Week in Review: Summertime


How are you doing on this fine day? Today marks week two of official summer vacation. The warm weather finally showed up, and the clouds went away, which is excellent for boosting the ol’ mood. Warm weather can fiddle with my appetite though, so I’ve been enjoying cooling, summery foods. But staples like hot oats and roasted taters aren’t going anywhere. They stick around for all seasons and make life nice. Week-In-Review-Button-Final

You know what makes life even nicer? Lists. Birthday wish lists, grocery lists, maybe even a few to do lists have brightened your day, but today, we list accomplishments from the week and celebrate even the little things. ironrunhalf2017.jpg

  • Ran a race on Saturday. I ran the same race last year, with the same awesome group, and it was one of the most mentally tough races I have ever run. This year, Beth (in the orange) and I ran together the whole time. She is so encouraging and such a great pacer. Seriously, if you ever need a professional running buddy who will be super positive AND give you hugs at the end of your race, give her a call. Everyone placed and did a fantastic job.


  • Grocery shopped and found dark chocolate for $0.33. You’re jealous. It’s okay.
  • Organized all of my school papers and binders from the year. It was all recycled (well, it will be recycled…eventually), but I’m pretty sure mama earth cried a little when she saw the height of the stack.


  • Worked two days and babysat one day. It wasn’t really babysitting though. My neighbor’s daughter, who I have known and babysat for years, is about to start 6th grade this fall. Watching her grow up and become the lovely, thoughtful, articulate little lady she is today makes me happy.


  • Sent out graduation announcements and thank you cards. Do any of you regularly send out snail mail? I want to be more intentional about sending cards. Receiving a hand written card feels special.


  • Cooked ratatoulle. No, no ratitoulle. Wait, I got it, rat-a-too-ee. I tried to make it look like the dish from the movie Ratatouille. Such a cute film, by the way. Never underestimate the goodness of a well made Pixar production.
  • Moved documents from my school Google Drive to my personal Google Drive and deleted docs I don’t need anymore. It looks less chaotic. I also found essays and research papers from ninth grade, and I kept them as a reminder that progress is slooow and painful but eventually shows up.


  • Took chemistry, math, and Spanish placement tests for next fall. Chemistry hurt a little.
  • Started reading The Bonesetter’s Daughter and A Mind of Your Own. The first is an easy, but compelling, novel. And the latter is more of a research based, cerebral non-fiction book. They balance each other out well.
  • Watched this Ted Talk. It’s a good one.

Thanks for hosting Meghan.

So tell me…

What foods do you like to eat in the summer?

What was something you accomplished last week? (little, big, or medium)

What are you currently reading?


15 thoughts on “Week in Review: Summertime

  1. Ah I always kind of liked the couple of weeks post school year where I organized all my work form the year and got rid of a ghastly amount of paper. It always does the organization mind good. But yeah, too many trees.
    You did so much! I hope all your organizing gave you a sense of refreshment and clear slate for now all that is to come. I can feel the new summer vibes through your words and pictures of homemade fresh eats. Hopefully some excitement has started to come 🙂


  2. I love organizing documents; it does make life feel less chaotic.

    And running buddies that can motivate us are such a blessing from God! I can’t think of how many times my brother helped me finish long runs by being encouraging and constantly encouraging me to not give up. How long was the race you did?


  3. Remind me not to read your posts unless I have loads of good food handy. I’m salivating now and I can’t decide what I want more of: those taters or the ratatouille. It came out beautifully by the way.

    Congratulations on the race. It’s always nice to have a running buddy.

    It’s amazing how much paper we use in school. I still cringe when I think about the waste.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.


  4. Do you want to help me get organized, too, by any chance? I have a hard time keeping up with all the files, both physical and on my laptop. The latter being incredibly slow serving as embarrassing proof of this.
    Snail mail, ah! I used to have many pen pals growing up, some within the country, some abroad. I keep meaning to get back to writing letters regularly again but haven’t been successful in the past two or so years.
    Your ratatouille looks beautiful. When I prepare it, I usually go the sloppy/lazy sautéed way.
    Last but not least: congratulations on the race! Having a wonderful friend and pacer on your side sounds like a true blessing.


    1. Slow technology is probably on my list of the most annoying first world problems. It makes neatening up online folders and such 100x more frustrating, which is saying a lot considering it’s already pretty frustrating. Pen pals sound like a blast. Were they people you had already met? I always wanted to have an anonymous pen pal from somewhere far away, when I was little. I usually do the chunky ratatouille version too. Still tasty 🙂


      1. My pen pals were mostly people I hadn’t met yet – a British girl I met on a skiing vacation being the exception – but found through the German postal service’s youth magazine [not existing anymore these days] and another magazine, I think. Some lasted pretty long and I even got to meet one of my pen pals. It really was an amazing thing when pen pal-ships were popular. Children these days are missing out.


  5. What a great, post high school,couple of weeks, Vangie! Congrats on your half marathon! But a half would be a whole& then some to me, not that I would ever attempt it! Walking my dog, Allie, is just fine for me. Speaking of high school paperwork,at our high school, the tradition is for seniors to throw an array of old papers, in the air all at once& the juniors have to clean them all up! It’s really fun& on the seniors last day, with the whole high school watching! Well, it is a great time, before you head off to college, to just enjoy your family & friends & life. Our Lord bless this precious time for you& have a fun summer! Ps i love a snail mail card too! Thank you for your card& note!


  6. Your ratatouille looks so good! In the summertime we try to grill as much as possible – I even love just putting a ton of veggies in a grill pack. For some reason it just always tastes so good.


  7. You’re 100% right. I am jealous of that chocolate steal!!!! It’s crazy how delicious-looking cartoon food is. Pixar movies are the best! What’s your favorite one?


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