WIAW #6: A Work in Progress

Hello friendly faces!

Happy half way through the week. Thanks Jenn for creating one of my favorite link ups!


I’m linking up with Arman and Laura for WIAW.  I’ll be sharing my regular day of eats, but I also wanted to share my thoughts on a verse I read the other day. They’ve been swirling around for a while, and I needed to just get them out, ya know? I realize that my readers are from all walks of life, and I wanted to remind you are all so welcome here. I never want my faith or posts about my faith to come across as preachy because I love you all mucho ❤

…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
– Philippians 1:6

I’ve always loved the analogy of the potter and the clay. The idea that Christ takes a nasty, hard lump of dirt (i.e. me), and makes a useful vessel out of it, something beautiful that has a purpose. I love it because it means there is hope for me. It means that He is still working in my life, shaping me, molding me.

BREAKFAST: zucchini waffles// berries// pb// cinnamon

This verse encourages me as my college anxieties rise. I have a personality that wants to know everything. I want it figured out, alphabetized, colored coated, and neatly tucked away. With a decision like college, there’s only so much you can do, and the rest is in God’s hands. But back to the verse…I love this idea that we are all a work in progress. We don’t have every segment of our lives figured out. We aren’t finished vessels yet.

LUNCH: random salad bowl

Beyond that, the verse promises that Christ’s work in our lives is good. As hard as that is to believe, it’s true.

banana (1)
SNACK: ban-nay-nay

We all experience tough seasons, sometimes breathtakingly hurtful seasons. In the mist of them, it seems like nothing good could ever result from them, but often, time shows the opposite. Time gives perspective. Time lets you get a glimpse of where you started and how far you’ve come. I tell this to Kaden (my kindred spirit) all the time because she is way too hard on herself. (LOVE YOU DEAR)

You might be unhappy with where you are now, but look back a year, two years, and just appreciate for a moment how much you have grown. When you question God’s purpose for your life, or His goodness, look back and see how far He has carried you. Look at the person you are now, sure we all still have A LONG way to go, but Christ promises to continue a good work in you, developing you, perfecting you, molding you into the vessel He imagined you to be even before you were conceived.

DINNER: plantains// spinach omelette// tomato

What an encouraging thought to rest in. The Creator of the universe loves you. He looks past all of the brokenness and baggage, and says “hey, I have a plan for you. I’m going to give you purpose and fulfillment and joy because you mean that much to me.”

Real talk though: It’s easy for me type up a post that’s all encouraging rainbows and unicorns and Jesus loves you, but actually, deeply believing that, that is ridiculously hard.

I’ll give you an example……..Hi! I’m Vangie! *insert awkward wave* I’m your example. I struggle constantly with remembering the “work in progress” thing. Like I said a few paragraphs ago, I like to be in control. I don’t want to be a work in progress. It hurts. It’s uncomfortable. It forces you to change. And the Madre and Padre will tell you, this girl does. not. like. change. I know it’s worth it though, and I know I have a Savior who promises to hold me every step of the way.

DESSERT: zucchini muffin// almond butter// choco chips

I feel like that was really choppy and disjointed, usually the result of too many thoughts jumping on the page at once, but I hope you were encouraged. I can not say this enough. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you are valued. God has a good plan in store for you that He will bring to fruition.

Bye loves ❤

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14 thoughts on “WIAW #6: A Work in Progress

  1. Vangie! Evangeline, this is so true. I am so grateful to have read this on not just one but TWO blogs today. Literally, I read this on kats9lifes.wordpress.com, and then I come over here and I’m reminded again on how it is GOD who is working on us to will and to do of His good pleasure. I’m so thankful that we are like a lump of coal, being refined into a diamond someday, but we aren’t quite that diamond yet. I’m thankful for so much grace and so many reminders; some days I don’t know what I would do without brothers and sisters in Christ reminding me to look to Jesus, to look to the Savior who has already won the victory that would have been impossible for us.


    1. Yes a hundred times to all of this ❤ It's so wonderful to have friends that remind us of God's goodness and grace in our lives. That's what I love about your blog, actually. You're so genuine and honest about your love for Christ.


    1. Thank you so much. Yes prayer is such a powerful tool! I so often fail to use it to it’s full potential. It’s crazy to think the God of the universe wants to talk with us and cares about our requests. So awesome 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and happy Wednesday!


  2. Soooo much goodness and beauty in this post my friend.
    It is so important for me to hold on to the truth that God is STILL working on me daily. That He won’t abandon me or leave me to struggle on my own. Most importantly that He won’t give me too much to bear. How encouraging is that? That God knows we are THAT strong and resilient [because of His grace & mercy] that He trusts us to weather storms and climb barriers. I am constantly reminded of my strength on a daily basis because of His strength for us when He died for our sins. I’m so thankful that we don’t just accept Christ as our Savior and then become perfect & complete. I love that He is working in us daily. ❤


    1. I LOVE your reminder that “most importantly He won’t give me too much to bear.” So what I needed to hear right now and something I forget constantly. And yes! It’s so wonderful that He plants this deep strength and endurance in us when we go through tough seasons. What an amazing Savior we have 🙂


  3. I enjoy the image of the potter and the clay as well. Sometimes I feel like God dropped me a few times hahahahhaa
    Love that zucchini waffle and the zucchini muffins. I’m guessing you have extra?


    1. Hahaha you made me giggle 😀 And yeppers, lots of extra zucchini! Sadly our plants are slowing down production, they’re getting old, but hopefully I’ll get a few more weeks of zucchini muffin and waffle love before they die ❤


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