Avocados on sale, new books, and other pleasant distractions.

It’s that time again. Time for reflection, celebrating the minute (but still important) accomplishments, and getting ready for the coming week by looking back on what the past week held. Thanks for hosting, Meg!Week-In-Review-Button-FinalKeeping with last week’s theme, movement was gentle. I did get to take a few lovely walks in the evening. On one of these wanderings, I called my auntie, and we caught up, something I don’t do enough. 20170722_180537-1Still working hard with eating intuitively. Still making mistakes, clearing the slate, and starting afresh. Who would think not caring so much about food would make you care so much about food? 20170722_173735-1Drove into town to visit a consignment shop. I walked away with a new pair of jeans and a tank. Woo! (The pic below looks all cool and breezy in black and white, but believe you me, my Chacos were practically melting on the sidewalks.) 2017-07-23 22.02.44Avocados were $0.50 (!!!!) at ALDI, which isn’t the cheapest they’ve ever been, but recently I’ve only found them for like $2.00 a pop…maybe it’s not avocado season. When I saw the sale price, I squealed and loaded up. Hola guacamol-ah. 20170720_173432-1Made use of my library card and felt like such a big girl. I finished reading State of Wonder by Ann Pachett, and I just started Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult. New books from the library included Food Politics, One Hundred Years of Solitude, and Salt. 20170720_163842-1It was a good week, a little rough in a few patches, but c’est la vie. We take each day as it comes. One practice that really helped me through the low parts was counting five (or really any number) things that I made me feel exceptionally blessed during the day.

a spectacular sunrise.

seeing my sisters. 

getting caught up in a book.

a shower followed by cuddly jammies.

sale-priced avocados. (Mentioned again because I’m doubly grateful for them.)

All good things that I take for granted. They serve as a gentle distraction when my feet are glued to the hamster wheel that’s only making me dizzy. They slow me down, remind me of the important things.

So tell me…

One thing you did last week.

One thing/encounter/experience that made you feel exceptionally blessed. 


27 thoughts on “Avocados on sale, new books, and other pleasant distractions.

  1. AMAZING!!! I love that you found such an incredible sale for avocadoes, and I can just feel gratefulness to the Lord pulsing through this post. I love those cuddly jammy nights, and those incredible spectacular sunsets and sunrises (if I get early enough). Lately I’m actually really grateful for just being able to get up every morning and being amazed that God has given me another day to live for Him!


  2. I think I’m learning that good will bring some rough, but the rough patches mean it was good. …. that doesn’t really make sense but, I’ll leave it with you anyway.
    I’m happy for you. I’m happy that you are offering yourself so many acts of self care and compassion and stillness and relaxation. I now how strange, and sometimes purely whack, it can feel. Getting caught up in a good book (from the library no less!!) in the summer is one of the most ooey-gooey comforting feelings. Also – 50cent avocados!?! Nooooooo. I just can’t seem to afford them these days – I feel like each time I go to the store they are more expensive! 😦


    1. I’m still digesting that little piece at the beginning. I think I want it framed. It does feel whack, but it feels less whack the more I do it, which makes me feel…guilty some times? Ahh the baffling workings of a human brain. The library books were the highlight of my week 🙂


  3. Yay for consignment shopping! I placed holds on a bunch of books yesterday and I’m impatiently waiting for them to come. Are those plantain chips? They look delicious!


  4. Those are super cheap avocados! They’re usually 2 for $5 here. BUT the house we just moved into has an avocado tree in the backyard. They don’t ripen until April, according to Google.


  5. I feel like that sentence about how trying not to care so much about food could lead to caring more about food really sums up the last several years of my life. 😛 If you figure out the secret of not caring, let me know.
    And I’m with Naomi. Consignment shopping is the best. Stay cool!


  6. Woah .50 avocados?! That’s amazing!!! Sounds like a good week–havent been to the library in ages. That needs to change!


  7. Honestly? You’re not making any mistakes regarding intuitive eating. It’s because there are no rules to follow and as such none to break, either. Still, I understand what you mean and feel similarly. There are oh so many days I wish I could just snap my fingers and become less caring about food again. The whole thinking about food even more is a completely normal part of the journey [that’s what another IE dietitian blogger wrote in a post recently].
    Counting even the very small blessings in my life has been majorly important for me in the past years, especially the past few months. One very dear to my heart from this week so far was seeing my sister and little nephew on Tuesday night. They left again the next day while I was at work but just this little time spent with them brightened my day so much.
    I hope this week is going well for you so far!


    1. True, true. That very fact, that there are no rules, totally throws me for a loop. It’s nice to not feel alone though.

      That sounds like a beautiful time. Those quick, meaningful moments have so much power. Glad you got to experience one and that it brightened your day.


  8. Life is all about the ebbs and flows, the highs and the lows. Keep practicing the intuitive eating and restorative relaxation and it will get easier and easier, I promise.

    Also, hooray for lots of book reading. I’m salivating over that pile of reading, plus the avocados.


  9. “Who would think not caring so much about food would make you care so much about food?” <<< THIS. Well said, Vangie.
    Ooooh, those plantains (?)! How do you prepare them btw?
    I love that blessings list. At the end of the day, when I'm already in bed, I try to go through my whole day from beginning to end and remember all the things that occurred or that I accomplished from the lens of gratitude. It really helps ground me.
    One thing I did last week that also made me feel extremely blessed: went out of town for a leadership conference!


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