A Letter to My Fellow Perfectionists

Dear Fellow Perfectionists,

You know who you are.

You’re the person who gets anxious when every item on your “to do” isn’t checked off. You worry about things out of your control. You feel like a failure when life throws you a curve ball. I can bet that you are involved in a billion different activities, but you feel guilty when you spend too much time devoted to one thing because heaven forbid, one of the other activities falls by the wayside.

First, I’ll congratulate you on your accomplishments because I know with your driven spirit, you’ve done a lot of cool things.

Secondly, I’ll warn you rein in that “perfectionist” part of you. It can be healthy to push yourself, but please, my lovely human, be gentle with yourself. Life is a journey. We fail. We fall. We do really stupid things. Those experiences make us stronger, more intelligent, more compassionate. They instill a little more humility.

For the days when you feel like it’s all out of your control…it is, but that’s the beautiful part. You don’t have to be in control. You have a Savior who loves you so much, He carries your burden for you.

With Love,



Thinking Out Loud today withΒ Amanda.

So tell me…

Are you a perfectionist?

What brings you peace when your life feels out of your control?


9 thoughts on “A Letter to My Fellow Perfectionists

  1. So thankful He bears our burdens, and that they rolled off ultimately at the cross… Sometimes I still ‘bind burdens on my back’ and His grace reminds me that we don’t have to.

    Thank you ‘Vangie. ❀ Love you sister.


  2. I needed this post! Thank you thank you! Lately, I’ve had much more on my plate than usual and have felt sooo guilty whenever I let myself relax instead of checking another thing off my to-do list. I feel more at peace just reading this πŸ™‚


    1. Sorry for the late response! For some reason your comment got sent to my spam folder, but I rescued it πŸ™‚ I can definitely relate to the guilty feeling that can come with taking time to relax. Just know that you always deserve time to recuperate and slow down.

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  3. It’s interesting–I’m very much a perfectionist about some things, and very much not a perfectionist about others (like keeping my apartment clean :S). My boyfriend is a huge perfectionist, too!
    But you’re right–we do have to reign it in. While being type A can make us very accomplished people, but we also need to be gentle with ourselves. Thanks for the reminder.


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