WIAW #5: Instagram vs. Real Life


I just wrote five different greetings, and they all sounded like what an alien would say to a human if they invaded our planet…I stuck with a simple hello.

It’s Wednesday ya’ll, and per usual, I’m sharing my day of eats. Thanks Jenn for creating this link up and Arman and Laura for hosting. You all are wonderful!


I thought I would change it up a bit today, and instead of sharing my usual eats or a day in the life, I’m showcasing Instagram eats vs. real life eats. I love Instagram, like a lot, but I will admit that most of the time, it’s not real. 

People are capturing meticulously staged photos of their food, yoga poses/running selfies/squats, perfect outfits. (aka their highlight reel) It’s fun, but it’s definitely not real life.

We’ll start with breakfast. I love smoothie bowls. They’re pretty and colorful and nutritious, but let’s be honest, over half the time the color is grey or poo brown and who leaves their toppings floating?


base: pineapple, kale, vegan yogurt| toppings: bluebs, puffed barley, almonds, gojis


eaten in 0.227 seconds

I had a simple sandwich for lunch. The Instagram pic does not show me braving the 100+ temps to get better lighting or tomato juice running down my hand as I took the picture. Also, it doesn’t show the hornet that tried to kill me as I ran back to the safety of my house.


2016-08-15 13.15.44.png
ezekiel bread: hummus, avocado, tomato, baby kale | carrots and cucumbers



My afternoon snack is pretty basic. In real life, snacks are eaten quickly and are really simple.


banana and almond butter



I didn’t get home from work until 7:45, so dinner was late. In real life, I would never take “Instagram worthy” pictures of my food at this point in the day. My brain is mush and all I want is FOOD. Also, in real life my kitchen is messy, and I drop food on the floor when I cook. And I cook a lot so…


sweet potato with salsa | broccoli, seitan, zucchini



Dessert was simple. I wasn’t very hungry. Sometimes I’m ravenous and snacks continue up until I go to bed, but tonight just wasn’t one of those nights. In real life, I have a messy bag of snacks I have to dig through. Sometimes, I forget about food in my bag of snacks because it’s so darn messy, and it’s like Christmas day to find something I thought was eaten.

Also I may or may not have dropped a bag of ground chia seed in my bag of snacks and have yet to clean it out. Yeah okay, I definitely did.





So friends, be mindful when you gush over “perfect” insta pictures because in all reality, they’re probably not that perfect at all.

Bye loves ❤

So tell me…

Do you have a snack bag? 

What yummy thing did you eat this week?




22 thoughts on “WIAW #5: Instagram vs. Real Life

  1. THIS Is SO FUN! The things we do for our Instagram photos, and I think I should do this sometime. 🙂 It would be fun to just show that work goes into the photos, but I don’t have a ‘picture perfect’ day of eating every day. 🙂 In fact life is quite messy and full of rejoicing in hope.


  2. I love when bloggers show instagram vs real life! I always make my food all messy after I get the perfect insta shot! Your day of eats looks amazing! I want it all! I don’t have a snack bag but you are making me want to make one lol!


  3. Love this post, I am totally guilty of staging my plate and wiping any splatters to get the perfect shot. What has social media done to us?!?


  4. I have a box where I keep chocolate that is actually high quality and use sparingly. Otherwise, I use the generic brand and it’s in the cupboard =P
    I have had to swat flies a few times this week, but our house is much better than last year!


    1. Yum! Chocolate is so good. I usually do the same thing. I have one bar of super yummy, special chocolate, and then a bag of generic dark chocolate chips that I sprinkle on everything. Both generally don’t last me very long though…


  5. True true–especially on the running outside in the heat to take a sandwich. Honestly, we bloggers try to make it look like we just casually took a quick shot of whatever was in front of us, when really, we spend a fair amount of time and energy arranging our eats to make them pretty 😛


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