Weekend in Review: University of Pitt

It’s Monday, which is always bittersweet. Not like the chocolate though, no fault can be found in chocolate. It is sweet because it marks a new work week, and I love fresh starts. It is bitter because we say goodbye to another (hopefully!) fun and relaxing weekend.

This weekend, I got to go on a mini-vacation/college visit to Pittsburgh, which makes this Monday a little extra bittersweet. What a pretty city with so much history.

I will start with Friday morning and share a recap of what the trip was like…

…Friday morning I woke up early and drove to the farm to help out until lunch time. It had rained the night before, which was a huge answer to prayer, so the weather was temperate.

Around 11:15pm, wow specific, I drove home and ate a quick lunch before packing. I’m rarely a person who waits to pack until thirty minutes before she has to leave, but that’s what happened. I didn’t have much to pack though, so I was ready to leave by 1:30ish.


I’m not a fan of long car rides. I get grumpy. Snacks help.


Once we got to the hotel, around 4:30pm, we settled in and I went to the fitness center to get a quick workout in before dinner. It felt sooo good to move my body after sitting in a car for several hours. (Funny story: There was a wedding at the hotel that day, and the fitness center was directly next to the ceremony, which was on a terrace. So I got to see and hear the ceremony while I burpeed and squatted.

To the right is the fitness center. 
Bosu ball made me sorrrre. 

El Burrrrrro. The food there was good! It was kinda in a sketchy part of town though.

Vegan Flying Saucer
Mom: “Put mine on the blog too.” Of course madre.

I was still hungry, so I suggested we find a froyo place for dessert. Our quest for froyo was quite the adventure! My phone was at 11%, and I used it for directions to get us to the shop. Well, it died just as we found do the shop. Froyo was eaten…good froyo. Organic vegan froyo mind you. Also it was expensive, very pricey froyo but definitely worth it. Well this was where the adventure began, we had no map or GPS to get us home. We got lost a few times, but eventually we made it back to our hotel. I was so disappointed my phone died though because that delicious froyo was out of this world. I wanted to share a pic with y’all. I’ll remember you forever Piccadilly Frozen Yogurt shop ❤

That night we walked along the Monaga Helen River which was nice, and we then headed back and watched some Criminal Minds before turning in for the night.


Saturday I got up early to run along the river. As I got further away from the hotel, there were more and more abandoned factories and buildings. I brought my phone and pepper spray, but I turned around anyway. The area was creepy, so I opted to finish my run closer to the hotel.

Shifty characters crossing the road. 


We got ready and went down to breakfast. Yes I brought my own almond butter. Why not?


When we arrived to U of Pitt, it was raining pretty hard. Thankfully the first two information sessions were in the same building, so we avoided getting too wet. When we did have walk around, we sported our kick butt ponchos because we’re cool like that.


Dad’s too cool for poncho life

Lunch was meh. We ate some salads in the cafeteria. I’m sure you can picture what a salad looks like.

Last we did a walking tour around the campus. We had a really friendly tour guide, Brad, who was super nice. Then we left! I quickly inhaled a banana and larabar in the car. #alwayshangry


It was a good trip. I was not always gracious in the car, sorry mom, but we’re home again and back to routine.

Does anyone else hold their breath going through tunnels? 

Then on Sunday I hiked with a wonderful group of friends on the AT and then headed to work. Lots of busyness this weekend, but a blessed time of busyness.

Bye loves ❤

So tell me…

What did you do this weekend? 

How do you feel about car trips? 

What’s the best thing you ate this weekend? 


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