Staying True to Yourself

Does anyone remember back in July when I published my very first post, and my little heart was full of hopes and dreams about instantly growing Nutrition on a Mission, gaining a million followers, and changing the world? Well, that hasn’t happened yet. Shocker, right?

In the short three month period that my little blog has been alive, I have learned so much, and I continue to be blown away by all the blogging knowledge still out there. Major props to all my wonderful blogging friends who know so much and are so willing to give guidance and advice. You all are the real MVPs.

Lately, I noticed myself getting frustrated with my blogging skills, or lack there of, and impatient. I’m also angry at myself for losing the purpose behind Nutrition On A Mission. Originally, I wanted this to be a space for discussion of nutrition, body positivity, and plant based recipes, but in my effort to gain more followers and exposure, I lost that purpose.


I love linking up on Mondays with Meg, Wednesdays for WIAW, and Thursdays for Thinking Out Loud, but I’ve noticed my posts for the links are lackluster and unmotivated. I got too caught up in the logistics of  growing a blog, I forgot why I started one. I started it because it was fun. I genuinely enjoy writing and talking about food, and I started the blog mostly for me. When I began publishing posts because I felt like the topic was a good way to get page views, I lost voice and passion behind my words.

This means that some “ch ch ch changes” (David Bowie anyone?) are happening around here in the future. I probably won’t be joining in the usual link ups unless I feel like I really have something relevant to share. I want to still do WIAW because it’s one of my favorites, but I want to incorporate some more thoughtful, nutrition related topics along with my eats.

I’ll still be here! My posting schedule won’t change…Mondays, Wednesdays, sometimes Thursdays or Fridays, but hopefully my content will be more true to who I am. I hinted a few weeks ago about wanting to share my story and the motivation behind my passion for true nutrition, that series of posts will be coming soon! Possibly around the holiday season when school slows down.

My blog needs to be true to me, and if it never grows to be as large as I hope it will, so be it. It’s just a blog. A little pinprick buried in the depths of the interwebs, and ultimately, it’s my little space to blab, and cry, and rant, and try to be funny. That’s important to me.

I’ll also add that I am so appreciative of any readers out there. I don’t want this to be a “you’re not important” post. Hopefully, by publishing content that is honest and more true to who I am, it will actually be better stuff to read.

That’s it for now. Hope you all have wonderful adventures planned for this week because it’s MONDAAY.

Bye loves ❤

So tell me…

How do you stay true to yourself?

If you’re a blogger, what gave you encouragement when you felt like your blog was stagnant?


9 thoughts on “Staying True to Yourself

  1. ‘Vangie, I know that seeking the Lord and seeking who He made you to be will bring so much contentment and peace. Don’t worry about the followers. That’s something I say to myself EVERY week. If they unfollow you, it’s because it wasn’t meant to be, and God will bring others your way to be friends and encouragers in your journey. I am just so so grateful for you and your sweet, precious honesty; it reminds me to be gentle and compassionate, something that I’m really not good at.


  2. So true. I really appreciate this post, Evangeline. I started my blog in January, and yes it’s growing, but at a sort of slow and steady rate rather than a fast one. My favorite bloggers, to a T, are the ones that are the ones that are honest, who share thoughts that I can relate to, and who aren’t afraid to be a little goofy sometimes. I can already tell that your blog is like that! But I can also relate to the discouraging elements of blogging, and I so hope you stick with it.


  3. Great news, ive enjoyed reading your blog since i found it a few weeks ago and i cant wait to see how it grows. It can be so hard when we think about how slow our blogs are growing but i know that hard work will pay off and if you are being authentic and sharing what you love, people will come!


  4. Evangeline, that’s really the best lesson you can learn about blogging. It’s never going to feel right if you force out content that’s not showing your true self. Let passion guide you, enjoy the work and people will follow. It may take some time but it’s so much more fun.


    1. I just found your two comments in my spam folder. So sorry for the late response! Argh, I hate it when WordPress spazzes out like that. Anyway…thank you. I feel a definite change when my posts are from the heart. I know what you say is true, but it’s so hard to be patient! I need to be reminded often that true followers and supporters will do just that! They’ll stick with me and although the accumulation may be slow, it’ll be worth it 🙂


      1. No worries! I’m happy you found and un-spammed me, though, because that hopefully means I can comment on your blog from now on. Patience isn’t my biggest virtue, either, but in the end the conversations we have and connections we make through staying true to ourselves are that much deeper and worth it.

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