WIAW #15: I Can’t Do This Alone

Dramatic title, amIright?

The “this” is a really a fill in the blank, and the “I” technically should be a “we.” Ehh…semantics. Either way, this statement…

A) Is one I hate to love and love to hate.

B) Is also 110% true and makes our lives so much better if we embrace it.

Grab a warm cup o’ something and let’s talk. Also, don’t forget it’s WIAW, so food pictures are coming your way too. Thanks Laura for hosting.  WIAW+tag

I like to be independent, private, able to “handle” things on my own, even if that means holing myself in my room and having a good cry, but you get the point, I want to take care things by myself.


As time goes on, I am constantly being taught the untruthfulness and pride in that belief. We need community. We need other people in our lives who guide us, pray for us, celebrate and mourn with us. Humans are social beings, created to interact and form bonds.

butternut squash//seitan//eggs + spinach

So why do I, and many of us, dislike the statement, “I can’t do this on my own”? There are probably a dozen reasons, but I’ll point out three that hit home for me.

One, it’s a big blow to the ego. I don’t want to admit that there are situations when life is too overwhelming for me to manage without help from someone. It’s hard to swallow pride and recognize that our human selves can only do so much.

Two, asking for help forces us to be vulnerable, which is uncomfortable to say the least. It is scary to open up to another person and risk the chance of being turned down or embarrassed. That feeling of fear is legitimate, but the actual fear itself is erroneous. It has no weight. True friends, loving family members, supportive teachers or coworkers, they care about you and want to see you succeed. Often that means they are willing and ready to help or listen.

Three, if we’ve been hurt or let down by people before, it’s extra hard to ask for help. We build walls around ourselves to keep every possible threat out, but in the process, we block out the really wonderful people and things too.

vegan tacos//broccoli + mushrooms

The importance of admitting this…

We form relationships, widen our circle of compassion, and allow collaboration and building to happen, among other things. Admitting that you can’t do ____ by yourself allows you to get the help you really need. Sometimes, in really special instances, you even become your helper’s helper, and a kind of neato(that’s the technical term), symbiotic relationship forms. Also, we become healthier. When we have a kindred spirit walking with us and helping to carry our burden, life’s struggles are a bit easier to face. We don’t have to do this whole life thing alone.

chocolate + dates

I’ll leave you with this picture of pure goodness.

Bye Loves ❤

Thoughts? I love to hear what you’re thinking. 


14 thoughts on “WIAW #15: I Can’t Do This Alone

  1. I think it took me until I was 23 to learn this. Believing that I should be able to do everything on my own and that asking for help was “weak” is what ultimately lead me into such severe illness and unhappiness. I now fully embrace that we need community. We all need help, no matter who we are, and that this in no way has any affect on our intelligence or level of independence. Plus, asking for help brings people together and has helped strengthen so many of my closest relationships. People like to help… it makes us all feel wanted.
    Ps come cook for me please?

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  2. All your eats look so good. I’ve been craving waffles for breakfast lately, really need to get on that. And I totally agree with everything you’re saying. The first thing that comes to mind is when I’m finishing up dinner in the kitchen, trying to wash and put away dishes, and rather than asking my husband for help I just try to do it alone. I wish I could swallow my pride and just ask for help! That’s something so small though.

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  3. I’m fairly independent as well, so I just try to remind myself how much God wants us to fellowship and join in community with one another. Our mission here on Earth is to spread the Good Word and make disciples of God – NOT take on the world by ourselves! Not to say those thoughts always work, but thats what I try to remind myself when Im feeling the need to take on things by myself 😉

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  4. I LOVE this Evangeline, because I totally have fallen into this over and over. We’re here to bear one another’s burdens as God’s children (like Kat said), and I am often way too proud and I don’t admit my need for help and assistance. But we’re not created to be alone. We’re redeemed by the blood of Jesus to be together, to be walking together, to be part of God’s family.

    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Thank you Evangeline. Your morning waffle looks DELIGHTFUL girl!

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  5. No matter how many times I want my independence, I always go back to craving social time and bonds after a certain period. Like you said, we’re humans and we’re made for connections. I’ve learned it’s just as important to reach out to others when you need it, as letting them reach out to you!

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  6. Learning to lean on others took me a long time. I was simply scared that people would take advantage of me. I am so glad when I do ask for help or be vulnerable with others because it is so worth it 🙂
    I really want some tacos now!

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