WIAW #7: Confession Style

Hello friends.

Hopefully your week, to this point, has been wonderful. Per usual, I’m linking up with Laura and Arman to share my day of eats. Thanks Jenn for being the mastermind behind this super fun partay.


I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with the format of these WIAW posts. I’ve done day in the life, instagram vs. real life, and then some more thoughtful posts that just have my food pics thrown in. I hope WIAW helps you get to know me better. You see what a eat, when I eat, where I eat, and since food can really tell us a lot about personalities, I hope every week you get a better glimpse of who I am.

This Wednesday I’m trying a new version that hopefully will help you get to know the blogger behind Nutrition on a Mission even better…WIAW : Confession Style.

oat waffles// banana// vegan yogurt// almond butter

Confession #1: Sometimes I walk around the house, with my elbows tucked in, so I look like I have baby T-Rex arms. Think Meet the Robinsons. Anyone remember that movie?

Meet the Robinsons dinosaur

Confession #2: I can spend WAY too much time watching Neflix. During the summer especially, I can just plant my butt on the couch after dinner and marathon watch The Office, Parks and Rec, Grey’s Anatomy, ANY Food Network show….the list could go on.

Confession #3: I get heated when people (i.e. my sister) are in my bathroom when I need to be there. We’ve had shouting matches through the door.

Confession #4: I would say for a majority of the year, I’m a morning person. I’m not really a bright and chipper morning person,(although I occasionally can be) but I do love waking up early and being still before my day begins.

salad// sweet potato// avocado// crumbled veggie burger

Confession #5: Sometimes I eat my feelings, and for some reason, my feelings always involve chocolate and nut butter.

Confession #6: I love learning, but I was not made for high school life. I can’t handle the drama and who broke up with who and who said Sally Moo Cow was a whore. I really couldn’t care less.

Confession #7: When I get nervous, I can’t remember how to do important human things like speak normally and spell words. My brain just freaks out and shuts off, and I’m left to function without a brain.


Confession #8: I get so stressed out about academics. I have cried to four teachers so far in my high school career, and thankfully each one has been kind and encouraging while I blubber. Funny story, my AP Government teacher last year was so, so awesome, but I had another teacher who I had been really struggling with. One day in gov. class I called my teacher the wrong name(the name of the other teacher) and he jokingly called me out on it. I burst into tears. No, no I BURST into tears right during class. It was so embarrassing.

Confession #9: I love driving when no one else is on the road.

Confession #10: This isn’t really a confession, but I love children and babies. They are so genuinely curious and loving. They love spending time outside and being imaginative. They’re not afraid to share their feelings. So much to learn from munchkins.

vegan muffin// coconut butter// chocolate nuttzo

Confession #11: Sometimes I go outside to do yoga, but instead I just spend 30 minutes taking pics of nature.

Confession #12: I’m really sensitive. As I grow older, I’m trying to embrace how that be a positive character trait, but boy would I love a little more emotional toughness some days.

Confession #13: From the age of about 7 to 12, I would cry on my birthday because I didn’t want to grow up. Middle school years slapped some sense into me. Don’t want to relive those days!

baked tater// scrambled eggs// kale

Confession #14: Friends, I don’t understand like 90% of blogging and social media stuff. Twitter especially is so foreign. I’ve learned a lot over the past few months, but often I feel like a grandma who’s totally behind on the times.

Confession #15: I have accepted grandma status. ^see above confession. I go to bed early. I like quietness. I like oatmeal and applesauce. I don’t understand the new-fangled lingo of the times, although I pretend I do. “It’s lit fam. You all are on fleek.” How’m I doing?

per meg’s suggestion i added a ban-nay-nay to my pb and chocolate dessert

Confession #16: I forgot to take pictures of my dinner and dessert. It didn’t even cross my mind until I started editing this post. Sooo, I supplement with pics from another night. What can I say, I’m only humannn. I bleed when I fall down, cause I’m ooonly human, and I crash and I break down….any other Christina Perri fans? No just me. Okay.

I better stop there. This grandma needs to finish her homework. Thanks for sticking with me. Hope you all finish out the week on a high note.

Bye loves ❤

So tell me…

One confession.

One thing you ate today.

One favorite happening from your week. 




21 thoughts on “WIAW #7: Confession Style

  1. What a fun post! Here is a confession for me, yesterday I did not want to cook or do anything. So I defrosted a freezer meal that a friend had made when I had a baby, and that was our dinner. I took a nap instead of cooking or cleaning! And it felt great.


    1. You go girl! I can bet money that you 100% needed a day to just rest and not worry about cooking and cleaning. It’s so awesome that you honor your body and give it what it needs. Freezer meals to the rescue! I also love a good old PB and banana sammy on a day like that too. Simple but oh so yummy.


  2. I probably fit the line, “I have a big head, and little arms!” into my life at least once a week. Love it 🙂 And I totally get you on the social media/blog stuff. This crap is hardddddd. It makes me want to give even MORE props to all the successful bloggers out there!


    1. Truth. This crap IS hard. It’s crazy how many bloggers are self taught too…or just the fact that we all have jobs and family stuff and school and responsibilities but still find time to blog. Crazy! But super awesome too. You all are my heros 🙂


  3. Going to bed early is a good thing; it really helps getting up in the morning, and being up early really really helps me to spend quiet time. 🙂 And… I love driving when no one else is on the road too.


    1. I feel better too when I get to bed early vs. sleeping in late and going to bed late…more rested I think.

      Open roads are wonderful, especially since there are so many crazy drivers on the road! I love not feeling anxious because someone is tailgating me.


  4. I loved high school, but I too did not love the drama. Thank goodness there’s less of it in college…and a lot less of it when you get out of college. But there’s always some. I think drama is kind of part of life, unfortunately. 😛
    Confession: I really like cheesy 80’s pop music. It’s like, my favorite genre of music.
    That waffle looks so delicious!


    1. Yes, unfortunately I think you’re right about drama continuing through life. Ehh I guess it’s just something we learn to life with…

      And hey, if 80s pop is your thing…own it friend 🙂 🙂 I can’t say I’ve actually listened to that much of it, but I see a new Pandora station in my future.

      Those waffles were pretty darn yummy. I love adding yogurt on top of them. Yummm.


  5. I enjoyed high school, but in my defense I had more guy friends than girlfriends, so that helped. I wish I had such an open mind about kids when I was younger – I hated them and never even held a baby until my own son was born (except once when one was forced on me while I was pregnant and another when I was 8 and my cousin was born.) Obviously, now I love kids, ha!


    1. Yeah I think guys tend to avoid the crazy lady drama 🙂 I think a fear/dislike of kids is pretty normal at a young age though. I only really started appreciating munchkins when I babysat one summer and then when my two nieces were born.

      Now I’m in love 🙂 Even when they’re naughty and a little insane…


    1. Okay we need to have a discussion about this soon. I am totally a hairy legs advocate, and I get super fired up about the topic. Like who said women had to shave their body in the first place??? It’s completely impractical.

      Bananas are possibly one of my all time favorite foods. I bought some(read: a butt load) today on my grocery shopping trip 😀


  6. omg i think we are soul sisters! I could relate to like all of these confessions! hahaha…including the t-rex! 😀 I confess I too dont understand and dont like Twitter! I had a over-medium egg on toast this morning!


    1. Yes! I just can’t get the gist of Twitter. Do you “like” people’s posts like Instagram? Or just retweet them? Or just read them and not do anything??? I get so confused. Egg and toast…nom. What a classic combo.


  7. Lovely to get to know a little more about you miss Evangeline! You have a lovely, kind soul inside you, that is for sure.
    Being hyper sensitive is a beautiful thing, though of course, it definitely comes with added challenges. I’ve been learning how to deal with my sensitivity – once I finally embraced and accepted it as a part of who I am – over the past couple of years. Just don’t ever let it go. You can learn to handle and control it, but you have a gift that not many others have.
    Also. Embrace the grandma status. I’d gladly sit on a crocheted couch eating oatmeal and applesauce and go to bed at 8 with you.
    Hope you’ve had a lovely week! ❤


    1. Cora, I needed this encouragement today more than you know. Thank you.

      That scenario sounds awesome. I need an evening like that soon. School has been so crazy. I haven’t had a good grandma-esque bedtime for a while.
      Happy new week to you. Glad you’re back from Scotland and blogging again. 🙂


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