WIAW #11: School Day in the Life

Linking up with Laura today for What I Ate Wednesday.


5:45am – My alarm clock beeps(that’s putting it mildly), and I roll out of bed. I spend the next few minutes checking Instagram, gmail, and Facebook. For the next fifteen-ish minutes I put on clothes, wash my face, attempt to calm my extra frizzy hair, and head downstairs for breakfast.

6:10am – I drink water and start my oats.  Talk to the Padre and start organizing my school stuff.

6:15am – Breakfast is eaten while I read devotions. Lunch is packed. Water bottle filled, and I’m ready to leave.


6:55am – Drive to school. It is only a 10 minute drive. This particular morning was lovely. It’s nice to see the sunrise and be reminded of all the beauty I so often take for granted. Once I arrive at school, I sit in my car for a few minutes, gather myself, and walk in with Kaden.

7:25am – I check in with a teacher about college stuff and head to first period.

7:33am – First period bell rings. I have AP Statistics, which initially I thought would be awful…this gal is not a math minded individual, but I have come to enjoy it. It’s a medium sized class and usually it’s note taking, which I like.

8:51am – Next is AP Biology. This day, Monday, we had to present a project on cell organelles. Not my favorite topic, but it went relatively smoothly.

9:38am – AP Literature is my third period class. We finished reading King Lear and are watching the movie. That was an interesting play…I won’t spoil it for you. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves.

10: 48am – We have something called “flextime” at my high school. It’s a 30 minute chunk where we can get help from teachers, study, etc. Kaden and I go to a teacher and work on homework.

11:28am – Luuuunch. I eat in a teacher’s room because the cafeteria is a wasteland. No joke, it’s terrifying down there. I read while I eat. I’m reading Straight Man by Richard Russo. So far, I love it. He’s a phenomenal writer.

12:03pm – Intro to psychology. We prep for a upcoming test and finish working on assignments.

1:26pm – My last class of the day is AP World History. My teacher is incredible. She was out on Monday, so we had a quiet working period. We started reading about Christendom and Charlemagne. Ahhh, the follies of humanity.

2:51pm – I head home and eat a snack. Start drafting this post. Pick a workout to do. A little later I put in a batch of butternut squash to roast in the oven.


5:00pm – I do the Blogilates 1000 Ab Challenge and a 10 minute cardio video.

6:00pm – Eat dinner and talk my parents. Make lunch for school the next day. Clean up the kitchen a little and headed upstairs for a shower.


I also eat some of Kat’s AMAZING pumpkin breakfast cake for dessert. This lovely lady knows how to bake.


7:00pm – Homework with a few strategically placed distractions to prevent my brain from shutting down. Watched a few minutes of the Bate’s Motel. Good stuff.

10:40pm – Read a little and then lights out.

Have a happy Wednesday ya’ll!

Bye loves ❤

So tell me…

What’s a ‘day in the life’ like for you?

Are you in school, working, a stay a home mom or dad? 

What’s your favorite breakfast? — I need some ideas. Gotta spice it up around here. 


18 thoughts on “WIAW #11: School Day in the Life

  1. Ummm do you take AP everything? Holy smarty pants girl!! 😉
    I’m glad you liked the breakfast bake!! It’s pretty tasty in my opinion ❤


  2. Huh – this is really interesting. You have such a different day of school then I did (way back when…ugh #old). You start EARLY! and end early! I started at 9 and ended at 3:30, and only had 4 classes a day. I miss it so much!!
    Our cafeteria was also a disaster. I hated going in there…


  3. So I’m working at home! 🙂 I mostly stay at home which is kind of nice for my ‘homebody’ self. It’s neat that you get home early. Did you meet Kaden at school? My favorite breakfast is a BIG yogurt bowl or a quick bowl of oats or pancakes or waffles if I have the time!


    1. So cool Em! I would love to hear more about that sometime 🙂 I can relate to being a homebody. I almost always choose home over going anywhere else. What can say…home is where the heart is. Yes! I met Kaden at school. We’re practically soul sisters. She’s is such a blessed friend. Ooh I’m loving those breakfast ideas!


  4. I usually eat oatmeal for breakfast too, but this week I made a large batch of sweet potato waffles and I’ve been topping them with PB for breakfast. They’re delicious and it’s a nice change up. And dang girl, all those AP classes! I work full time now and could never imagine trying to go back to school!


  5. I’d say I’m working and in school? It’s weird taking a certification course because I’m not sure what that makes me…a student? I keep forgetting I have a test this week :-X
    Lately my breakfasts have been bagel sandwiches because I’ve been pressed for time. We have pumpkin bagels at work, so I have brought in the season with some great sandwiches on those.


    1. I’d say if you are learning new things, you’re a student. Wowza girl, you must have your hands full between work, school, blogging, and all the other stuff life throws. I’m so impressed by all the things you accomplish ❤

      Oooh I was just telling my friend we need to go try a pumpkin bagel sometime. I've never had one!


  6. One thing I will tell you I don’t miss about high school is getting up that early. Icky! Not that there aren’t many things I miss.
    I really want to try Kat’s pumpkin cake! Actually, there are several recipes of Kat’s I want to try. So many things to do!


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