Silver Linings {Week in Review}

Hello friendly faces.

I’m linking up with Meghan and her chickpea (Ave), who actually had a hand in the inspiration of a recipe for chickpeas. The recipe looks deee-lish-us, by the way. I recommend you check it out.

Week-In-Review-Button-FinalLast week hosted two painfully embarrassing moments. One at work, that was just a big lump of cringe and one while I was driving.

{Silver Lining} Embarrassing moments are humbling, and we all need a slice of humble pie every so often. I got several helpings this week, but I’m trying to look at them as growing experiences.

20170622_133557-1Beth (running buddy and fellow veggie fiend) and I took on a local trail on Thursday. It was a hot hike and our feet were sore after 20 miles in sneakers.

{Silver Lining} It was awesome!! We reconnected and enjoyed a fantastic day. Sure it was challenging, but we like that kind of stuff. And I exceeded my daily step count four fold. Take that activity tracker. Tell me to get up and walk. I dare you. 20170622_105506-1This bug tried to snag a bite of my sandwich.

{Silver Lining} I like bugs, so I was happy to share. Also, I have a dad who is a bird, bug, nature expert, and he helped me identify him. We’re 90% sure he’s a type of assassin bug.

I planned to post a Day in the Life on Wednesday, but our internet went down. I could have written and posted it on my phone, but that sounded like a test of patience, considering that typing on a computer is a challenge for me. So I skipped it.

{Silver Lining} An evening and morning disconnected from the internet forced me to take a technology break, which felt nice. IMG_1443I made this banana bread recipe from The Conscientious Eater that turned out really well, and I ate the last of it on Wednesday.

{Silver Lining} It can be made again. Also, it brought me joy. 20170619_094611-1I picked blueberries at a local nursery last week. I even brought lids for my containers so the berries wouldn’t jump around when I drove home, but before I even started my car for the trip home, a lid on one of the containers came off. I hadn’t snapped it on tightly, and I spilled the container all over my passenger seat.

{Silver Lining} Blueberries clean up well. Also, they didn’t spill on the driver’s side, so I didn’t have to worry about missing any bloobs and ending up with a blue polka dot speckled tush. IMG_1454I turned up the stove to high and then walked away and forgot about these potatoes for awhile. The pan was smoking when I returned, and our house looked suspiciously hazy.

{Silver Lining} The smoke detector didn’t go off. Plus, roasted taters and chives are worth a little smoke inhalation.

On a more serious note, I haven’t been devoting enough time to undistracted prayer and mediation on scripture.

{Silver Lining} This week especially, I was reminded of our Father’s forgiveness and grace. Even when I’m unfaithful, He is faithful.

I hope you all have a lovely week ahead.

So tell me…

What was a silver lining from last week?

Tell me about your week. 


25 thoughts on “Silver Linings {Week in Review}

  1. Always love your blog and pics, Vangie..Thanks! Yes Ive eaten plenty of humble pie in my life so far. As far as silver linings, its the clouds in my life that God has allowed me to experience that have grown me in Him the most. Of course His beautiful silver linings are His grace. I love the ocean, I think you know. So yesterday, after a flob up, with a friend, ( not sure that’s a word) I really enjoyed an afternoon at the beach with my Lord! Love you Vangie!�👏💖Aunt


  2. I’ve started to notice I space out a bit more in the kitchen or try to do too much at once, which makes me nervous. I really need to focus more when cooking. And omg those fresh blueberries! We used to go strawberry picking when we were younger, I love having the fresh fruit in the house.


  3. Picking your own fruit is loads of fun! I did it for peaches a couple of summers ago and for blueberries last month. Hoping to do it again soon! What are you planning to use the blueberries in?

    Always good to look at the bright side, to see the silver lining amongst the many clouds. I know I create a lot of my own clouds; I fret over the slightest of “mistakes.” It’s enlightening to take a step back and just be grateful. Humbling as you said is the best way to put it.


    1. Oh my goodness. Fresh peaches are awesome. I can’t wait for them to be in season. I usually freeze the berries and use them in smoothies or eat them plain. Some times they get thrown into a pie if I feel fancy. But not a humble pie, just a regular pie 😉


  4. Ave is a big fan of bugs too, so I’m sure she would have liked your Ninja Bug.

    I always like a good silver linings post, especially when we’re eating a side of humble pie. The former and the latter are good for us in very different ways.

    I want to go blueberry picking.

    Hooray for unplugged time. It’s always good to step back. I for one like curling up with a book in the afternoons if the tiny human naps. It’s way more cozy than the computer. 🙂

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.


  5. Sister this is awesome, such an awesome gift on a Monday morning. I love how you searched for the silver linings, how God used every thing that could have been hard or was hard, to work out for good in your life.

    And I love watching bugs, but I just don’t like them in the house. O_O That is so cool that your dad is an expert on them. There are so many bugs I’ve discovered that I can’t identify.

    Unplugged time is so good. Yesterday on Sunday was pretty much all unplugged for me except for a bit of Instagram, and it was refreshing!

    HUGS. ❤ I love these silver linings posts.


    1. Isn’t it so refreshing? I feel more energized when I spend time away from the screen. And I like writing these types of posts. Even if I’m down, they leave me feeling thankful, which is always a good thing to feel 🙂


  6. Mmm berry picking. Jealous. 20 miles?!? Holy jeebuz good job to you and your friend. I would have loved that. I also would have welcomed that little visitor for lunch. What a cool looking dude.

    Sounds like you had a very summer filled week m’lady. Good for you. And keep going with the slices of humble pie. They’re good for the belly and the soul.


  7. Blueberry picking sounds delightful… assassin bugs, not so much. Haha!

    I had a moment of embarrassment last week as well. I felt absolutely ridiculous, but I have also learned that we usually feel more ridiculous than we actually think we are during those moments.


  8. Assassin bug!? That’s totally badass. Which goes with the badassness of your 20 mile hike. You go girl!
    Embarrassing moments are the worst. I don’t know about you, but for me, they just haunt me and haunt me forever. I had a meeting with a very prestigious poet last week where I totally froze up and felt like I’d totally humiliated myself. 😦 But you’re right; it is good to be humbled once in a while. And ultimately she was very kind.


    1. Me too. And then you forget about it for a little while, only to be reminded of it at the weirdest moments, and you’re haunted all over again. It’s annoying. And we all have those freeze up/humiliating moments. I have a feeling that you (like me) tend to take them harder than you should.


  9. Blueberries are so good! I love going picking, I wonder if there are any farms open right now. The water got shut off in my apartment due to construction…so I used it as an opportunity to treat myself to sparkling water 😉


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