I’m Back + Reflections on 2016

Oh helloo. Long time no see.

That little break was just what I needed. My heart is thankful for the rest and the festivities that took place over the Christmas weekend. Lots of things happened while I was away. I became an auntie for the third time, watched my big brother graduate from college, celebrated Christmas with the whole family, and started training for my half marathon in March.

baby snuggles ❤

It has been a busy time, but I’m overwhelmed by all the blessings. Okay, get ready for a sappy reflection on 2016. For real though, the unintentional (on my part), intentional (on God’s part), focus of this year has been growth and change, which has been uncomfortable for me, but let’s be real, growth is rarely super comfortable.

Rather than focusing on resolutions, I want to look back on what this year has taught me. If resolutions are your thing, go for it, but for me, I’ve realized that A) I don’t stick to them and B) It’s just me trying to plan stuff when really I have no idea what a new year will hold. 

Change is meant to jostle you.

It will shake things up. Old things that were important to you will become less important and new things will take their place. I don’t want to stay stagnant, so why would I try to fight change.

The future doesn’t rest in my hands.

I wrote a whole post about this, but yikes, this year kept reminding me of this. My plans for the future have been redirected, which first made me angry, then anxious, then fearful, but I’m finally learning to rest in knowing that our Father has a perfect plan.

Running is equally hard and rewarding.

This year started with zero miles a week. Then by March, I joined my high school’s track team and ran every day. I learned that I love running, but I’m not the competitive type. In June, I ran a very sloooow, very frustrating half marathon. It’s been bumpy, but I always come back to running as my favorite way to sweat.


Physical and academic challenges balance each other.

Volunteering at Dickinson Farm over the summer and running are different from class work during the school year, but each is rewarding and tiring in a different way.

Say YES and NO.

I usually go through periods when I take on too many responsibilities and commitments, and then I’m tense and overbooked. That’s followed by a pendulum shift to saying no to everything and becoming a social hermit. Neither is healthy.

Food is just food.

It’s meant to nourish and sustain. Treat your body well by feeding it well, but beyond that, food is just food. Don’t focus too heavily on calories, numbers, and macros.


Humans need other humans.

There is an unhealthy emphasis on individualism. We’re told that all we need is ourselves. This. Makes. Me. Angry. We need mentors, healthy friendships, connections with people who share our passions and convictions. Community is vital for a healthy self.

my two lovely sissys

I’m thankful for all the hard lessons and blessings that this year brought, and I am super excited for this coming year.


A massive thank you to the dedicated readers and supporters of Nutrition on a Mission. I love you all so much ❤

See you all in 2017!

So tell me…

What was a highlight of 2016 for you? 

Tell me one thing you learned in 2016? 



4 thoughts on “I’m Back + Reflections on 2016

  1. You learned a lot this year. You had a lot of new experiences and threw yourself into a lot of new challenges and changes. Sometimes these things don’t work out as we’d hope and they end up giving us a rocky time, but would would life be without that? That’s how we learn for the future. I’ve been continually amazed by how wise you are, Evangeline, and how mindful you are of when something isn’t right for you, or when you are feeling a certain way, and just how encouraging and supportive you are both for your own health and the true health of others. This is an exciting year for you coming up!! May you remain compassionate and accepting towards whatever happens and know that, as long as you continue being who you are, you are going to flourish. Happy New Year!!


    1. Happy New Year! Phew this was a learning, growing year for sure. And you are so right, life is all about trial and error. When I was little girl, there was a quote hanging on the wall of the checkout desk at my local library, and it said, “If you’ve never made any mistakes, you haven’t learned anything new.” Really random memory, but your words reminded me how much I loved that reminder as a child and how applicable it will always be.


  2. Im so glad you enjoyed your break! Cpngrats on becoming an aunt again! 😀 I particularly agree with The future does not rest in my hands and food is just food. So true! I’m trying to remind myself daily to stop worrying about the things that I cannot change or control.


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