WIAW #14: Five Words Per Picture

There are exactly eight days until Turkey Day, four days until Thanksgiving break, and three days until Friday. Breath.

This week’s WIAW brought to you with only five words per picture. It’s actually harder to do than I thought it would be. Many thanks to Laura for hosting this week and to Jenn for creating this lovely link up.


Breakfast: cereal hodgepodge, blueberries

“Mornings are best spent hibernating.”

Lunch: soup, crackers, bebe carrots

“Eating baby carrots is challenging.”

Snack: banana, larabar

“Banana smell is surprisingly pungent.”

Dinner: potato, seitan, broccoli, avocado

“My dad calls seitan, Satan.”

Dessert: chocolate, almonds, dates

“Diagnosis: self medicates with chocolate.”

Happy Wednesday. We’re over the hump.

Bye loves.

So tell me…

How has your day been? Only use five words.

What’s the best thing you ate this week? Also only using five words.


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