Week in Review: Thanksgiving Festivities


Long time no see. The Thanksgiving break was restful, busy, and family filled. My body and mind were so overly tired. I went into the break hoping to fill out scholarship applications, study for classes, clean, draft a billion blog posts, and overall be productive, but most of those things (i.e. a good 95%) didn’t come to fruition because my body said “nope.” Ehh, life goes on. Lots of naps happened. Lots of baking happened. Lots of movie nights with the parents happened. It was refreshing.

thanksgiving-2Thursday, the whole family was together. We’re not perfect, not even close to perfect, but it was wonderful to hug my precious, little nieces and chat with family. I felt blessed, really deeply blessed to be apart of our messy, loud, beautiful family.


thanksgiving-1Friday I slept in, managed to sneak in some munchkin snuggles, and got laundry and homework done. I also saw Liv in the evening, and we ate cookies and froyo while catching up. Love her so much


plantains-1Also I made you cookies! Actually, I made me cookies, but the recipe will be on the blog soooon. They are munchkin approved, GF, vegan, and perfect for holiday gatherings. Many of these were eaten…now they’re gone. I’m so sad. img_0623Allowing myself to rest was a struggle. I like being busy and getting things accomplished; it makes me feel good. It makes us all feel good. Slowing down and reminding myself that this is needed and important helped, sometimes it didn’t. What really convicted me was thinking about the two sweetpeas running around the house. I don’t get to see them very often. Did I want to look back on this holiday as one that was full of “things” and “accomplishments” or full of people. I chose people.

I hope all of my American friends had a people filled, restful time too.

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8 thoughts on “Week in Review: Thanksgiving Festivities

  1. Sometimes relaxing and recharging is the big accomplishment of the week. So often we struggle to not do all the things when really giving ourselves a rest is the most important thing (and also that same thing which will them allow us to do all the things later). 🙂

    I think you did an amazing job last week. Family, cookies and baby snuggles trumps it all.


  2. Can’t wait for your recipe, I’m always game for a cookie 😉 I get what you mean about rest, especially if you’re used to being busy. I find that when all is said and done, I’m never mad that I took time for myself and just relaxed. Usually I feel refreshed and ready to get back to my normal routine 🙂


  3. Sounds like a perfect well-deserved restful break! I did lots of relaxing too and close to zero blog and computer work–it was just what I needed!


  4. I’ve definitely learned that I simply won’t get all the things I want to get done if I don’t give myself a certain amount of a) alone time and b) plain out relaxation and non-brain activity. If I don’t, everything just goes into chaos in my brain and nothing feels good or gets done. That being said I totally know how hard relaxing can feel. Using family as my main motivation always wins out though 🙂


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