Week in Review: Hiking, Farm Family, and School

Hello friendly faces.

I just realized, that today is my second to last Monday before school starts. Meeeep, where did my summer go? I’M NOT READY FOR SCHOOL YET.


This Monday I’m linking up with Meg from Clean Eats Fast Feets for Week in Review. Yipeee, I love lists.


-Cleaned my bathroom and vacuumed my room. Both of which had not been done for a while and were in desperate need of a good clean.

-Got to get in some much needed girl time with three different lovely ladies before the school year starts and life gets crazy. One is going off to college. *insert sobbing Vangie here* 😦 Seriously though, I am so happy for her. I know the Lord has amazing plans for her, and she’s going to do so well!

her graduation in May

-I went on a hike with another of the aforementioned girlfriends. We tackled a crazy hard hike on one of the hottest days of the week and then made dinner together. The hike was beautiful, but we were kind of bummed because there was supposed to be a scenic outlook at the top, but we couldn’t find it. The trail split off into three different trails, so we didn’t know where to go!

it was so steep


-Grocery shopped.


-Worked on AP Biology summer work.

-Volunteered at the farm on Thursday and Friday. Friday I got to help make “Friday lunch”. We made some awesome food. I’m going to miss seeing my farm family when school starts.


homemade naan// cucumber salad// beans// homemade hummus// tzatziki (unpictured)

-Went to the farmer’s market and bought some yummy food.

-Ran on Thursday, with the Padre, and had an awesome run despite the heat.

-Published a post on a topic that I really struggle with. It felt good to finally get my thoughts on the page. Also thank you to all who commented and gave feedback. I’m always nervous when I hit publish on a post that’s so personal, and so reading your comments is uplifting 🙂

-Went out to eat my sisters and had amazing Thai food.

-Made this bowl o’ oats .20160812_063407(0)

-Took a three day break from running and workouts. I was feeling burnt out, so I figured a short rest was best. It’s on my list though because this girl gets antsy when she doesn’t get her runs in!

Okay done! Now I need to actually get serious about preparing for school. Yeah it’s only a week away. No I haven’t done any school shopping. I probably should get on that. Ehh we’ll see.

Make sure you check out what everyone did last week!

So tell me…

What did YOU do last week? 

Can you tell me why the summer disappears so quickly? No really, I need to know.

If you’re a student? Are you looking forward to going back to school? 


7 thoughts on “Week in Review: Hiking, Farm Family, and School

  1. That hike looks awesome!! I haven’t been on a good hike in a long time and it’s really bumming me out. I feel like I’ve wasted my entire summer indoors – and that is so not cool!


    1. Hiking is wonderful. I think the fall is the best time to hike though, all those pretty, colorful leaves and cool temps. Hope you get in a lovely, soul refreshing hike, or just time outdoors, before the craziness of the holidays comes. They sneak up so quickly!


  2. I’m so glad you made it to the Week in Review today. It’s awesome you volunteer at a farm. I would love to do that sometime, maybe when Ave gets old enough and I can take her.

    That bowl of oats looks stupendous. Pass me a spoon.

    Girlfriend time is the best. It’s so important to take advantage of those moments whenever you can. Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.


    1. You really should! Some farms have pretty awesome CSA work shares. It’s neat to get the know the people who harvest and care for your food, and do it yourself too…
      Love me some oat bowls. If you’re ever in central PA, stop by, and I’ll hook you up with a nice, big bowl o’ oats 🙂 With tons of PB and bluebs, of course.


  3. YUM! That lunch and your oats look so good. I feel like I didn’t do enough ‘summery’ things this year. Next year I need to make a bucket list.


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