Week in Review: Back to School

Oh HI there!

Happy Monday to you. I’m channeling my inner Buddy the elf to combat the Monday blues. He’s so great.


Time for a little week in review with Meg from Clean Eats Fast Feets. Let’s get listing!


-Survived my first week of senior year. I can already tell that it’s going to be a mentally and emotionally tough year, hello stress, but the Lord is so good. When I had moments of doubt or anxiety about going to school, classes, college, etc…I could step back and try to put things into perspective.

-Finally got my parking permit for school. I love driving to school. It’s so wonderful to just have a few minutes to be still before the school day begins.

-Did some yoga and stretching after one of my runs this week. I haven’t practice yoga for….probably 3 weeks. Yikes. My body was all like, “WHAT YOU DOING???”


-Took my first AP Biology test, meep!

-Learned a lot about different fields of psychology, ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and statistics stuff.

-Started reading the play, The Oedipus Cycle.

-Got to talk to my dear friend Olivia and see pics of her dorm. I’m missing her. It’s okay though because in late September/early October I’m going to visit. AHHH I CAN’T WAIT!

-Ate oatmeal for almost every. single. breakfast this week, and I’m not mad about it. Have you ever thought how funny it is that oatmeal is so “trendy” in the health and fitness world? Twenty years ago, it was old people food. Now it’s “superfood, goji berry, banana, organic, raw, gluten free, dairy free, free range, sustainable, grass fed oatmeal.” Whatever it’s still good. #oatmealgamestrong

oatmeal (1)

Speaking of oatmeal. I found an AP Stats practice problem involving oatmeal. Is this what they mean when they promise real life connections??


-Also ate nut butter and chocolate chips for dessert. every. single. night this week. Brain fuel okay.

-Packed some pretty yummy lunches for school. It’s my motivation to get through my first three periods.

Stomach: “Vang, you got this. Lunch is coming.”

Lunch ft. these Spicy Mexican Veggie Burgers

I’m ending here because me brain are mushed. I probably couldn’t tell you anything else about my week even if I wanted to. Honestly, just typing this post took two days because I just could not remember what happened. Ooops, I think I’m tired. Really tired.

Okay nap time. Byyeee.

So tell me…

Do you have trouble remembering things when you’re tired?

Tell me one thing you did last week?

Do you do yoga weekly? Are you a slacker like me… 🙂 



8 thoughts on “Week in Review: Back to School

  1. One week done and already a test! Geesh, at least you managed to fit in some yoga and see some real world examples of math and oats. What happens when you toss fresh fruit into the equation/graph? JK.

    I read The Oedipus Cycle back in school too and it was disturbing.

    Nut butter and chocolate is the best brain food. I toss a banana in the mix and call it a day, or really a night since it’s my late night dessert. 🙂

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.


    1. I know right? I think my teachers are trying to give me a mental break down…I kid. I kid. I’m actually really thankful for the awesome teachers I have this year. I love seeing someone really passionate and excited about the content they’re teaching.

      Oedipus is definitely a weird one. If I ever have a bad day, I can just remember that at least I’m not married to my mom and haven’t killed my dad. Tough day for poor old Oedipus.

      I definitely took your advice tonight and tossed a banana into my dessert bowl. Day made.


  2. Who doesn’t have a hard time remembering things when they’re tired? I have a hard time remembering things when I am hungry too =P I’ll have a great idea for lunch, and then forget it by the time I want to eat because I’m hungry hahaha
    I took AP bio and we had a test like every week! It was crazy!! Good luck!!


  3. Slacker. Or I have slacker phases? I definitely go through phases where I’m really good about doing my yoga and phases where I’m really, really not good about doing my yoga. Oops.
    I feel like that graph is potentially misleading in like 18 different ways. Like, no units, we don’t know how many people participated in the study, we don’t know what kind of cholesterol is being discussed here–aren’t there multiple kinds?–and we don’t know how much oatmeal they’re eating and how often. Or what else they’re eating. Or whether they exercise…or…okay I’ll stop now. I’m sure you’ve figured out the answer by now. 😛
    Last week I taught my first class of the semester. 🙂


    1. Yes! Last summer I did yoga about 2-3 times a week, but now I’m totally slacking. I need to make time for it though. I always feel so much better afterwards.

      Tricky graph right? The y-axis starts at a number other than zero, so all of the data is skewed. So sneaky. Math is not my specialty though, I’m more of an literature/history kinda gal, but I’m giving it a shot 🙂


  4. My body is kind of always like that when I try to bend over; ‘Why are you trying to stretch?!?’ You might rip something. 😀 That’s me, but I guess that’s why stretching is good for me.

    I’m glad you got your first test done! 🙂

    And I think it’s so cool how oatmeal has become such a trend because it’s so affordable and so versatile. I’m looking forward to more hot oats breakfasts and also trying out some overnight oats recipes from a recipe round-up I have bookmarked.

    Love your attitude Evangeline about the week; definitely a lot of joy there.


    1. Stretching is so cool. It makes us uncomfortable but eventually we become more flexible and stronger. It’s a lot like our journey of growth in Christ 🙂 I LOVE oatmeal. It makes me so happy to experiment with different favor combos and toppings. Oooh I’d love to see that recipe round up of oat recipes. Yum!


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