A New Look + 5 Step Banana Muffins (vegan + gluten free)

Happy Friday, friendly faces.

Look who got a makeover! This space needed an update, so with limited monetary resources, aka no monetary resources, Nutrition on a Mission got a new look. Also, I JUST realized that Nutrition On a Mission is NOM as an acronym. #observant

I’m not ready to invest in my own domain quite yet. Right now, I want this to remain an outlet for thoughts and motivation for recovery and holistic living. But it was fun playing around with ideas for logos and testing out new themes on wordpress. In case you’re curious, I used this free site to make the current logo.

IMG_1388.JPGAlso, I have a recipe to share because there’s muuuffin like a good banana muffin recipe. See what I did there? No, no don’t cringe. Embrace the puns.

IMG_1387.JPGOn another note, muffins are not very photogenic, especially these muffins. Thankfully their taste compensates for most of the ugliness. The rest you’ll just have to forgive. Plus it’s not all their fault. I am, after all, the person responsible for their photo shoot, so I shoulder some of the blame.

IMG_1397.JPGIt’s what inside that matters most though, right? They’re sweet, fluffy, and nutty. I’ve been experimenting with gluten free flours, and almond flour is probably my favorite. It has an awesome texture, especially when combined with oat flour or coconut flour. You end up with just the right amount of fluff and density.

IMG_1392.JPGYou can top them with nut butter or jam for breakfast or the 3:00 pm munchies monster. They also make a mean bowl of muffin cereal.


5 Step Banana Muffins (Vegan + Gluten Free)

Servings: 10 muffins          Time: 15 min. + 25 min. baking          Level: Easy

Dry Ingredients:

1 cup oat flour

1 cup hazelnut or almond flour

1/4 cup coconut flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

sprinkle of cinnamon

Wet Ingredients:

2 bananas (ripe and mashed with a fork)

1/2 cup + 3 T non-dairy milk

2 T flax seed + 4 T water*

1 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 °F.
  2. In a medium bowl, mash the bananas and add the gelled flax, non-dairy milk, and vanilla extract and mix well.
  3. In separate medium bowl, add all the dry ingredients and mix well.
  4. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix until all the flour is incorporated.
  5. Line a muffin tin with 10 baking cups. Divide the batter evenly between the cups. Bake for 22-25 minutes. Cool and enjoy.

*Mix the flax and water in a small bowl. Let it sit for about 5 minutes until it’s thick.

Optional mix-ins include chocolate chips, shaved coconut, or dried fruit. Try to limit them to about 1/2 cup. Let me know if you get the chance to make them 🙂

So tell me…

What’s your favorite GF flour to work with?

Are you tired of banana flavored things? Please say no. I really like baking you banana flavored things.


6 thoughts on “A New Look + 5 Step Banana Muffins (vegan + gluten free)

  1. Ehh!! Looking snazzy! Love the new look and logo. You would honestly never know it wasn’t a paid-for site.

    The almond+oat+coconut flour combination is definitely the best right now. Not sure why but its just perfect. And nothing beats a standard banana muffin. Saved this one to make after I make your scones.


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