WIAW #18: Bachelorette Party Weekend

Last weekend was filled with goodness. It was a personal celebration of being DONE with first semester finals and kicking off the new semester, and it was my oldest sister’s bachelorette party!

Linking up with Arman and Jenn.


The whole bridal party went to Lancaster for the weekend. The weather was dicey driving, but we made it there safely.


The hotel we stayed at was beautiful. It was a remodeled factory, and there were exposed pipes and beams in the bedrooms. The whole atmosphere was cozy and rustic.



Green tea smoothie and a veggie bowl with rice, a veggie burger, pickled onions, and other delicious, belly satisfying things.

veggiebowl-1This was mix of rice, beans, pico de gallo, and scrambled eggs… so yummy.mexicanfoodShopping at Park City: My eyes bulged a little when we walked into Lush. Have you ever been there? They sell natural cosmetics and beauty products. The eye bulge was from all the pretty things (like these soaps) but also from the prices…homemade is the way to go friends.

shoppingI dragged my sister into Yankee Candle to sniff candles. Good times.

sniffingcandlesLook look. Christmas kitty pants.

christmaspantsBaked oatmeal with almond milk and ginger tea. Nom.

bakedoatmealMy belly was full, and my heart was full. My wallet is a little empty though. Let’s not talk about it. Those ladies, (my two sisters and the rest of my sister’s bridesmaids) are golden. They’re genuine, and wise, and hilarious. Such a good trip.

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll.



16 thoughts on “WIAW #18: Bachelorette Party Weekend

  1. Sounds like a LOVELY weekend! Both a celebration for YOU and some wonderful girl bonding time. That hotel sounds beautiful!! I love when old things are used in creative ways and keep their natural rustiness. Have you started back at school? Exams?


    1. It was so lovely. School is back in full swing. I want to say “booo.” but hey, it’s the last free education I’ll get. I think exams went well. Testing always makes me anxious and even when I finish a test, I never feel completely confident. We shall see. They’re over now, which is the important part 🙂


  2. I’m glad you had such a great time! Oh gosh me and candles – I go through those suckers in a week! I absolutely love burning candles and tend to spend at least an hour in the stores sniffing all the different smells 🙂


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