Week in Review: The Art of the Interrogative

Good morning.

First, thank you for your lovely comments on the series of posts for NEDA Week. I still struggle to shake that embarrassed feeling I get when I tell people about my ED, but the amount of gentle receptiveness that I experience when I do open up always encourages me to be less afraid and less embarrassed. Thank you.

Second, it is Monday! Time is running away from me, so this week’s WIR is heavy on the pictures and light on the words. Most, if not all, the pics are from our trip to Boston to visit my future home away from home. Plus, we get to dabble with interrogatives today, perhaps my favorite sentence structure. I get a lot of practice asking questions, probably because I’m always just a leeettle bit confused, and familiarity makes the heart grow fonder…or something like that.

Linking up with Meg.


  • Why do certain decisions feel completely right yet make us so afraid?


  • Why doesn’t all Mexican food include butternut squash and complimentary tortillas for dipping and munching? People want to break my heart. That’s why.


  • What was the thing in my spaghetti squash that crunched mysteriously when I chewed it? Dirt? A bug? A rock? We’ll never know.


  • Could my parents be any more awesome? The answer is no. No they can’t.


  • How can we possibly have 70 degree weather in Boston, in February?


  • Can someone tell me how to operate a camera? No really. I need help. You’re looking at an attempt to capture an old graveyard through a fence, but I got grass and blurry gray stuff instead. Go me.


  • Why is this pond completely drained?


  • How does one go about cropping out two little, brightly clad munchkins from a very important duck sculpture picture?
  • Bonus question: Have you read Make Way for Ducklings?
  • Bonus Bonus question: What was your favorite book as a child?


So tell me…

What did you do last week?

What’s your favorite type of sentence structure and why?

Do you have a question for me?



9 thoughts on “Week in Review: The Art of the Interrogative

  1. How are you so dang clever?! And why have I never thought of adding butternut squash to my mexican dishes?
    Yay Boston! Yay nice weather! This looks like a fabulous weekend for both you and your parents. Scary and exciting often go together. It means something good is about to come ❤ ❤


    1. It is so darn yummy. I had never eaten it in a Mexican dish either, but I’ve fallen in love. I need that reassurance. Sometimes the scary with the exciting makes me doubt my choices, but I’m sure hoping for good things, even if they might be uncomfortable.


  2. YUMMM!!!! Butternut squash sounds AMAZING with Mexican food. And I love all the sunshine and time you got outside; sunshine always makes me feel so much better.

    My favorite type of sentence structure is probably the question, because you can learn so much about people by asking them questions.


  3. I really like that picture of the grass. It’s kind of interesting to look at 🙂 Did you decide on a college? That’s so exciting! What will you be studying?


  4. What a cute sculpture! Really thought they were real at first glance to be honest. I have never read Make Way for Ducklings unfortunately. I love the classics like the Dr. Seuss books or Good Night Moon or I Love You Forever!!!

    Your parents do look like pretty awesome people. Glad you got to spend time with them and have them involved in what I assume to be your college decision process. How are you feeling about going leaving home? Are you ready?


    1. Dr. Seuss books are some of my favorite children’s books too. It was lovely to get to spend time with the parents. Oooh I’m nervous about the move. It will be a big change. Thanks for stopping by, Kaylee.


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