What I Ate…After My Long Run(#7)

Howdy friends.

Happy Wednesday. Look, you made it! You’re halfway through the week!

*cue confetti drop*

This past Sunday, I did a long run in the morning before church. It was a great run. The morning was really cool, like 58 degrees, and when I finished, it was still only 70 degrees. Fall is wonderful.


I also ran negative splits(yeee!!!), the last 5ish miles, which rarely happens, and overall it felt like a really strong run. I’m ready for a half in the spring!

Linking up with Laura today. Thanks Jenn for creating this super awesome partay.


Okay let’s talk post-run nutrition. I’m obviously not an expert or a certified nutritionist, but I know that when you run or workout, really for any amount of time, you use energy. Afterwards, your body needs lots of food to refill glycogen stores and rebuild muscle, aka make more energy so you can do important stuff like think and clean your room and do laundry. That means eating carbohydrates, protein(plant protein definitely counts!), healthy fats(calorie dense to pack in that nutrition), and of course liquids.

Nutrition is incredibly important. I can not stress that enough. When your body is working hard for you, give it the nutrients it needs. You are not being any kind of health goddess by restricting food after working out. I promise you, that will only lead to injuries and hangryness.

*steps off soapbox*

Alrighty on to the foooood.


Breakfast was zucchini oats with a extra large dose of crunchy peanut butter and a banana. I also sprinkled some hemp seeds on top for extra protein.

Side note: Never never never never ever be hesitant to eat carbs after working out. I cringe when I see people downing ginormous, human-size bottles of protein shakes. Yes protein is important too, but carbs people, that’s what we need the most of post workout.

saladbowl (1)
my brother and sister in law’s pup scheming on my lunch

Lunch after church was two sweet potatoes, half of an avocado, tomatoes, spinach, and a homemade vegan veggie burger.


Snack was an apple(unpictured) and a chocolate chip larabar ❤ ❤ ❤

I wasn’t very hungry during the afternoon, but sometimes you need to eat when you’re not hungry. I know for me, running suppresses my hunger, but I also know my body still needs extra calories. That means eating when I’m not hungry sometimes, which btw is OKAY.


Dinner was fried plantains, broccoli, mushrooms, salsa, and hummus. This combo is really good. Fried plantains are a favorite of mine.


Dessert was a huge glass of almond milk and half of this bar of chocolate. I can’t end my night without a snack! Bonus points if it includes chocolate…which it usually does.

Nourish yourselves. Eat enough. Treat yourself.

Bye loves ❤

So tell me…

What are your post-run nutrition tips?

Do you get really hungry post-run or the day after?

Have you tried the chocolate chip larabar? 






12 thoughts on “What I Ate…After My Long Run(#7)

    1. Hahaha 🙂 It took some willpower…chocolate is truly a magical thing. It’s basically a health food, SOOO therefore eating massive quantities is totally acceptable.
      I’ve never tried cookie dough larabars. I don’t even think I knew they exsisted!!


  1. Physically activity often takes away my appetite as well – for that day. The next day is usually when my hunger gets ravenous. Good for you to know that, despite your actual hunger cues, you need to continue feeding that hard working body.
    All my favorite things here… fried plantains, sweet potato and chocolate. Mmm mm.


  2. YES, my appetite often diminishes after a long run, but I think my brain says, ‘It’s time to EAT!!!’ Isn’t it so incredible how God made our bodies to process all these amazing nutrients? It looks like you did a wonderful job refueling. Are you training for something? 🙂


    1. I think about that all the time…especially since I’m taking AP Biology this year. The interactions and intricate function of biomolecules and enzymes is incredible! We truly are fearfully and wonderfully made.
      I’m not training for anything specific right now, but I would love to run a half marathon in the spring. I’m just working on getting a strong base because my summer was wonderfully relaxed 🙂


  3. I’ve never tried Larabars at all! Do you have a go-to bar you recommend?
    And after a long run I have a hard time eating, but I know I need to refuel nearly immediately or my brain turns to mush. The next day though – I’m famished! Nice job on the run!


    1. Oh friend, you have to try them! They’re my absolute favorite energy bar. I love how simple the ingredients are. I would recommend the cashew cookie larabar. It’s my favorite 🙂
      I can totally relate to being super hungry the next day too. That next day runger is REAL.


  4. I can’t give you any post-run nutrition tips without writing a novel hahaha I think things are different for everyone 🙂
    I had a cherry pie Larabar as a snack this afternoon and it was very much like the pie I remember. They are delicious!


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