Week in Review: Recent Foodie Happenings

Hi there.

If I could describe last week in four words, it would be a “veggie lacking bread packing” kind of week. The daily average was around three pieces of bread, the toast variety of course. Toast on toast on toast, packed away my tummy. I’m not complaining. Toast is a particularly perfect food.

Many thanks to Meg (a.k.a. supermom) for hosting this week’s Week in Review. You’re awesome.


  • Celebrated mom’s birthday. Dad and I made her dinner, and then we spent the evening watching a movie together.


  • Started new classes for the second semester. I talked with a friend about how uncomfortable change feels. She’s experiencing the same feelings as she starts a new college semester. I felt so uptight and anxious going into these new classrooms with new teachers, but as the week progressed, I adjusted.
  • Filled out two scholarship applications.
  • Baked these poo-esque looking muffins. Buckwheat flour and cocoa powder don’t mesh well aesthetically. They DO pack a pretty hefty nutrient punch though.


  • Bottled my first batch of kombucha(!!!) and started a second batch. My bebe scobys are growing. Ask the parents, this was the highlight of my week.

IMG_0815 (1).JPG


  • Decided for the 17th time that winter is my least favorite season. This dense gloom isn’t doing much for me.

IMG_0819 (1).JPG

  • Started a new writing project. Creating fiction isn’t a strength, but I’ve been dabbling lately. (Isn’t ‘dabbling’ such a snotty word?) 
  • Made soup, a smoothie bowl, and a few other foodie items. My kitchen missed me. Like I said, I’ve been living off of toast lately.



  • Worked on Friday. Babysat on Saturday.
  • Took an extra rest day and felt a little guilty. The latter isn’t an accomplishment, just a musing. My long run was scheduled for Saturday, but I really didn’t want to. Every time I thought about getting on my running clothes and spending 10 miles in cold, foggy weather, I felt nauseous. I decided that if my whole self was dreading the run to the point of feeling physically unwell, I should listen. So I did.
  • Wrote and published three blog posts, including a pilot for a reader discussion post that will hopefully be a regular occurrence in the future. Stay tuned for another one coming this Friday.

So tell me…

One thing you baked.

One thing you realized.

One thing you’re proud of. 


19 thoughts on “Week in Review: Recent Foodie Happenings

  1. Sounds like you were a massive advocate for listening to your body this week. Giving it what it wants (toast toast and more toast) and not doing what it does’t want (that long run). There is definitely a difference between just a regular “blegh I don’t really want to run” and when everything in your body just feels WRONG when you think about it. This is when you really need to listen and accept to choose rest – which is what you did. And I think that’s awwwwesome.
    YAY for kombucha!!! It looks mighty successful!!
    What did I realize and what am I proud of? Trying new foods and snacks, even at the risk of not liking them… and when I didn’t like them, I moved on and remembered that there are a million other opportunities to have successful eats.


  2. I am SO over winter and all the cold and gloominess. How is it only January?!? And I baked some sugar filled non healthy nutella chocolate chip cookies over the weekend. They were so yummy, but now I’m ready for all the vegetables!


  3. One thing I baked: A paleo microwave mug cake? Does that count?

    One thing I’m thankful for today: Going snowboarding last week and a glorious Sunday!

    AND all of your food looks so so good! 🙂


  4. I still think those muffins look good! Anything chocolatey–I want to eat! Hope your 2nd semester is awesome–change is always scary! I too hate the word dabbling and winter! haha!
    I did not bake anything this weekend but I did eat some pre-made cookies!
    I realized that I need to let unnecessary stress and worry go!
    I’m proud of the fact that I let myself rest this weekend amidst my weekend fun because I have a cold!


    1. Haha thanks, Heather. I ate two tonight, heated in the microwave with a little melted chocolate on top, and they tasted wonderful. Right, though?! Two icky words. Your realization is spot on, and a big yes to taking the time to rest.


  5. Not running -is- an accomplishment. Pushing yourself to head out when you weren’t feeling it wouldn’t have been. It’s easy to feel guilty about rest days when the remainder of the blog/Instagram community seems to work out every day. But we need those days – yes, reminder to myself, too – and our intuition knows best.
    Honestly, I’m SO over winter, too. It’s cold, grey and putting a damper on our mood.
    Fingers crossed for your applications!
    What I’m proud of? Surprising myself and others with my performance in a job that was way out of my comfort zone.


    1. Thank you for that reminder. Sometimes, it seems like our bodies are smarter than our brains. Kudos to you for stepping outside of your comfort zone and exceling. That is most definitely something to be proud of. Happy Monday ❤


  6. One thing I baked: HAHA I don’t have an oven. I did have a fail on these weird Asian noodles. I wanted to try something new, so I got this pasta…and it was like literal glue. I ate one bowl and then tossed the rest. You know it was bad when I throw it out, because I NEVER waste food! Rice it is for this week hahaa


  7. One thing I baked: a match of muffins that also didn’t turn out very pretty.
    One thing I realized: I’m going to have a lot of reading and writing to do this semester.
    One thing I’m proud of: I went first in my graduate nonfiction workshop!
    Soup, toast, and kombucha sound like the perfect thing for this time of year. Winter is bleh for sure. I’ve grown to kind of like it…as long as it’s sunny. Cloudy and cold and foggy. No.
    So I don’t blame you for taking a rest day from running. And I can also really empathize with feeling guilty about it. It’s a complicated feeling. 😦


    1. Hey me too. I guess last week was an ugly muffin kind of week. <- That sounds like I said a bad word. Ha.
      Sunny winters aren't too bad. I would love some sunshine. You're right…it is a complicated feeling. Thanks for empathizing, Joyce. It means more than you know ❤


  8. Ave will happily join you on your bread quest. It might be her favorite food. She’s easy to please though and she takes after her momma; we love carbs.

    Keep taking those rest days and eventually they’ll get easier (less feelings of guilt).

    That is one fine looking skoby. 😉


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