Thinking Out Loud: Brain Dump

Hello friends!

I’m linking up with Amanda today. Thanks for letting share my random thoughts 😀


1. Single handed burpees are the cruelest invention since single serve peanut butter packets. I mean for real people. Come on.

A) Who eats one serving of nut butter. Answer: Crazy people

B) Who has enough arm strength to do single handed burpees. Answer: not Vangie

2. Why do people on Instagram follow you, and then unfollow you the next day. I mean, I know why. They want you to follow them back, and if you don’t apparently you’re not good enough for them. Really, though? Is that the level of shallowness our culture has reached? Not cool friends, not cool.

  • Ooooooh I just found out I can make bullets in WordPress. *pats herself on the back*

3. When I’m having a bad day, I read through my spam folder.

“Asin Women Look ing for goOd time” -okaaay…

“YoU JuST WON 1 MiLlIOn dollarS” -seems legit

“Your wal Mart gift card is WAITING” -yay better hurry!

“Remote earnings fast”-what does this even mean

4. I get a strange, kind of emotional feeling when the seasons change. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Anyone else feel weird between seasons? It is a feeling of excitement but also sadness and nostalgia.

5. I miss my jar of Justin’s almond butter. It has this awesome texture that I’ve never experienced before.

6. I have felt so bad for not being able to read other blogs lately. I love reading posts that make me laugh, think, or drool. I need to block out some time in my day to read and comment, so I don’t miss out on great posts.

7. I have a serious post I need to share eventually, but I’m struggling to come up with the right way to share it. Where do you all go for inspiration when you’re stuck?

8. When I’m running, I never know how to greet other runners/bikers/walkers. Sometimes I’ll wave or say “good morning” and the person looks at me like I’m weirdo…should I not be so verbal???

9. I was listening to Canon in D the other day while studying, and I hard core ugly cried for a good five minutes. It was so pretty!!! I was a little stressed too…okay maybe a lot, but I MOSTLY cried because it was so lovely. It also reminded of my sister’s wedding(it played when she walked down the aisle), and whoa all the feels.

10. Okay one more because we all know I need to end on an even number. When I’m super mad, but I don’t want to swear. I use the name ‘Khufu’ as a swear word. Go ahead. Try it. It works wonders and no one knows what you’re talking about.

Major Nerd Note: Khufu was the pharaoh who build the Great Pyramid in Egypt. His son also built a pyramid, but he purposefully made it smaller as not to dishonor his padre. So considerate Khufu’s son. So considerate.

That was short and sweet random. Hope you all enjoy these last few days before the weekend!

Bye loves ❤

So tell me…

How do find courage/inspiration to share serious posts?

What’s one random thought you’re having right now?



6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Brain Dump

  1. Ok, so I do like one handed burpees, but I’m not sure I actually do them in the right way? I usually read blogs in the morning but not always. Please don’t feel bad for not reading other ones. Just do it whenever you have time. 🙂 And one serving of nut butter? More like 4. 🙂


  2. I think serious posts are how to connect to others in the best way. Sure, you open yourself up a bit, but the introspection is totally worth it.
    Single serve PB packets are kind of funny. I take them on long runs =P


    1. This is true. They’re so difficult to write though. All that vulnerability…it’s something I’m working on being more comfortable with.
      Actually single serve PB packets are pretty handy for travel(or as long run fuel…such a good idea!), but when I’m at home, it’s me, the jar, and a spoon 😀


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