Feelin’ like an oregano fleck {Week in Review}

Last week felt off, not necessarily in a negative way. Maybe “off” isn’t the best descriptive word. “Unsettled” doesn’t sound much better, but it’s more true to how things felt. You know when you shake a bottle of Italian dressing, and all the particles rush around and then slowly start drifting to the bottom again? That was me. I was like one of the little pieces of oregano, slightly shaken but lazily floating.Week-In-Review-Button-FinalAnother week has arrived. Maybe this week I’ll get to upgrade from a mere oregano fleck to a bona fide cube of bell pepper. I like to dream big. But before I rush into the new week, I’ll take a few minutes to look back on what last week held…a Week in Review, if you will.

Many thanks to Meg for hosting. IMG_1527.JPGBottled a new batch of booch. Expert brewers, how do you add flavor to your batches and make it extra fizzy? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, preferably slightly dumbed down and with step by step instructions.IMG_1524Checked off not one but TWO doctor’s appointments, in one day. Vaccines updated, contacts prescription filled, questions about how many times a day I poop answered. *drops mic* This could have been the day I started feeling like an oregano fleck. Insurance talk and doctor talk stress me out.

Lost count of the number of loaves of banana bread baked.

Copious spotty naners = copious slices of carby heaven. IMG_1500Made mini-baby vegan cookies. Their petite size justifies the countless numbers consumed.

Moved and grooved, but you don’t really need to know about it20170702_202813-1Visited my sister and her hubby. Mom, dad, and I drove to see them and met with my other sister and her hubby. We ate together. Laughed until our full bellies ached. And planned a future date to do the same thing all over again. But next time she’ll take me to the Lancaster Central Market, which is a hop, skip and a jump from her home.20170619_094611-1Picked blueberries again. This time, I got caught in what started as a friendly sprinkle and ended in a violent fury. Summer rain has a romantic feel. The berries and I were totally love struck.

Started a tangible (versus mental) list of items I’ll need to pack for this coming semester. It’s getting real!

Happy Monday, friends.

So tell me…

ANY kombucha secrets. I’m all ears. 

How was last week for you?

Ever been caught in a torrential downpour? 



27 thoughts on “Feelin’ like an oregano fleck {Week in Review}

  1. I’m so impressed with anyone that makes their own kombucha, sorry I have no advice though! Maybe put some fresh fruit in a food processor at add the juice?


  2. Oooo!! Okay. Second fermentation. Put a bunch of some kind of berry or fruit (around a cup, cut up into chunks) into your batch that is done, tightly put a lid on it and let it side for an extra 3 days OUTSIDE your fridge. My absolute favorite is putting in chunks of ginger and pear. You can throw in frozen cranberries or frozen blueberries. I find the more citrusy fruits yield more fizz. Like pineapple. But then be careful when you open it! If it did its thing right, it WILL fizz over! So do it in the sink. I’ve honestly learned a few times the hard way….
    Also. Are you going into some form of creative writing? Because your use of metaphor is outstanding. For real. You have a gift with words. Even if you are an oregano fleck floating to the bottom of the dressing jar….
    The best parts always stay a little hidden, anyways. ❤


    1. Ahhh that makes sense. So I add the fruit, and then the scoby eats at the sugars in the fruit, which adds some extra fizz and flavor? Science is so cool.

      Actually I’m planning to major in Public Health with a focus on Biology. But I’m open to change, and I know a lot will change in four years. That little compliment means so much, especially coming from a writer with marvelous literary talent. I struggle with creative writing. My writing niche, especially in school, seemed to be research papers and lab reports.


  3. Blueberry picking and family dinners sound all kinds of lovely. Doctors appointments, not so much, but they’re an investment in our future so totally worthwhile.
    Have a great week, and I’ll be rooting for your transition to bell pepper status. 😉


  4. Blueberries are my absolute favorite and I still need to pick some! And ” copious slices of carby heaven” <—– love that. I will now always think of salad dressing when I feel off/unsettled. Hope your week is off to a more grounded start!


    1. It certainly does. It was like the cover of The Notebook (which I have yet to watch, but the cover pops up just about everywhere) with Rachel McAdams clutching Ryan Gosling’s face, but just replace Gosling with a rubbermaid container filled with bluebs.


  5. I know what you mean by just feeling scattered and off. Sometimes it lasts a day or a week for me.

    Hmm…. I’ve never made kombucha. I’m amazed at those gals who are brave enough to DIY it themselves.

    When does your semester start?


  6. The title of this post literally made me laugh (okay more like a chuckle but still) out loud. I connect to that analogy so much. We can be little oregano pieces together.
    May be a little TMI but my dietician has me messaging her whenever I poop now so relate to that too. And wow 2 doctor’s appointments in one day?! Kudos to you! Those are tiring.
    Got any recipes for the booch or the cookies or both??


    1. I’ll take a chuckle any day 🙂 Aren’t they though? They make me cranky too. The cookies were from Beaming Baker. Just search vegan almond butter chocolate chip walnut oat cookies. That’s a mouthful, as are the cookies. A tasty, chewy, fantastic mouthful. And the kombucha recipe I use is from Culture for Health. They outline different measurements for various batch sizes, very helpful for the novice brewer, i.e. me.


  7. I don’t have any kombucha secrets but i love it! Not only the bottled stuff, but there’s a tea place near me that makes their own and i crave it – so good!
    And those cookies look so so so good. Did you have the recipe to share?i can’t believe they’re vegan!


  8. I’ve been making my kombucha for awhile now but I still don’t have many secrets!! I need to experiment with more flavors! I’ve been keeping it pretty basic recent. #lazy Definitely going to read these comments to get all the tips from others!
    Also I love your analogy of an oregano fleck… That is all so accurate sometimes.


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