Week in Review: A Word a Day

Hello all.

How did this past week treat you? I’m guessing many of you went back to work, school, or some type of normal routine. Me too. It was hard.

Many thanks to the wonderful Meg for hosting Week in Review. Guess who didn’t take a single picture of food, running things, etc last week. Me. Oh well, words work too. I’ll try to create a mental image for you.

Week-In-Review-Button-FinalSunday: Ease

Church was in the morning, and the rest of the day I just felt at ease. I had a slow, chilly run in the afternoon and did some quality couch sitting with the parents. I think we watched a movie or something.

Monday: Productive

I broke out a paper and pen and wrote down my list for the day. It’s almost euphoric to check off all the little chores. I did laundry, finished up a few school assignments, created a recipe for the blog, organized my dresser and closet, and got a workout in. Lists. Productivity. Success.

Tuesday: Adjustment

Back to school. Back to waking up early…adjusting to the old schedule.

Wednesday: Awareness

“Holy cannoli finals are on Friday.” <- Me, when I became aware that it was in fact Wednesday, and I had two more days to study for my first two finals. I got my butt in gear and started studying for my AP Biology Test and Intro to Psych Final. Also, the obligatory Wednesday grocery shopping expedition took place because I was aware that we were in desperate need of more bananas. Heaven forbid I go a day without bananas.

Thursday: Unsettled

I felt overwhelmed for a few different reasons. Not my favorite day of the week. On the bright side though, I took my unsettled self for a run, which made me feel better. I also started a new book, which made me feel even betterer. (nope, not a typo)

Friday: Befuddled

We had a two hour delay, and our school schedule was strange. At the end of the day, I was feeling pretty tired. I left school in a befuddled fog.

Saturday: Recharged

I met up with Beth for a long run in the wee hours of the morning, and then the two of us joined Liv for breakfast. Shout out to Beth for running 8 miles in 18 degree weather with no gloves. She never ceases to amaze me. These ladies are encouraging, and funny, and genuine. I felt recharged after spending time with them.

It’s a new week y’all, might as well dive in.

So tell me…

What word describes a day from last week?

How are you feeling on this Monday? 


16 thoughts on “Week in Review: A Word a Day

  1. The word fiend in me is utterly pleased by your spin on the topic here. Choosing a word/words to guide us through the year ahead – while challenging for an indecisive person like me – is a very appealing idea to me and so is summing up days past with one each. Not always easy, either, but you did a great job here I think.
    I hope those first finals went well for you despite Friday feeling odd in general. Our school/college system is different so I don’t really know what finals are like/how often they happen per year.
    New books can definitely make days better. Or even betterer ;).


    1. Thank you. My high school is chunked into 2 semesters, so some classes only last for a single semester and some last for a whole year. Don’t ask me why we don’t take our finals/midterms before the holiday break. It seems silly. Books are perfect. They’re definitely an escape for icky/weird days.


  2. What a fun way to do the WIR with a word a day. I love it.

    I also love lists and crossing items off said list. They say there is a little charge in the brain when we cross stuff off, a productivity high so to speak. I’m glad you were able to end the week with a little recharging. We all need that.


  3. I so love this. Its amazing how if you just look at the words, you can see the arc and story of your week. I may steal this, even if just for my own journaling…. thanks!
    BOO to scheduling finals right after Christmas break! I forgot high school works this way. How ruuudddeeee. Congrats for getting through the first week back, though. Just the adjustment and reprogramming yourself to being around others and being at the mercy of a schedule can be hard enough. I’m impressed and happy that, come saturday, you were able to recharge and refresh yourself. Hopefully this second week feels a lot more grounded because you have this one behind you.


  4. Clever idea to wrap up your week! I was feeling tired and frazzled last week because it was my first week back after being off from the holidays too.
    Today I’m feeling recharged because I took the day off and spent time with my parents during the day which was lovely.


  5. On Saturday I met my girlfriends for lunch and then a bit of shopping and I felt social. Actually, on Sunday I went to an other friend’s house, so I guess my weekend work was “social”. That feels good because outside of my job, I am usually pretty solo.
    I also got closure on a relationship and it felt AMAZING! I just needed to be done.


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