WIAW #3: Back to Routine

Good morning friends and a HAPPY HUMP DAY TO ALL!

You all know Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the week. (Side note: Does anyone else have to spell out Wed-nes-day when they type it?) It’s all about the food today. Hopefully you will get some inspiration and new recipe ideas!


This day of eats was a “back to routine” kind of day. My post yesterday was a recap of the awesome weekend I had in Pittsburgh with the Madre y Padre, but after it, I needed a reset. A sleep reset, a food reset, a Jesus time reset, so today was that day. (Actually Monday was that day, but I’m posting this Wednesday so…ya know) We were home by Saturday afternoon, and then I left in the evening to sleep at a friends house. Sunday morning we got at like 4:45am, yikes, and we went on an adventure hike with some friends from her church. We worshiped at the top and had a little service and time of prayer, and then we headed back. It was wonderful, but I was really tired (and hungry!) when I got home.

Let me just add that getting back to routine for me means just that…doing the stuff I always do. I just went back to my normal veggie filled eats, moving my body, and spending time in devotions. Alison, one of my favorite bloggers wrote about what it means to “get back on track” or “back to routine” and it doesn’t have to mean restriction or meticulous calorie counting. It’s also really important to be introspective and figure out what your motivation is. Am I doing another workout video because I want to…or because I think I need to work off that piece of cake I ate this weekend. Am I reaching for veggies instead of a cookie because my body is craving them…or because I feel like I need to “eat clean” because I indulged.

All that to say, today is a new start! I got to bed early and slept for a glorious 9 hours. I took my morning nice and slow.

smoothie bowl// chia seeds// strawberries// almonds

In the mix: 2 cups of spinach, 1 1/2 frozen bananas, 1 small peach. It was super yum and refreshing. On another note, Mikayla from Naturally Whole shared my pic on her Instagram account, and it totally made my day! Make sure you check out her website and blog. Lots of awesome information and recipes there.

lettuce// sweet potato// red cabbage// hard boiled eggs// Hope hummus// homegrown tomater

This. Hit. The. Spot. I watched a Grey’s Anatomy episode while I ate. Not a very mindful way to eat, but it’s a bad habit…

can we take a moment to appreciate how perfect this egg is

After doing some blogging stuff and laundry, I needed a snack to energize me through my quickly approaching work shift.


At work, I was feeling irritated, probably because I was hangry, but this sweet girl came up to me and told my hair looked pretty. It’s was so kind and out of blue, and my attitude did a 360. Have you ever had an experience like that? It’s amazing how a stranger’s kindness made me see my own hard hardheartedness and unkindness.

Ezekiel bread// avocado// more maters// zucchini// mushrooms// broccoli
Yogi tea// dark chocolate

Perfect night cap. It was definitely a good day of food, while being the “reset” I needed. I am hesitant to use that word though, so I hope my intro came across loud and clear. It breaks my heart that we live in such a diet obsessed culture. I want to be sure that you know Nutrition on a Mission is a safe place from all the negativity. Only positive vibes and lots of love here 😀

Thank you Jenn, Arman, and Laura for this awesome link up!

So tell me…

How’s your week going?

What do you think about the word “reset”?

Do you crave routine after a vacation?


12 thoughts on “WIAW #3: Back to Routine

  1. I think resets are some of the best “therapy” and necessities to our well being out there. We all have our routine and comforts, and as long as they are true to ourselves and not dictated by unhealthy coping or forcing ourselves to be something we aren’t, then going back to that reset – whatever it may be for us – is very important. That being said its just as important to get out of our comforts from time to time, too :).
    Those sautéed mushrooms and zucchini look so delicious! And that night cap as me written all over it.
    I’m glad that nice girl came in and turned out day around. A gift in your day I’d say 🙂


    1. I agree. I know for me, I love my routine, but like you said, if I am not stepping(or being pushed 🙂 ) outside of my comfort zone once in a while, I get complacent and stagnant.

      I really loved your post today by the way. It’s easy to have an all or nothing mindset, about anything in life really, but moving forward and growing any amount is something to celebrate!
      And yes! That girl’s comment was such a blessing in my day, and today, your muffins are a blessing. Girl they are goood 🙂


  2. Your eats are so pretty!! And that early morning hike + prayer sounds just glorious in every way ♥︎
    Also, YES to little things that make your day. On Monday I was SO irritable and not feeling like myself, but a kind woman who I was helping at work (I work at a physical therapy clinic) said, “Do they hire people here based on their looks??” Not that looks are everything to me, but her sweet comment really made me smile! It definitely reminds me to look outside of myself, especially when I’m in a bad mood.


    1. Thank you Alison! Isn’t it awesome how little comments like that can turn your day around? They are a gift. And YES, I love early morning hikes especially when they include a time of reflection and prayer. I need to do that a few more times before my summer ends 🙂


  3. I love the word ‘reset’ because that’s what Sunday feels like. I’m so thankful that God gave His children a day of rest, because it’s just such a privilege to be able to rest and spend special time with church family worshipping and thanking God. It really sets the attitude for worshipping God all week long.

    And MOnday’s are like a physical reset day after Sundays. ❤ So I'm all for re-set, because it doesn't need to be a 'drastic diet' or anything, just something to refresh the body, soul, mind and spirit.


    1. Reset is indeed a great word. It makes me think of a machine, after it has been cleaned and the broken parts fixed, being started again. That analogy definitely relates to Sundays. We bring all of our dirt and brokenness from the past week, lay it at His feet, and He nourishes and heals us with the spoken word. I’ve been working on Sundays, so I haven’t gotten to experience that deep, quiet rest. I’m looking forward to getting that time back during the school year. Love your insight Emily. It’s always a blessing ❤


  4. When I think reset, I think normal work day, easy eating, easy running and taking time to organize myself. After a long work week, that night before a day off is usually when I unwind and plan my day off (all fun stuff!)
    I don’t know if I try to eat more veggies, more I go to simple foods that I know and enjoy.
    Your eats look fabulous (I’ll ignore the egg hahaha)


    1. Exactly! Reset is just getting back to routine. I feel best when I’m eating lots of veggies, so after a weekend bowls of vegan froyo and fried tortillas, my body screams for veggie love 🙂

      Hahaha, and thanks, they were super yummy 😀 I would lie and tell you it’s a vegan egg, but alas the vegan food creators have yet to create one. Someone should definitely try to make one though…


  5. What a beautiful smoothie bowl, yum! My week has been great, I’m still on vacation so I am very happy 🙂 I love the routine I find on vacation, but I always crave the routine of normal life, too! Which I think is healthy…vacation can’t last forever :/


    1. Thanks! Ahhh vacation life is wonderful, but I crave the routine of normal life as well. I think that is definitely healthy as long as we don’t feel trapped in our routines 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. I’m looking forward to checking out your blog Emma!


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