Confessions from the Week.

Confession #1: I ran for the first time in a week yesterday, which isn’t a big deal, unless we consider the fact that I’m supposed to be training for a half marathon that’s in about 3 weeks. Ooops.

Confession #2: Prom was last Saturday. Wait, that’s not the confession, just the context. The confession is that I got super frustrated because the nice waitress lady kept taking my unfinished snacks from the table whilst I was doing what I call dancing. Not once. Not twice. But three times.

IMG_13531 (1)

prom.jpgConfession #3: Liv is home from college!! And I’m a super crappy friend because I haven’t even seen her yet. Boo.

Confession #4: AP tests are done. I awkwardly happy/tired cried during my independent study the next day. Thankfully I have a super amazing teacher who acted like dealing with overly emotional teenagers is a common occurrence, which it actually might be considering that high school is full of overly emotional teenagers.

Confession #5: There’s no way I can ever do enough to repay my mama for all she’s done for me and our family. A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mamas out there!IMG_1204.JPGConfession #6: Sometimes I stress about the silliest things. On Sunday, I laid down to take a nap, and instead of, you know, actually sleeping, I spent 35 minutes replaying a situation in my head, all the ways I messed up, and what I could have done differently.

Confession #7: Two days ago, it was a chilly 50°F, and Wednesday, the high is supposed to reach 90°F. I’m not sure what to wear anymore.

Confession #8: I’ve worked my way through an impressive number of chocolate bars and ice cream pints over the past several weeks.

20170504_202328Confession #9: My sister, mom, and I are going to get pedicures this week, and I’m always a little funny about people touching my feet because they’re uber ticklish.

Confession #10: I made some vegan, gluten free scones with chickpea flour (don’t knock it ’til you try it), but I ate them all before I could take pictures. And I don’t remember the recipe because it was one of those “throw stuff in a bowl, and pray it’s edible” baking endeavors. Mega boo.

So tell me…

One confession.

One thing you’ve done this week.

One thing you’re looking forward to. 


8 thoughts on “Confessions from the Week.

  1. Whens your last day of school?! So exciting!! 😀 I’ve been working my way through lots of iced coffee and ice cream pints myself these days. I’ve also been enjoying watermelon–woo hoo!


  2. Did you have fun at prom? Any kind of dancing is dancing and we’ll dance however we want to, no confessions needed. But huge ‘no no’ to that snack-stealing server lady. Pfffffttttt.
    Congrats on getting here. Over emotions are expected. When is your last official day?
    I also have no idea what to wear anymore. This weather is WHACK.


  3. Hey, cool heart confessions blog. Loved it Vangie! Mothers Day was the scariest and happiest Ive ever experienced! I will have to text you the details. Our Lord Jesus is good and will see you through and be with you each day! Love you lots & prayer’s. Have a great Summer!


  4. Ooh I totally know what you mean about those kind of recipes that taste really good but you forgot what you did. At least you enjoyed them; that’s what matters most! 🙂 And most of all you get to enjoy God’s goodness and nourishment in them. It’s okay if you didn’t write it down.

    I’ve never been to a prom; do you like them? 🙂

    So so thankful for mommies. I need to be even more grateful for my mommy; thank you for this precious reminder.


    1. True true. I just hope I can remember enough of the recipe to recreate it! Hmm…prom is fun, but there’s a good reason why it only takes place once a year. It can be expensive and sometimes full of unnecessary drama, but I did enjoy it. Mamas are super, and me too. I don’t give her even close to the amount of appreciation she deserves.


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