Question for You: Feeling Overwhelmed

Hello friendly faces.

Get up right now and do a little happy dance because you made it to Friday. That’s something to celebrate. So last week’s edition of “Question for You” had some positive feedback, and for all who commented your thoughts, thank you! I enjoyed reading your responses. You each brought to the table a unique answer, which is exactly what I had hoped to see. Love it ❤


This week’s question:

“What’s the first thing you do when you feel overwhelmed or anxious?” 

I wish I could say that my first response to feelings of anxiety is prayer, but I’m so quick to discredit the power of prayer when my heart is troubled. It’s an area where I still have a lot of growing to do.

Often, I pick up a book. When I’m especially stuck on a reading streak, it’s usually because I’m working through something. It’s calming, and it forces me to focus on something other than my jumbled thoughts.

Cora unknowingly pre-answered this question in her post on Wednesday, An Intentional Day. Check it out. Her words are full of wisdom.

Guiding questions…

Is there someone you go to? Or a place? 

Do you find it more helpful to try and sort through your thoughts or distract yourself?

What activities calm you down and take your mind off of anxious thoughts? 

It’s your turn now. Share way, friends.


13 thoughts on “Question for You: Feeling Overwhelmed

    1. I think it’s something that we get better at with time 🙂 Moms are good listeners, and I love doing a little Pilates when I’m antsy and anxious. Ooh friend, nut butter is the glue that holds my life together. Love it.


  1. Even though, yes, I already explained my real “go-tos” for when I’m feeling in distress, I’d say that if I had to choose one thing… and depending on the level of my anxiety… it would simply be to go somewhere, sit at a window with a hot drink, and just do nothing. I think I need to give myself time to think my thoughts. Maybe not figure anything out… but I just neeeeed to let my thoughts have their time to fester and whirl around. I’ve learned that I’m not one that works well with distraction. Chances are I can’t distract myself enough to actually make the thoughts go away, so therefore I need to let them have their spotlight before they let me start to think clearly again.


    1. Hmm…I get that. Usually, I can’t distract myself either, and if I try to, I feel even more overwhelmed because I’m fighting and repressing all those feelings and worries. I do like finding an activity that occupies my body but allows my mind to think, like running. Thanks for your insight, Cora ❤


  2. Agreed Evangeline; it’s often a matter of spiritual warfare to actually want to go to prayer first; instead of trying my methods of making myself feel better. Some times I’ll listen to music or go workout, but prayer is our mightiest weapon, because we serve the mighty, living, acting God!


  3. Good question this week! I like to listen to relaxation/ASMR videos to calm down or I like to do relaxing yoga workout.
    I normally need a bit of a distraction before I can then sort through my thoughts and feelings later!


    1. Yoga is a wonderful way to unwind and be grounded, especially yoga outside! You’re right about having a balance of distraction and reflection. I think the ratios are different for every person. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Heather ❤


  4. When I feel overwhelmed or anxious, I need to get outside and go for a walk. I also like to call someone. I would rather call and talk to someone because often I’m about to cry and I don’t want them to see it. I get anxious over the most random stuff, so I’m constantly finding new ways to keep it together. Nothing beats lying down and shutting my eyes for a few minutes though, I love that.


  5. One of the first things I do when I feel overwhelmed or anxious is call someone–often my mom or my boyfriend–or talk to a good friend in person if there’s someone around, like my roommate. It’s so cliche, but it’s true. It doesn’t even necessarily always help, but I think it’s just such an instinct for me to want to talk it out with someone.
    Going for a walk is another fall-back.


    1. I agree with you, Joyce. Although it’s difficult for me to open up initially and talk about how I’m feeling, once I do I feel 100x better. You and Ellie are on the same track with the walk. I need to do that more often.


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