What I Ate Wednesday.

Hello there, my friends. I’m popping in for a quick, no fuss recap of a day of meals. On this particular day, I was dogsitting, so each meal features the flufferpupper. He’s a sweetie.

Breakfast: oats in an almost empty cashew butter jar with banana and blueberries.20170801_072039-1Lunch: sandwich on ezekiel bread + baby carrots and tomatoes.

  • hummus,
  • spicy mustard
  • spinach and cucumber

2017-08-01 20.27.20Snack: peach.20170801_145259-1Dinner: showcasing one of the most wonderful starches ⇒ potatoes

  • zucchini + peppers + broccoli
  • turmeric + parsley
  • seitan

20170801_180108Dessert: chocolate chips + almonds + sunflower seeds (this times two)2017-08-01 20.25.27Have a full day, lovelies.

Many thanks to Jenn for creating this wonderful link up and to Arman and Laura for hosting.

So tell me…

A new food combo you’ve been loving lately.


24 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday.

  1. I looveeee your model for the day. He’s totally loving the blog-spotlight.

    Seitan. Have you ever made your own? Its something that is on my list of things still to try making myself. Looks really fun.


  2. Sounds delicious! Did the fluff big puppy beg for your food? Allie just sits and looks at me.🐕Ive been loving grilled chicken& avocado salad!😋


  3. Your dinner looks absolutely divine! Let’s be real though, all those meals look amazing. The summer sunshine does a lot for great photo lighting, doesn’t it? Cashew butter is also one of my favourites 🙂 I feel like it goes with anything from berries to bananas to chocolate!


  4. Oh my gosh this is adorable- I am loving that your pup is in all the photos! A food combo I’ve been in to… hmmmm… we’ll i’ve been eating a lot of apples with cheese recently. Just classic. It’s my all time favorite.


  5. Can’t take my eyes off of that doggo. SO MUCH FLUFF. Goldendoodle or labradoodle? I love how he’s looking at your lunch sandwich like that.
    Oooh, I haven’t tried cashew butter but I expect it would be delicious because cashews are delicious.


    1. I believe he is a goldendoodle. I don’t get to see him too often, but when I do, I can’t stop petting his fluff. He’s essentially an over sized teddy bear. You would love cashew butter. It tastes a little bit like cookie dough.


  6. What a cute pup! Everything looks delicious, but as a blueberry banana fanatic (and cashew butter fanatic, too) I’m drooling over those oats.


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