Week in Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Hi friends.

Sorry for disappearing last week. I really wanted to type up a post for Wednesday, but as the week went on, I realized that blogging wasn’t a top priority. In the true Monday fashion, I’m linking up with Meg for Week in Review.


**Also apparently taking pictures wasn’t a priority either. Sorry friends.

The Good…

…eating this bowl of oatmeal. Also, it’s the only picture I took all week, so I thought I would share.


…getting a b-day present from Kaden. She gave me this little box filled with sticky notes to write down prayer requests on and keep in a safe place. I literally burst into tears. She is wonderful.

…brainstorming ideas for a display case at school showcasing a book called Grain Brain. I am super jazzed to bring some awareness about sugar and processed food consumption. Knowledge is power friends.


…seeing Liv! She was back from college for Fall break so we met and ate crepes at a local bakery.

The Bad…

…it was the last week of the quarter, so I had several papers and a reaaaallllyyy long Biology lab report due all at once.

…being super emotional and “inside myself” all week. I need to learn that when I’m feeling bad, going to other people and asking for advice/support/guidance is so much healthier than bottling it up.

The Ugly…

…ugly crying multiple times throughout the week.

…having a really unloving attitude to people who were just trying to love me. I get snappy when I’m having a tough day.

…writing an essay for AP Literature the night before. *cringe* Not my best work to say the least.

…not taking care of myself. I preach wellness and self-care, but last week I wasn’t sleeping and eating enough or managing my stress well. It’s humbling to reflect back on a week like that and just be reminded of how human I am, how human we all are. Life most definitely isn’t perfect, so it’s important to give yourself some grace.

There you have it. I should be back on Wednesday for WIAW and maybe Friday for a recipe. We’ll see.

Happy Halloween! Bye loves ❤

So tell me…

A good, bad, and ugly from your week.

Have you read Grain Brain? 


14 thoughts on “Week in Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

  1. It sounds like it was tough week, which is to be expected at the end of the quarter. I remember having everything, and I mean big things, due all at once. Sadly, this will be true so long as you’re in school. At least you were able to focus on some of the positives (crepes! and hanging with friends).

    Happy Monday and I hope this week is smoother for you.

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  2. Girl. I’m sorry! High school is so tough, and AP is tougher. When you’re having a tough week, it’s so easy to start to let it wear off on other people. 😦 Hang in there!
    I totally wrote a number of essays at the last possible minute for several of my AP classes in high school. I’m just a smidgen less embarrassed now that I see the essays my freshman write. There’s sloppy and then there’s “What were you on?” Which is a valid question considering I live in Colorado. 😛
    Hope this week goes better! Sounds like you might be past the worst for now.

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  3. Hey lady. Sounds like we had some similarities last week in terms of not taking care of ourselves, not being in the best mood, and sometimes taking it out on those that we love. But this is a new week and we can both take last week as just a slice of life, show ourselves grace and learn from how we were feeling and how we reacted in situations. We are all human. Messy and convoluted and still lovable. This is no doubt a stressful time for you, so just try to put some self care and self happiness inducing things as priority. And don’t beat yourself up for having all the “feels” and maybe not feeling like your best self. All my luck to you as you trudge through the mess.

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    1. Cora, you are wonderful. Thanks for the encouragement. Also, of course I don’t want other people to experience bad weeks too, but it IS comforting to know that other people have bad days too and can empathize with me. Thanks lovely ❤


  4. I’ve both read Grain Brain and the author was a guest lecturer at my school. I find it really fascinating and loved his discussion about grass.
    The good from my week was getting my car fixed, the bad was probably burning something and the ugly was some of the busy days at work this weekend.
    Have a great week!

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  5. You are so not the only one that has written an essay the night before; and I know what you mean about crying a lot. Last week, and many weeks throughout this year, I’ve been putting so much pressure on myself instead of remembering and realizing that God is in control. We do our best, but the whole outcome is of the Lord. And that has really comforted me as I go to bed each night.

    I LOVE YOU Evangeline, and most of all the Lord’s love for you is everlasting!

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  6. Just stumbled on your blog, so hi! I am sorry that you had a rough week. School can be very stressful during this time of the year. I usually keep telling myself that the holidays are around the corner, haha. Anyway, hope this week goes better!

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    1. Yes! I have a mental countdown running for Thanksgiving break that’s giving me just enough “umph” to make it through these last few weeks. Thanks for stopping by, Brittany. I’m looking forward to reading more of Britt’s Caffeinated Chronicles 🙂

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