Running Update + A Decision

As I type up this post, I’m realizing that I haven’t talked much about running. Maybe it’s because running has become less of a focus than it was 2 years ago, but none the less, it remains a big part of my life and is one of those activities that make my heart happy.

Some other time I’ll talk about my relationship running, we’ve had highs and lows, but today I have exciting news to share.

Okay maybe it’s just exciting to me…

I’ve been debating signing up for another half marathon, but last week I committed! Fellow running friends, you know why I’m excited. Non-running friends, just trust me. Voluntarily signing up to run 13.1 miles in the freezing cold is something to celebrate.

Chambersburg Half Marathon 2015

The race I signed up for, I ran back in March 2015. It was my first half marathon, so this race has a very special place in my heart.

As for goals:

  1. I’m not planning to PR. If it happens, yay. If it doesn’t, yay. I want to finish strong.
  2. Make sure that I don’t lose focus of my health. Running lots of miles is hard on the body. Recovery and nutrition need to be a priority.
  3. Rest days. No explanation needed.
  4. Not feeling guilty for missing training runs. A few missed runs here and there won’t be detrimental. Plus, like I said, I’m not looking to PR.
  5. Learn how to pace on my long runs. Running is hard but improper pacing makes it a whole lot harder.
Iron Half Marathon 2016

Take a moment to appreciate the banana peel that made it into the picture.

This distance is challenging, but the difficulty is the enticer. Another thing I’ve enjoyed about the past two halfs I ran, was connection with other runners. In most all races, fellow runners are respectful and maybe encouraging, but past the 10k distance, many of the people you run with for a little ways or pass on the road, are intensely supportive. They understand if you’re hurting and struggling to make it because they’re struggling too. There is an instant bond that I think is pretty unique. You’re all competing individually, but there’s a common oneness with the whole pack.

So tell me…

Have you experienced encouragement from a fellow runner during a race?

How do you feel about running? 

What goals do you set for yourself when you have to train for a race? 



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