Week in Review: Life Lately

Hello! It’s me. (gold star for you if you broke out into Adele lyrics)

Happy Monday. You know what time it is; it’s Week in Review with Meg.

Let’s get listing.


-This auntie saw her two favorite munchkins. They’re the cutest. No bias, of course.



-Did lots of homework.

-Worked on Friday and Saturday.

-Baked vegan pumpkin bars with Kaden, and she introduced me to stuffed zucchini boats. *swoon* Look out for the recipe coming sometime soon!!!


-Got in a few good, sweaty workouts.

-I saw this pup. My brother and sister in law have two pit bulls, and they are hilarious. They NEED love 24/7.


-Saw Olivia before she skedaddles off to college again. I love catching up with her lovely self.

-Sniffed a pumpkin candle and got all jazzed about fall. Get ready, Vangie’s gearing up for the season of pumpkin, sweaters, and crunchy leaves.


-Made some vegan waffles using Ellie’s recipe. They were so good. Can we just appreciate for a second how easy these are to make…only three ingredients. Three! They don’t contain any refined sugar, and they’re gluten free. So. Much. Goodness.


That’s it! Happy Monday dear friends. Hope you all enjoy your week. See you back here on Wednesday…and maybe Thursday, we’ll see 🙂

Bye loves ❤

So tell me…

Are you jazzed for Fall?

Have you ever tried stuffed zucchini boats?

What’s one thing you accomplished last week?




8 thoughts on “Week in Review: Life Lately

  1. I totally broke out into Adele although with the baby these days, we’re always singing. Your sisters munchkins are pretty adorable too. I love pit bulls. People are surprised but those dogs are huge love muffins and cuddle bugs.

    I’m so not ready for summer to end, although yesterday it actually started to feel like fall.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.


  2. Can I just tell you how amazing you are?! Thank you for the love! I’m so happy you like the waffles, it’s the reason I bake (well, and I love them too hahha)
    I can’t wait for the zucchini recipe 🙂


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