Give Yourself Grace {WIAW #22}

Wednesday has arrived, folks.

Another Wednesday, another day of eats, another grocery shopping trip. Wednesday is my weekly grocery shopping day (I’m sure you were dying to know). I appreciate the middle of a week. It just feels right. But during the summer, most days feel right. Summer life as a student, stepping onto the brink of adulthood, isn’t too shabby. As long as I avoid overthinking what life will look like when adulthood hits like a train, all is well. While we’re on the topic, does adulthood BOOM, CRASH, HIT, or is it a more subtle, slow progression…just curious.

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When I document my meals for these posts, I try to make them look pretty and cohesive, and these photographic food journals force me to be mindful when I prepare and eat my food. I usually don’t worry about what other people think about my food. What I Ate Wednesday isn’t about comparison or judgement; it’s about sharing ideas for good food with good friends.

cookie dough cereal + bluebs + almond milk

One day of food isn’t reflective of a whole week, or an entire month, of eating. This is a reasonable, healthy day of food for me. Thankfully I have access to nutritious food the majority of the time. But there are also days when I don’t enjoy the balance and variety that I did today. And that’s okay.

veggie sandwich + carrots + cucumbers

There are days when…

veggies don’t happen.

waaay too much processed sugar does happen.

I don’t eat to the point of satiation.

I eat past the point of satiation.

a fiber baby visits. 

chocolate banana muffins (recipe to come!) + more bluebs

Eating healthfully does not mean we religiously follow every diet tip in Women’s Health or Shape magazine. It doesn’t mean we always feel like a healthy unicorn goddess. And unfortunately, it can’t spare us from ever feeling constipated or. . .you know, the opposite of constipated. It doesn’t magically prevent us from eating burritos until we feel nauseous or promise that we’ll remember to grab a hearty breakfast before we leave for work.

fried plantains + broccoli + toppings

But it does require a little bit of effort and consistency. Not perfection, just consistency. Every day won’t be exactly the way we want it to be in regards to what we eat and how we eat it. That’s not an excuse to forgo all efforts to take of yourself and nourish your body, but it is a comforting reminder that eating well, like every other aspect of our lives, will not be a perfect exercise. That should feel freeing.

another muffin + almond butter + chocolate bark

Our bodies smarter than we think. They adjust aptly to changing situations, stressors, emotions, and most definitely to the different foods we eat every day. They are flexible and resilient.

So if in hindsight, you look back on a day and think “yikes that didn’t go so well,” don’t immediately feel guilty or frantically search the interwebs for marathon training plans and detox tips (major eww to the latter). I get it. I’ve been there, but I’ll tell you a secret.

It doesn’t work. 

Overeating/crappy eats  Guilt  Restriction  Overeating/another crappy day

It’s a cycle. The best thing we can do, for our health and sanity, is acknowledge the days when we don’t eat the foods we need (depending on the day that could mean veggies or cake) and then give ourselves grace. 

So tell me…

Have you ever been caught in that cycle?

What’s something awesome you ate this week?


13 thoughts on “Give Yourself Grace {WIAW #22}

  1. Those muffins look delicious! I often eat a bit more than usual and enjoy a few adult beverages on the weekend, so I feel like I start the cycle over every week. Some weekends are better than others, but the cycle makes me happy. I could never give up sugary treats and I love that after indulging I start craving vegetables.


  2. It’s so amazing how a balance does make my body feel happy; it doesn’t have to be extreme. It can just be a simple balance of veggies, fruits, sweets, cheese, and such. The last few years have been so many years of learning God’s gift of different foods and praising Him for all the foods and enjoying all of them in moderation.


  3. Thanks Vangie…Yes, I like Wednsdays too! Your recipe’s and photos are always great! Oh the word grace. A wonderful word! Happy to read about giving it to yourself. Usually,I think of it as giving to someone else. Thank you for reminding me that it can be given to myself. It has so many ways of expressing grace, when used. Today, just give myself the grace. Pure and simple. As far as the ,transistion into adulthood, coming up for you. It’s been a very long time ago,for me. This is what I remember. Excitement, cause I moved out of my home into an older lady’s home to rent a room, just blocks away from my old home! A little fear of what was ahead. Because I had a job& my faith in Christ that was very small. You have that plan of off to college, so things will fall into place. To answer that question of does adulthood hit? I didn’t think so. It did feel good and I got to make my own decisions all the time. I messed up and failed& suceeded at life sometimes. But I held onto my faith in a God, who I am still learning is faithful!


  4. I like your note about why you document a day of eats. Sometimes I feel.. embarrassed?… when I do so, but like you, setting up my meals in a nice way and taking pictures of them makes me more mindful and appreciative of the good things I am putting into my body. Sure, yeah, the nicely set up pictures are not always “reality” but is there something wrong with taking it out of reality in order to celebrate it a bit more? Just wanted to say thanks for joining me in that one.

    Going into adulthood. It is definitely a slow progress my girl. And please, PLEASE don’t try to make it any other way. Any word of advice I have is to hold on to any bits of youth/innocence you can. Because whether you try or not, the bills and the stresses will come. Its a long phase of transition and even when you are “there”… you are never really “there”. There is always so much learning. Mistakes and learning never end.

    Also. Thank you for reminding me of cookie dough cereal. I love that recipe. I also am a huge fan of muffin cereal which your IG post struck a craving for.


    1. Thanks for the reminder that it’s slow process. I get the feeling (maybe a self imposed feeling at times) that I should be ready to be an adult, have things figured out, and wake up ready to kick butt every morning. Anyway, it’s nice to have someone to remind me that mistakes are okay and learning comes with the new territory.

      Cookie dough cereal is one of my new favorite breakfasts. So yummy.


  5. A-freaking-MEN girl.
    “Overeating/crappy eats ⇒ Guilt ⇒ Restriction ⇒ Overeating/another crappy day”
    That right there is nothing but 100% truth. The second we try to restrict ourselves out of guilt is the second we set ourselves up for failure and more guilt down the road. And yet we are still doing it! Or at least, I am 😉 I’m at the point now though where I at least REALIZE the cycle – the next step is breaking free of it!


    1. I still get sucked into the cycle too. It’s frustrating. Realizing the cycle is there is a huge step though! Only when we’re perceptive enough to recognize where things are going wrong can we take the steps to break the cycle.


  6. I have definitely been caught in that cycle, and you are right that it doesn’t work! It gets you no where! The best thing that I ate this week was an acai bowl with peanut butter, banana, and strawberries! It was amazing.

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I love that you say “fiber baby” instead of “food baby.” This definitely helps put things in perspective. Fiber is something that we all need. We can’t choose to not eat a nutrient simply because it may change our appearance for an hour!


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