Weekend Recap and Meatless Monday

Whoop whoooop for Monday! Who’s excited??? Me, me, me and why you ask…I don’t actually know. I guess because why not?

This past weekend was pretty good! I felt bad for not pushing out a recipe on Friday, but I got busy and it just didn’t happen. But more on that later! First, I’ll share a quick recap of last weekend.

Friday: Farmed in the morning. The weather was incredible, no seriously, it was INCREDIBLE. It actually was very cloudy, and you all know I need sunshine in my life. But Friday, I kinda loved the cool, quietness of the day. Also, I got to harvest carrots, and I ❤ carrot harvest to an unreal degree. Something about the soft dirt between my tootsies and that carrot smell…so good. I got to join in “Friday lunch” which I love. Two people cook lunch, using farm veggies, for the whole farm crew, and then we eat together. Sharing a table with a group of people you love is such a joy. And I got to see my favorite farm cat. She’s way cooler than I’ll ever be…


That night I kind of watched a movie with the parents, but honestly who can sit through a whole movie. Ate half a pint some of Sambazon’s sorbet. One word. Heavenly.


Saturday: I watched two little girls from 7am-3pm. They are so sweet. They made me miss my munchkins. (a.k.a nieces)

Oldest munchkin helping me plank ❤

I was supposed to do an 8 mile long run that evening, but yeah that didn’t happen. Watching kids is way more tiring then it looks! I got a mini workout in and then relaxed for the evening. I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2; it was kind of funny.

Sunday: I got my run in! The weather was wonderful. Not too humid or hot but still sunny and clear. I met three not so friendly dogs. Praise Jesus I didn’t get mauled.

Then church, lunch, and a Student Council meeting. School is so close. Let’s not talk about it.

Also, today I’m linking up with Sarah from A Whisk and Two Wands and Deborah from Confessions of a Mother Runner for Meatless Monday. I’m so excited because meatless Mondays are such an awesome way to incorporate more veggies in our diets while taking care of our earth! Such a great idea!


Today I have a super easy stir fry  mexican bowl recipe for you. (It started out as a stir fry recipe and morphed into a mexican bowl, but then I ate it with chopsticks…it’s okay I’m confused too O_O ) I’m not kidding, a toddler could probably make this, which is good because when I get home from work at 8:30pm I feel like I have the mental capacity of a toddler. Talk to my mom, she will tell you ALL about tired, hangry Vangie. Be glad you don’t know that part of me; it’s pretty scary. (Sorry mom, love you lots)


This mexican bowl is nutritious, colorful, versatile, and wonderfully satisfying. You can fry up any veggies that are in season or in your fridge. I used brown rice as my grain in this recipe, but you could use white rice, quinoa, or millet. All yummy options. Lots of vitamins and micro-nutrients in the veggies. The seitan is full of protein. Fiber in the brown rice. Healthy fat in the avocado. Good stuff.


Mexican Burrito Bowl

Servings: 2                     Challenge: Easy                          Time: 30-40 mins.

1/2 cup uncooked brown rice

1/3 cup crumbled seitan or tofu

1 big handful of green beans

1/2 red pepper

1 handful of broccoli

3 mushrooms

3/4 cup sliced zucchini

1/2 cup of diced onion

1/2 avocado (optional but not really)

Salt+pepper+chili powder (sprinkle of each)



  1. Get that brown rice cooking! I like my rice on the softer side, so I usually add a 2:1 ratio of water to rice. So for this recipe, 1/2 cup rice and 1 cup of water. Bring it to a boil and then simmer until the rice is soft. This usually takes 30-35 minutes depending on the variety of rice.
  2. Chop up all of the veggies while your rice cooks. As you can see from the ingredient list, it’s kind of just a handful here and there. If you don’t like onions, sub in a different veggie.
  3. Heat a skillet with olive or coconut oil and saute all the veggies until tender. It helps if you cover the pan with a lid so the veggies can steam. Add in seitan or tofu. Season with salt, pepper, and a sprinkle of chili powder.
  4. Then put it in a bowl and make it look purty. This is important…pretty food tastes better. I’m sure of it.

Boom. Dinner made in 35 minutes. Healthy food can be so simple and delicious! With all the, often false, information about nutrition, it can feel overwhelming to eat healthfully. I actually had a conversation with a fellow veggie loving lady from the farm about this. We often overthink eating and food in general. My mantra for eating is simple…

favorite quote

Definitely recommend that book by the way. Pollan gets me.

That’s it from me. Make sure you check out all the other awesome recipes for meatless Monday! Come back on Wednesday for another day in the life post!

Bye loves ❤

So tell me…

Ever encounter not so friendly dogs while running/walking?

Best thing you did this weekend.

Have you read any of Michael Pollan’s books? What do you think?

Do you have a food mantra?






4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and Meatless Monday

    1. It really is. I’ve found that working at this farm has become one of my favorite ways to get my mind off of current worries and stress. It’s so freeing to spend time in nature. Citrus picking sounds awesome!(not the getting stung part though 😦 ) I can imagine it’s a great arm workout!


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