WIAW #10: A Peek Into Life Lately

Hello friends.

I’m linking up with Arman for What I Ate Wednesday.  Just checking in today with y’all and doing a little update about what life has been like lately. And, as always, I’m sharing my eats. Remember WIAW isn’t about comparison or judgement. It’s a way to share ideas and hopefully inspire some new, nommy recipes or food combos.


Life lately…has been busy. I actually can’t remember a busier time in my life, but I suppose it’s unavoidable result of growing up and having more responsibilities. Also, it’s been such a blessing to have teachers and friends who are understanding and supportive when I feel overwhelmed. Madre and Padre have been awesome too.

zucchini oats// banana// hemp seeds// pb

Life lately…has involved lots of learning and reading, and even though it has been stressful, I’m so thankful for the opportunity. Senior year is extra special because I’m learning content that really interests me. It’s not that during past years I never had interesting classes, but I have more wiggle room this year.

sweet potato// broccoli// hummus

Life lately…has been full of emotion. Thinking about future plans, and all the wonderful, and frightening, things coming…makes me fearful, excited, apprehensive, anxious, hopeful, and a myriad of other adjectives that usually result in some tears. I cry a lot, okay. Thanks mom for passing down the super sensitive trait.

Life lately…included my oldest sister getting engaged!!! I’m so happy that both my lovely sisters have found their special someone.

breakfast tacos: avo// salsa// eggs// spinach

Life lately…has distracted me from devotions and spending time in prayer. That worries me. It’s impossible to find clarity and peace when I try to rely on my own strength.

chocolate pb// banana(unpictured)

Life lately…has made me grateful for moments when I get to take naps, watch Netflix for a few minutes, or treat myself to some quiet time. I take for granted those simple pleasures, but they make my heart so happy.

Also, I wanted to add that this week is See You at the Pole. If you didn’t know, it’s a week dedicated to prayer for our schools and the teachers, faculty, and students in them. If you would, maybe take some time today reflecting on or praying for our schools.

Bye loves ❤

So tell me…

What has “life lately” been like for you? 

Tell me something amazing you’ve eaten this week. What’s something not so amazing you ate? 




12 thoughts on “WIAW #10: A Peek Into Life Lately

  1. HA! Im the weird girl that cries at a sad commercial. Or cries when someone else cries. We can be emotionally challenged together 😉 And now I must go dunk a spoon into my peanut butter becasue that shot has me craving allllll the peanut butter!


  2. All your eats look so good! Life always has it’s crazy busy times and ones that are more calm. I always try to take some special ‘me time’ when I’m busy or stressed. Which usually means getting a mani/pedi or catching up on some DVR’ed show. I’m desperately in need of both of these this weekend.


  3. Life Lately admittedly has been kind of overwhelming, but I have to keep remembering that life is never overwhelming for my Heavenly Father, because He knows exactly what is going to happen even when we don’t. He has some wonderful plans for you His child Evangeline; that doesn’t mean there won’t be difficulties, but He will be with you in every step.

    AND YES… I cry so much. I cry at least a few times a week.


  4. Sending thoughts ot you in your busy season of life. My life lately has been filled with trusting God to work out the unknowns of the future.
    I’ve been eating a pumpkin spice peanut butter spread this week that I found at a farmers market on Saturday and its amazing!


    1. Thank you ❤ I'm working on the whole trusting aspect of life right now as well. It's so tough when all we can see is uncertainty and change ahead, but God is good 🙂

      Pumpkin spice PB sounds out of this world. I need to find myself some pronto.


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