Week in Review: Getting Stuff Done


Putting things in all caps and adding too many exclamation points definitely helps with the Monday blues. That and maybe these waffles. And if coffee is your thang. And lovely mornings.



This wonderful Monday, I’m participating in the Week in Review link up with Clean Eats Fast Feets! I love the idea of reflecting on your week, and I really love making lists. It’s a win win.

Okay lets do it!


  • Monday, I finally finished writing my AP Literature essay for my class this coming fall. I had to read the graphic novel Watchmen, which was actually a good read. I wasn’t expecting to get much out of it, but it actually had some very meaningful themes and awesome character development.
  • Tuesday, I got in a long run in the morning. Six glorious miles while the world slept. It was one of those breakthrough runs that Ellie wrote about the other day. I truthfully don’t even know what my pace was, I could have been seriously slow, but I just felt so good while I was running. It was a run that reminded my how much I love running.
  • Wednesday I woke up.(I was told nothing was too small an accomplishment to add, right?) 🙂 🙂 I went grocery shopping too. It needed to be done, so I did it. I honestly really love grocery shopping though. If I don’t shop, I don’t get more food, and that would be a travesty.
  • Thursday was a whirlwind. In the morning I farmed, which involved weeding thistle in an asparagus patch and harvesting. That in itself was a challenge, but one that made me feel pretty hardcore afterwards. It was like trekking through an itchy, humid rain forest while hacking weeds with a little bitty hoe. I chickened out and wore gloves but there were some brave souls that went right in with bare hands. I’m telling you, farmers are some of the most determined, strong minded people on this planet. I also did a ton of baking, which was fun! I made this peach crumble and whole wheat chocolate zucchini bread. Can’t stop, won’t stop using ALL the summer produce.
My dirty feet for your viewing pleasure.



  • Friday I had two, much needed, talks with two wonderful ladies. One in the morning that was tearful but uplifting, and one with my kindred spirit in the afternoon that lasted hours. They both made my heart very full and grateful for the wonderful people God places in our lives.
2016-07-23 20.52.05
We both agreed I look a leprechaun in this picture. (I’m on the right by way) 
  • Saturday I froze lots and lots and lots of peaches. I am stocked with frozen fruit for the winter. Now I just need to restrain myself from eating all of my work before the colder months come.


That’s it my friends. Looking back, I wasn’t extremely productive, i.e. my list is short, but I actually felt a lot of growth this week. On Thursday, I talked about the blog pulling me out of my comfort zone. It really has, but it’s been a really wonderful experience so far. Sometimes it’s hard to see physical productivity because a lot is happening in your heart. This past week was like that for me, and as much as it can be uncomfortable, if you wait it out, goods things come.

Bye loves ❤

So tell me…

What did you do last week?

Do you ever have weeks where you don’t get a lot of things done, but you still feel mentally fulfilled and accomplished?

Do you ever freeze fruit for the winter? 


4 thoughts on “Week in Review: Getting Stuff Done

  1. Waking up is a huge deal because it means you’re still kicking it, always a plus.

    Nicely done on the morning run (and yes waffles make everything better) and deep conversations with girlfriends. Those are some of the best and most enlightening talks.

    I want to raid your freezer and snag some peaches. I can’t wait to have my first peach of the season, preferably over the kitchen sink as the juice drips down.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up!


    1. Peaches are probably my favorite summer fruit. They legit smell like summer! And the sticky, drippy juice is definitely an essential part of the experience.

      Thanks for hosting and Happy Monday to you too!


  2. Thanks for linking to my post! I’m so glad you had a wonderful run 🙂 I freeze bananas for ice cream and I think I have some frozen fruit in there but we don’t have that much space. Some days I feel so accomplished if I just took the day to relax. I think a day like that is in order here soon 🙂


    1. Of course! And I’m pretty happy too 🙂 Oooh frozen bananas are the bomb, plain or as ice cream. That reminds me I should freeze some soon…

      Taking the day to relax is definitely an accomplishment, especially if you’re like me and feel the constant need to go, go, go. It can be hard to slow down, but it’s so needed mentally and physically.


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