Eight Sad Things That Aren’t That Sad


Look it’s Monday already, and we’re in December. And Christmas break is two and a half weeks away. Oh how the time flies. I didn’t have much time over the weekend to type up a post(working, homework, vegetating, my sister’s bridal shower!!!), but it didn’t feel right missing a Monday post. So here you go. These rambles are brought to you by a tired me, while I waited for my laundry to dry last night.

the millions of books…

Even if I spent every minute of my life reading, I could never read them all. Some days I think about that and get so, so sad.

lukewarm cups of tea…

They are unsatisfying, so completely lacking in comfort. It’s not iced tea; it’s not hot tea. It’s tea that’s having an identity crisis. Identity crises are sad.

cloudy, windy days…

I suppose melancholy or wistful would be better adjectives than sad. They make me extra sensitive for who knows why.

grimy, florescent lit supermarkets…

Eww. Just a sad eww for this one.

putting on cold clothes…

Maybe it’s because cold things feel wet, and it’s just uncomfortable? Another baffling oddity housed in the mind of a teen.

surfing the interwebs for too long…

Sometimes I get sucked in, and when I crawl out, it’s not pleasant. Ooo any tips for preventing this from happening?

broken pieces of toast…

Why can’t they be whole??? I don’t want to throw them away because that would be wasteful, and being wasteful makes me sad too.

this quote from leonard cohen…

“I don’t really understand that process called reincarnation, but if there is such a thing I’d like to come back as my daughter’s dog.” My dad likes this one. I tried to explain why it makes me sad, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Happy Monday, friends ❤

So tell me…

What odd things make you feel sad, wistful, or thoughtful?

Tell me one thing you did over the weekend.




6 thoughts on “Eight Sad Things That Aren’t That Sad

  1. True story – the only reason I love coffee so much more than coffee is because it tends to stay hotter longer in my opinion. Tea needs to be chugged ASAP or it goes lukewarm :/


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