Thinking Out Loud…Told Through Memes

Greetings fellow humans!!!

Guess what? It’s Thursday, which means today we’re thinking out loud. I’m linking up with the lovely Amanda. Thank you for hosting this awesome link up!


1. I realized that so far, my Instagram feed is a lot of breakfast foods. It’s kind of embarrassing guys, I promise I eat more than waffles and nut butter every day. Annnd, wink wink nudge nudge, speaking of Instagram, you should check out my account and give it a follow. 😉


2. I found A BUNCH of organic strawberries on sale yesterday. So I bought several cartons and froze some, but I need some ideas for what to do with the fresh ones. I would greatly appreciate any creative recipe ideas. I also got organic pb for a dollar a jar. *cha ching*



3. Same grocery trip as mentioned above – I got local sweet corn, *swoon* and I’m so ready to have my first cob of the season. It’s gonna be epic. (Update: I ate some and it was very epic.)


4. On Friday, I’m going on a college visit to University of Pittsburgh. I’m really excited! My parents and I are heading to Pittsburgh on Friday, spending the night, and then visiting the campus Saturday morning. It should be a great learning experience.

I picked the restaurant we’re going to Friday night, in Pittsburgh, so hopefully it’s yummy. It’s called El Burro, and they serve up some awesome looking Mexican food with lots of vegan and vegetarian options. Realistically, I’m looking forward to that the most, but the college visit will be good too 🙂


5. I want to post a recipe tomorrow, but I can’t decide. It’s between this waffle recipe and  a savory recipe. I’ll think on it.

dare accepted. dundundun

6. Anyone else feel like they don’t drink enough water during summer? I try to, but at the end of the day, I still feel dehydrated. Between running, my job, life stuff, I sweat so much, and I just forget that I’m losing liquids.


7. I’ve been listening to this on repeat all week. It’s so happy 😀


8. At work, two of my friends play this geography game where they name a country, state, or city and then the other person has to name another country, state, or city that starts with the last letter of the previous word. I just listen because I’m terrible at geography. They get pretty heated…over geography, it’s great 😀


9. My friend invited me to do an early morning hike on the AT on Sunday. We’re going to have a worship service at the lookout point and then hike down. It’s such an awesome idea. What is better than worshiping our Creator in His beautiful creation!

10. I couldn’t stop at nine. That would bug me, so number ten is just a reminder that sometimes I’m a little OCD.


With that, I bid you adieu. See you back here tomorrow for a waffle recipe or a savory recipe…still haven’t decided yet.

Bye loves ❤

So tell me…

What are some yummy strawberry recipes?

How do you remember to stay hydrated in during the summer? 

What do you think of early morning hikes? 


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud…Told Through Memes

  1. I want to hike the AT someday. That would be quite the experience! I love anything strawberry rhubarb…so I vote for that!
    Tomorrow post the waffle recipe 😉 I love my waffles almost too much!


    1. I would love to hike the whole AT someday as well. Maybe after college…I’m planning on doing a section hike next summer, which should be an adventure. I love rhubarb, but I never use it enough. Such a good idea! And waffles it is 🙂

      Have a super duper weekend!


  2. I love early morning hikes and especially if you’re hiking for a few days…because it means you’re waking up in the woods/mountains and nothing beats that! Strawberries are delicious in so many ways! I love them on top of a bagel with cream cheese, in a salad with spinach almonds and goat cheese, or …..last night I chopped them with apples and grapes and mixed a quick and easy dip to dollop on top. Take 8oz heavy whipping cream and beat until stiff peaks form, Whip 8oz of cream cheese into the whipped cream. Add 3T each of honey and orange juice (mine was orange mango). It was crazy good!


    1. Yes! I love, love hiking! It’s grounding to be out in nature. It reminds me to keep things in perspective and really be grateful for the lovely world we live in.

      What awesome strawberry recipes! The cream cheese bagel combo sounds extra delicious. I’ll have to give it a try…

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m looking forward to checking out your blog!

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