WIAW #20: When Balance Feels Elusive


We sure throw the word around a lot.

“I’m trying to find a balance between work and rest.”

“Eat a balanced diet.”

“You should strive for balance in all areas of life.”

“If you work too hard, or rest too much, life won’t be in balance.”

IMG_1067Don’t those phrases sound nice? They seem like good things to say. They’re vaguely comforting because they imply that if we can eventually strike that perfect balance, we’ll get to do all the things we love but avoid feeling overwhelmed, tired, over or under stimulated, isolated or drained.

But life doesn’t work like that, especially as we reach adulthood. I think little children are able to strike a balance very well. They move and play when they have lots of energy, but when they’re worn out, they rest. They eat when they feel hungry. They snuggle when they need personal touch and affection.

IMG_1090But some seasons just aren’t balanced; they’re insane. Maybe the key is perspective, giving yourself time to move through busy periods and then take the rest you need, or I guess eventually our bodies say enough and we get sick or depressed or emotionally shaky.

IMG_1063The last two weeks have been productive, but in a strained way, and I’ve felt my body saying “enough.” Routines and lists and filled Google calendars help with organization and goal setting, but they can be misused and overused. They can be too rigid, too filled. Even though the solution is simple, i.e. stop committing to every activity that comes my way, actually carrying it out is tough. Partially, it’s an ego thing. I want to do everything and look like I can still strike a graceful balance.

cinnamonrollAnywho, I’m still trying to sort through my thoughts, so thanks for sticking with me through the rambles. I hope this didn’t sound too “boo-hoo,” poor me. I know this is something we all struggle with.

Many thanks to JennLaura, and Arman

Happy Wednesday, friends. Enjoy this sunshiny spring weather.

So tell me…

Is finding balance as elusive for you as it is for me? 

What did you eat today? 


18 thoughts on “WIAW #20: When Balance Feels Elusive

  1. “Routines and lists and filled Google calendars help with organization and goal setting, but they can be misused and overused.” —-> Ding ding. Things like phones and memos and calendars and alarms can be “good” in many ways, but they can often increase the stress and anxiety we feel, without even realizing it. Yet its hard to go without them out of fear of “missing something”…especially with types like you and I who want to do it all. Balance is one of the hardest things to find. And when you do find it, it is going to be taken away at some point again. It is ebb and flow. Come and go. As long as we are trying to get there then we are moving in the right direction.

    Sending you thoughts of ease in this busy time. I hear you.


    1. Oooh you hit on something sensitive. I really don’t like the idea of missing out on things. I suppose when chasing after balance, like any other pursuit, sometimes the actual journey is more important than the destination. It’s just frustrating. Thanks, Cora ❤


  2. I hear you! This post came in a perfect time and really resonated with me. Next week I don’t have one evening to myself and as much as I love seeing people and being productive, sometimes you just need some time to yourself to rest. Thinking of you!


  3. Yes. Yes. Yes. Balance does feel so hard some days, and I really have to remember that God directs our days and even if we didn’t get the perfect balance, His grace and power is still more than sufficient for us, and carrying us through.

    Some days I’m amazed I survived the day; other days I feel more energetic, but it’s truly all by God’s mighty grace. ❤ in Jesus, Emily


  4. Yes, I hear you too! Balance has been a whole other thing (new area, at my age)for me lately. Balance of letting my body heal after hernia surgery. I try to do the little things, like catch a movie with friends and my body reacts with, you overdid it, some pain, fatigue & Advil to the rescue! One great thing is physical rest, after any major surgery ,helps one to slow down and focas on important things God has to teach us. Im learning each day that life is a series of ups and downs and grace & strength are available from our Lord Jesus. Mine is a grateful heart for these gifts from God.


    1. Our bodies are so smart. They often protest when we’re pushing too hard. The hard part is listening and acting accordingly. That’s where I struggle with the whole balance thing 🙂 I’m glad you’re giving yourself time to heal from the surgery. Take it easy ❤


  5. I’m always trying to find balance in meals, life, time spend with family. It’s definitely difficult and I think everyone struggles with it. All of your meals look amazing though, I haven’t had crepes in far too long.


  6. Yes, I agree! For a season to do lists, goals, and structure seems perfect but after a while they get old and I feel the need to change things up and break away from the old schedule.


  7. You truly are wise beyond your years, my friend. I love reading your thoughts.
    You are so right – balance is an “ideal” goal to have, however it isn’t always possible. I think as long as we are striving for it though, remembering that going all in 100% all the time is not healthy, then we are doing ok. I think its when we lose sight of that ultimate goal of balance that things kind of go crazy – we just focus on getting everything done and in the end we tend to drive ourselves into the ground.


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