WIAW #13: The Election + Overthinking “Health”

So the Presidential Election…that happened. I’m not a fan of giving unsolicited opinions about politics, so I won’t. While I do love talking politics with open minded people, I prefer to do it face to face. That being said…we can all agree that our leaders have a big job cut out for them, and even if we don’t support all of their ideologies and goals, we should give them a credit for taking on the job of leading our country and pray that they will be guided wisely to do what’s best for the nation both domestically and globally.

On a lighter note, guess who finally remembered to take pictures of her food? Yep, me. Finally. Many thanks to the mastermind Jenn for creating What I Ate Wednesday and to Arman for hosting this week.


The term “health” is so darn confusing, friends.If I had a nickle for every piece of “healthy” living advice I’ve read and heard, I would be a rich woman, which would be nice…because college.

Breakfast: yogurt, cereal, hemp seeds, raspberries

Healthy living shouldn’t be that complicated. Eat body nourishing foods, mostly plants, but eat soul nourishing foods too, in moderation. Be stewards of the planet. Move your body. Love other people.

Lunch: salad(lentils, beets, vegan cheese, lettuce, avocado) + an apple

If it seems so simple, why is it something that is contested and argued about? My theory is that because health has become a quote-on-quote religion, we’ve given food and excerise a much higher place then they deserve. That complicates things. Another issue is the money involved in the marketing of “health food” products, diet pills, workout equipment, nutrition supplements, etc, etc. The truth gets blurred when manufacturers look to profit from selling their stuff to innocent consumers who are trying to live healthfully.

Snack: banana + PB

The last point, is that health looks different for everyone. I say this often, so forgive me for being redundant.

” Everyone has a wonderfully unique body. Take care of it in a way that best suits you. “

Dinner: roasted potatoes + carrots + broccoli + fried eggs

You might be a runner, weight lifter, walker, pilates-er, yogi, hiker, or dancer. You might also be a vegan, vegetarian, gluten free eater, paleo, low-FODMAP, plant-based, HCLF, ITFYM, or someone who eats intuitively. Healthy is a relative term, unique for everyone.


Your definition of healthy will probably change too. That’s okay. It’s not meant to be obsessed about and overthought.

oodles of PB 

In the words of Michael Pollan (who I would marry, if that wasn’t creepy and illegal…), 

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.”

It’s all about balance y’all.

Bye loves ❤

Tell me something yummy you ate today.

How do you view health? 

Why do you think being healthy is so complicated?


14 thoughts on “WIAW #13: The Election + Overthinking “Health”

  1. I definitely think health, like so many things, is so heavily argued because no one wants to be doing it ‘wrong’. From religion to politics to parenting, if someone is doing something differently than you, there might be a small change they are doing it ‘right’ and if the are right what does that make you? (Spoiler: there is more than one way of doing things.) I think it all just circles back to having an open mind.

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  2. I love that quote and totally agree! Health is also most definitely different for everyone. And all your eats look delicious, I need to try raspberries and hemp seeds with my yogurt!

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  3. Im so glad that this election is over. I know that I dont fit in with most women my age since I am a republican, but that doesn’t mean that I feel good or happy about Trump winning either. I just love my country so much and want what is best for her and her people and hopefully Trump will make us proud. No matter what happens this country is always my home!
    On to the quote – I love that one. While I don’t always follow it [hellooooo peanut butter!!], I do love that it promotes BALANCE.

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  4. “Health” could probably take up half a dictionary to try and go through all the different possible meanings and opinions. To me, I think the greatest requirement for health is happiness. I could go on and on and but that’s the short of it.
    Your dinner is pure family home cooking comfort. Mmmm ❤

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  5. You are so right – being healthy should not be so hard. But it is so easy to overcomplicate it. I think more people need to take a holistic approach too. Wellness is far more than just what we eat and how much we exercise.
    I love that last quote – I read that a while ago and have since been very intentional about applying that to my life! Thanks for sharing your insights. xx

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