Week in Review: Road Trip Edition

Hey all.

Happy Columbus Day! I don’t have school today, so you can find me rooted on my couch catching up on homework and maybe napping…we’ll see. I haven’t participated in Week in Review for awhile, but I’m hopping back on the train this week. Thanks Meg for the link up.


The week itself was nothing to write home about. I went to school, grocery shopped, ran a little, you know, the usual. Friday and Saturday were the highlight. Bethany and I went down(up? west? Hi my name is Vangie, and I have no sense of direction.) to Geneva College to visit Olivia, one of my favorite people on the planet, who is starting her freshman year there. Thankfully Olivia’s dad drove us down, so we got to spend the car ride talking and catching up. Beth is such a beautiful person. We went to the same school for grades 5-8 before I switched schools. It was like we were never apart though. She has such an open, loving personality.

Liv is on the left. Beth is on the right. 

The drive up to Geneva is beautiful. The leaves are starting to change. Ahh fall, you beautiful season you.

We got there around 4:30pm on Friday and went to dinner. Car rides make me hungry. I forgot to take a picture, but we ate at this really adorable Italian diner. They gave me a bowl of pasta comparable in size to a moon crater. Major win.

After a quick campus tour, Olivia, Beth, and I headed back to Liv’s dorm room and stayed up talking. I always feel so refreshed when I spend time with these two lovely ladies. They’re so genuine.


The next morning we woke up, ate breakfast in Liv’s dorm, and picked up our conversation from where we left off the previous night. Then we walked around campus. The weather was so lovely…cool and windy.



Lunch was at a little restaurant called Breaking Bread. So much awesome food. NOM.

veggie, hummus pita with homemade chips
greek salad

Leaving was really hard for all of us, but that’s a beautiful thing. Being so close to someone, that it really hurts when you’re away from each other, is a gift. Relationships like that are unique. They’re rare. I feel incredibly blessed to share one with dear Olivia.

She is such a shining light. Seeing her thriving in this new environment was a blessing. For all of my insecurities and anxieties about college and the change that comes with it, being able to see Liv wholeheartedly trusting in Christ to carry her, was comforting. I left the college a bit tearfully, LIVVY I MISS YOU, but with a whole lot of peace in my heart.


Until next time Geneva 🙂

Bye loves ❤

So tell me…

How was your weekend?

Who are your favorite people to spend time with and why?


10 thoughts on “Week in Review: Road Trip Edition

  1. Sounds like such an awesome, relaxing weekend. It’s hard when people start moving away in the college years, but it also almost made me, at least, closer to the people who did make an effort to stay in touch. That’s especially been true for me since graduating college.

    It looks so beautiful there, so many trees! Glad you got to spend this weekend with people that you’re close to.


  2. WHat a wonderful time 🙂
    My husband and I actually had some friends drive up to visit us this weekend. We went to a local Wine and Cheese festival and just watched movies and spent time together. It was really nice!


  3. I’m so jealous the leaves have started changing up north. We’re like a week or two away here in MD. I love spending time with my husband and family but also my college girlfriends. Especially because I don’t get to see them too often.


  4. It is so fun to visit people in other places! My weekend was fun and rewarding and I got to visit a few friends on Monday. My favorite people to visit are my Strong Hearts Vegan Power teammates 🙂


    1. Agreed Ellie. And heck yeah I bet your weekend was rewarding, you ultramarathoner you!!! So proud your accomplishment ❤

      I love that you've found a group of teammates who encourage you and share similar interests. That must be so wonderful 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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