If we were checking in over tea…

First, I would probably smile a little awkwardly and give you a tight, squeezy hug. Hopefully we know each other well enough (or think we know each other well enough) that the hug softens some of my awkwardness.

Then, we would order the obligatory tea (or coffee if it’s your thing). And I would ask you how you’ve been. I would ask you how you’ve really been, and I wouldn’t ask it as a formality with the expectation of a studied response. I would really want to hear what’s going on.

If the weather been making you feel weird too.

If you’ve been eating well. (I’m such a mom.)

If you’ve been down or fantastically happy or just meh. IMG_1617.JPGI would tell you that the finalization of college things (like the grand reveal of roommates and mailing addresses and class schedules) is making me feel excitement but also a fair amount of nervousness. IMG_1621.JPGI would tell you that I started reading Swann’s Way: In Search of Lost Time. That’s about all I could do because I’m not far yet, and it’s meant for a tenured college professor not a seventeen year old dork who barely knows her way around the most fundamental pieces of literature. Le sigh. 

Then I would ask if you’ve found any worthwhile books, articles, You Tube videos and readily accept any recommendations. IMG_1579You would tell me my tea is getting cold. So I would sip and ask you about your family.

How are they? Have you seen them?

I would tell you that I visited my big sisters on Tuesday. We ate noodles and walked around Home Goods and T J Maxx until our feet hurt. They spoiled me and bought me dorm room supplies. IMG_1577You would tell me about the coworker who drives you up a wall or vent about politics. We would giggle about the state of the world because if we didn’t, our check in might take a teary turn, which would be okay too.IMG_1619I might mention that I’ve been running a lot less and eating more of what I actually want. I would tell you it’s been mostly okay, but that it also scares me.

You would tell me a cliché about how doing what scares us most makes us grow into vibrant people, and I would appreciate it because clichés are my thing.

We would finish up the conversation and head our separate ways, feeling more clued in and socially savvy.

Who says socializing is hard?

*finishes typing post about a hypothetical conversation with virtual friends and retreats to her hobbit hole*

Linking up with Meg for Week in Review.

So tell me…

How have you been? (I’m always an email away if comments aren’t your thing.)

What’s new?

What would you order if we met for tea/coffee? 




30 thoughts on “If we were checking in over tea…

  1. Mmmm. Coffee/tea dates are my safe place. At least, when with the right person. And you my friend would be the most lovely coffee date. We would share our talking and listening time equally, as I get the feeling we are both the type of person who is more comfortable on the asking vs answering side. But we would make each other feel safe enough to delve into the other side, too.
    Chances are I would order a creamy americano, and probably some type of cookie or muffin. If I was feeling anxious that day, maybe a nice herbal tea. And I’d want to hear about alllll your upcoming school worries and turn them into excitements because it is SUCH an exciting time!


  2. Oh, Vangie..how I would love to take you to Panera Bakery. I would order the cinnamon crunh bagel & coffee( lots of cream& honey- yes honey!😋). We’ d chat about our so different & yet the same lives. Age is just a number to me. We all want the same things really. Love , success, purose& a God who does love us, warts and all!💞🙏🌹love you lots-AuntE.


  3. I would definitely order tea; I’m not really a coffee gal. Lately I’ve been learning about how God is sovereign over everything and when I don’t act like I believe that I get anxious or angry or become a control freak.
    If we were having coffee, I’d really like to hear your perspective on loving others, on learning intuitive eating, on learning how to honor your body, and care for it as God’s temple, and I’d LOVE to eat some breakfast with you. 🙂


  4. Ohhh are you just starting college? Me too! And like you, I’m nervous and excited. How fun that you were able to go dorm shopping with your sisters! I live in OR, but I’m heading to PA for school in a month and everyone’s been telling me I need a long, heavy coat, so I found and bought one this weekend.
    I would probably order an iced latte. Basic. Or maybe mint tea. And a scone.
    I love to hear that you’re doing what’s right for you and running less and eating more of what you want.
    I second A Man Called Ove. I definitely laughed and cried. I also just finished ‘Chasing Slow’ by Erin Loechner. And I’m going to start ‘Dietland’, which is fiction but explores the effects of our diet minded society. I think I heard it recommended on FoodPsych.
    And now I’m off on a camping trip! Thanks for starting a conversation! ❤


    1. Mmm a scone and tea sound just about perfect. I feel like I’ve had a dozen people tell me they have read or are currently reading A Man Called Ove recently. I’ll definitely add it to my reading list 🙂


  5. This is such a fun post!

    How have you been? I’ve been great! Thanks for asking.

    What’s new? The possibility of a two-year missions trip.

    What would you order if we met for tea/coffee? Tea. Definitely tea. Probably some sort of herbal tea.


  6. I think a hobbit hole sounds like a pretty nice place to retreat to. I’ll like one as well. Also big sisters are the best, not that I would know because I have only brothers, but it sounds like yours do a great job of taking care of you.

    I recently read What Alice Forget, a quick and breezy book that I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Keep pushing yourself and it will get easier over time.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.


  7. I would order coffee if it was early. Iced cold brew with a bunch of milk 🙂 I haven’t had tea in a while, but nice milky tea sounds amazing right now. I would tell you how lucky I am to have a mom who drops her plans and helps me move even though it involved billions of stairs. She’s a gem ❤


  8. I forget that you’re starting college so soon. I’m so excited for you. I remember my first move-in day. It was…bad. I cried. I didn’t want to be there. By the time I graduated four years later, though, I was so glad I’d made that choice. I hope you’ll have a better first day than me…and be glad four years from now too.
    I would order a chai latte made with soy milk, or iced ginger green tea if it were really hot. 🙂


    1. Me too, Joyce. Me too. I’ve heard several move-in day stories much like yours (with similar endings, thankfully), so at least I’ll know that if I’m feeling bad the first few weeks, others have experienced similar emotions.


  9. I would awkwardly hug you back. Maybe two awkward huggers make one non awkward hug?
    I also second Mom Gene’s recommendation on A Man Called Ove!
    I am alright but exhausted. Too tire to even worry sometimes but maybe that’s alright. How are YOU really? What are your other feelings around the college thing?
    Since I’m trying to stay away from caffeine at the moment, I would get something to eat instead. If there’s a scone 99.99% chances of me picking the scone (that 0.01% is for those orange-flavored scones out there. blech).
    Really wish this was an in-person rather than virtual tea/coffee date. One could only hope…


    1. I feel like that could work. Plus, awkward or not, a hug is still a hug. That too tired feeling can make for some excellent nights of deep, peaceful sleep.

      I’m okay right now. I’m trying to take life day by day. Worry is probably the most useless emotion, but there seems to be an abundance of it all around. Channeling it into other things has been helpful, like drawing, reading, tea dates 😉

      Blah orange flavored scones don’t sound great. Blueberry or chocolate chip…ooh or maybe pumpkin would be fantastic. I second the addition of baked goods to the tea date. Brilliant idea.


  10. Can we please have tea in real life?! I read this post a few days ago, only commenting now, and it cheered me up right away. Your personality shines through which I really like seeing on other blogs.
    We’re both tea not coffee girls, I see. And you definitely got it right where you had “me” tell you your tea’s getting cold – that would be -so- me :). However, you didn’t tell me which tea you’d gotten and we both know this matters ;).
    There’s so much I want to say/write after reading this because it resonanted with me a lot yet I’m already prone to novel-length comments so will try to keep it short here. One thing I also liked you genuinely showing an interest in how the other person is doing. It’s become way too common to ask just to be polite.
    Given I’m an introvert and was very nervous about starting university, I can’t pretend there was no reason to be. However, even I have to admit things ended up being way better than expected. You can do this!


    1. I would love a tea date with you. My usual tea of choice is a classic mint, but I am also partial to ginger tea. Your turn. What would you pick?

      Also, I sincerely appreciate your novel-length comments. They mean so much because I feel like you really took the time to “listen” to what I wrote about.

      And thank you for being honest while still being encouraging. I am hoping for a similar outcome 🙂


  11. Hi Vangie, I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now and I’m finally commenting (after intending to for foreverrrrr)! I love your writing and I love this post!!! You are such a gem and I know you will love school. Starting my second year and I’m also feeling a bit ambiguous about going back, but it’s just a matter of being patient with yourself and knowing that opportunities and friendships will arise if you just stick to your guns… Something I need to remember myself 🙂


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It made my day, and I’m grateful for the encouragement. Gosh patience is such a struggle, eh? Especially patience directed toward ourselves. Thankfully we have a whole lifetime to practice 🙂


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