Thinking Out Loud: Thai Food, Bugs, AT Hiking

Hola amigas y amigos.

I’m trying to prepare for Spanish 5…pretty good so far, right? Can you sense my sarcasm? I worry that all my years of Spanish have left me, but I’m sure once I am immersed in the curriculum again, I’ll be fine.

Today is not the day for school worries though (although I guess it could be) because it’s Friday Eve which means we get to think out loud. Thanks Amanda for hosting this awesome link up.


1. Who can find the typo? If I was their editor, that would not be in there. I’m a grammar/editing NERD. #noshame20160810_103254 (1)

2. This was sad for two reasons. First, the waffles I made were so mangled I gave up trying to save them, so I had to make myself another breakfast that wasn’t waffles.


Second, I had to clean this.

You made a face didn’t you. It’s gross I know.

3. Have you ever put marinated artichokes on your salad? It’s so good! I was tired of my same old toppings, so I switched it up. If you haven’t tried, you need to.


4. I found an assassin bug on my door. I really love bugs, minus spiders and stinging insects, so this was such an awesome find. He wasn’t so sure about me getting in his space to take pictures…


5. My sisters and I were planning on going to this Vietnamese noodle restaurant on Tuesday night, but when we got there, they were closed for a family vacation. How awesome is that! We weren’t even mad because we loved the idea of the family taking a break to spend time together. Instead, we checked out this little Thai restaurant that was so good. Everything was fresh and really flavorful.

blurry pic because I couldn’t wait to dig in

6.  I found this buzzfeed video called People Try the 20 Second Hug Challenge and it made my heart happy. I love big, tight, squeezy hugs. Virtual hugs for all of you, but if you were sitting with me right now, I would make you get up and give me a real hug. Excuse me while I go find someone to hug.

7. Okay I’m back. I can’t remember if I’ve shared this before or not, but eventually, next summer or the next, I want to do a section hike of the AT. I would love to do the whole thing, but I’m too busy to seriously consider that at this point. Maybe after college. Anyway, I found an article reflecting on what happens to your body when you hike the entire AT. Truthfully, it’s pretty long read, so I haven’t read the whole thing yet. The parts I did read were very eye opening though.

8. Farmer’s market finds ❤ Not really a thought per se, but I guess I’m thinking about all the ways I can use these ingredients.


I’ll stop there. Eight is a nice even number. I hope you all have something awesome to look forward to this weekend. A friend invited me to go on a hike tomorrow, which should be awesome. Other than that, I’m looking forward to relaxation.

Bye loves ❤

So tell me…

Have you ever had a waffle fail? 

Ever tried artichokes on a salad? 



4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Thai Food, Bugs, AT Hiking

  1. I have not had a waffle fail yet, but soooo many pancake fails! I just make sure to grease the waffle iron extra. The is a small deli near my house that closes for a few weeks in January to go on vacation. It’s so cute!


  2. Oh that assassin bug does not look like one I would like to come across! There are so many bugs here in Australia but I have been lucky to avoid most of them so far. The day I see a poisonous spider though I will freak! I did see a snake though:-S

    Yes you should definitely plan to do some of the AT – it sounds like the most amazing trail. Even if it is just a small section, what an experience!


    1. Oh I’ve heard some scary stories about the insects in Australia! I generally like them, unless I know they could hurt me, like poisonous spiders and snakes. (yikes!) I really hope my AT hiking dreams come true at some point. I just need to find a hiking buddy who isn’t afraid of our hot, Pennsylvania summers and loves nature as much as I do 🙂


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