challenging and also a huge blessing. I’ve met some of the most hard working and friendly people. I can’t talk them up enough. They have so much insight and knowledge to give. Ahhh I’m so lucky I get to soak it all up.

8. Peaches. These beauties are from my local farmer’s market. They were marked down because some of them have split pits, so I’m going to freeze a bunch for smoothies and cobblers over the winter. Be on the lookout for peach recipes 😀


That’s all 🙂 If I gave you a complete brain dump, we’d be here for a while. Enjoy the rest of your week. Soak up some sun, eat something yummy, find some pleasure in the little things.

Byes loves ❤

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3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Kindred Spirits and Current Joys

  1. I love fresh peaches. Fresh fruit is one of my favorite parts of summer, especially local fruit. And it sounds like the weather has been like ours too. I’m just so thankful that God sends cool nights and sunny days, for the rain, and for the wonderful long summer days.


  2. I have a weird work schedule too. I have off Monday and Tuesday or Monday and Wednesday so technically Friday is my HUMP DAY! I love verses that keep me enjoying the moment. Too many times days pass and I’m like “what happened?!” During the summer, I just like to enjoy every minute 🙂


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