5 Signs Your Body Needs a Break

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Guess who has two thumbs and has to go back to school in four days…this girl! I’m so ready for senior year. I’m nervous and a little anxious but still very ready. Either way it’s coming, so I’m just going to cry embrace it.

Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud, so I’m linking up with the brilliantly funny, and amazing recipe creator, Amanda to share some recent thoughts.


This past Monday, I told you I took a mini break from running and working out. Honestly, it was hard. But, I think because it was hard, it was the right thing to do. My body really needed a break. I have been super busy all summer with work, farm life, running, meeting with people, blogging, baking, etc, etc, and I haven’t given my body very much rest. I generally take one rest day a week, sometimes two, but this past week I needed more time. This brings me to the subject of my TOL post today “Five signs your body needs a break”.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional by any means, although I hope to be someday. This information is purely my opinion from personal experience. Please take care of yourself in a way that best suits you because at the end of the day, we’re all magnificently different. 

1. You Have Zero Motivation: If you can’t bear to drag yourself out of the house to go for a run, don’t. It’s that simple. Our bodies are smart. Our lack of energy is probably a sign we need to slow down.

2. You’re Injured: You’re probably sitting somewhere reading this and A) you’re thinking, gosh Vangie how perceptive. I should REST(?!?) when I’m injured. Gee thanks. OR B) you’re quietly nodding your head because you too, have continued to work out and run after an injury. Yeah I see you because I’ve done the same stupid thing too. Don’t do it! Take a break.

running meme

3. You’re Sore Constantly: This can be tricky. I love being sore. I take it as a sign that my workout kicked my butt and my muscles are recovering. However, if you are sore ALL the time, and it feels uncomfortable, you’re probably not giving yourself enough time to recover. Ergo, take a rest.

4. Your Schedule is Really Full: If you can’t fit in a workout, that’s okay! Especially if you are going through an extra busy season, allow yourself to prioritize other things. Taking a purposeful break from your workouts can be really helpful, and then when you can, schedule in some movement because it feels good, not because you feel obligated to do it.

5. Your Workouts Don’t Feel Good: I know for me, when I am burnt out, my workouts start to feel lackluster and meh. <- very technical word. If your workouts aren’t bringing you energy and endorphins, what’s the point? Of course, there are just some workouts that suck because they’re really hard or you’ve had an “off” day, but if every single workout feels bad, that could be an indicator that a break is needed.

workout gear.png

I think towards the end of summer, we need a vacation from summer! It’s a more relaxed time, but it’s also a busy time. Who am I kidding? Just LIVING life is busy. Try to keep these tips in mind when life feels crazy. Maybe you’re due for a break from working out?

Take care of yourself, okay?

Bye loves ❤

Do you take breaks from exercise? 

How do you decide when a rest is needed?


11 thoughts on “5 Signs Your Body Needs a Break

  1. I tried forcing myself to work out a lot after my first baby, and I learned this lesson quick. My body was just not feeling it – I was barely sleeping, constantly moving because he wouldn’t let me stop, and not eating my normal diet. All this was a perfect storm to just dreading each and every workout, which is obviously no bueno. I love this post!


    1. I’m so happy this was meaningful to you. It’s so crazy how smart our bodies are. We can try to force them to exercise when we’re tired, but eventually they fight back! So much better, but harder too, to just give them the rest they need.


  2. YES to all of the above! As someone who was once an exercise addict I can 100% say that I did not listen to my body and [literally] ran it into the ground. Buldging disks in my back, shin splints that turned into stress fractures, a cold that lasted THREE MONTHS. Yep – my body was totally run down – but I didn’t care because I felt like I “needed” to workout!


    1. It breaks my heart that we live in a culture that encourages the perpetuation of guilt if we miss a workout or don’t feel motivated to exercise. It’s so ridiculous, but it’s an honest struggle. ARGH, stuff like fitspo, DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED. I could write books about how much that crap infuriates me.


  3. This is SO true, and I am still too bad at listening to the signs especially if I have zero motivation or I’m sore. I still often do them, but I go a lot shorter or a lot slower; however I Think I need to be okay with taking more days off. Resting. being still and knowing that He is God.


    1. It’s so hard, Emily! I really want to be intuitive enough and gentle enough with my body to give it the rest it wants, but it’s definitely a learning process. I still struggle some days too, but God is merciful. He helps us through our weakness 🙂


  4. Yes! Love this post because it is so relevant to me. I don’t know if I was burnt out from running, but the bonk equaled an injury for me, so time off!
    Also, it frees you up to do other fun things 🙂


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