New Things + Old Routines

Hello, friends. I looked back on last week, and after comparing it to the week before last, I came to the conclusion that I should probably work on varying my weekly schedule.

But then again, if it isn’t broken, why fix it?

And currently, I’m grooving in my routine. It might get boring for you all though. I feel like a broken record stuck at a lyrical verse about a little lady who genuinely enjoys trips to the grocery store and reading books while eating big bowls of oats.


SO…for the sake of changing it up, let’s talk about a few new things from last week like…IMG_20170804_130010_467. . . making these Banana Blueberry Muffin Tops from the Athletic Avocado. I have never made muffin tops before, but mom and I both agreed that they have a dreamy texture. We’re sold.

. . . emailing Naomi from Naomi Why: Roots and talking about college things. If you’re ever going through something new, find some one who has A) already gone through it and come out the other side OR B) someone who is currently going through the same thing. It helps.IMG_1664.JPG. . . using mina harissa in this noodle soup. It’s a Moroccan sauce made from spicy red pepper, bell pepper, olive oil, garlic, and a few other ingredients that mesh perfectly and tickle my taste buds.  IMG_1668.JPG. . . toasting my pita to make it suitable for hummus and soup dipping. I’m all about that extra crunch. grazery.jpg. . . trying out a new cafe with friends. How cute is it? They have a few vegetarian/vegan options which I appreciated.

. . . watching the new Beauty and the Beast. It was breathtaking.

Happy Monday, friends.

Linking up with Meg for week in review.

 So tell me…

What’s new with you?

Have you seen the new Beauty and the Beast




26 thoughts on “New Things + Old Routines

  1. Oh my goodness, those banana blueberry muffin tops look scrumptious. Banana and blueberry are a match made in heaven. Do you have a special muffin top pan?

    Also, feel free to shoot me an email, a Facebook message, or a blog comment if you have any questions about university as well! I go to university in Canada and recently finished my second year in the Kinesiology co-op program – in September, I’ll be starting my second work term and my third academic year! My email is if you ever have any questions 🙂

    Your photography is always amazing. I love that shot with the pita, tomatoes, and stew. ❤

    And no, I haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast! It was never one of my favourite movies (… I know), but I saw Cinderella when the live-action came out and felt like it was too predictable, for lack of a better word. I am, however, absolutely stoked for Aladdin and Mulan.


    1. Actually, the batter isn’t too runny, so I used an ice cream scoop and baked them on a cookie sheet. They form into muffin tops all on their own.

      Thank you so much for reaching out and being willing to share what you’ve experienced ❤

      I never watched the original Beauty in the Beast, and I only know the story line from people talking about it. Buut I did enjoy the new movie. The animation was excellent. So no judgement here. I didn't even know there were movies in the works for Aladdin and Mulan. Mulan was my favorite as a child. She's so fierce.

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      1. That’s such a brilliant idea. I’ve always had bad luck with baked goods “spreading” too much, but I suppose a thicker batter would prevent that. Amazing!
        Mulan is incredible! I hope the live action does Disney’s animation justice. She is one of the coolest Disney heroines by far, in my opinion, and the movie has some of the greatest songs.


  2. I LOVED those blueberry muffin tops from Bethany and Rachel’s blog.

    That’s so cool that you and Naomi are talking about college and life stuff; it’s so wonderful to connect with other bloggers on a more personal level.

    And trying out new restaurants/cafes is really fun; I can’t wait to do that more when we go to Europe, but we also have a new restaurant in our little town that opened last week. I would love to go there soon.


    1. They were incredible. And that’s one of my favorite things about the blogging community. We get to “meet” and connect with each other. The trip to Europe will be incredible, I’m sure! I love the focus on local cafes and the resistance against chain restaurants in the food scene. How exciting!


  3. I often feel like I’m boring in my routine, but exactly – if it’s working well for you, why change it?

    Those muffin tops look amazing. Definitely going to have to make some of those!

    I’ve seen the new Beauty and the Beast and I loved it!! ❤


    1. The food was very tasty. And support people/groups provide so much…support 😉 Often I’m resistant to reaching out and asking for support or accepting support, but like you said, it makes a world of difference.


  4. I loved beauty and the beast. I thought Emma wasnt quite the right casting for the role – personally – but she’s still very talented and did a good job. I thought all the other actors were absolutely perfect though. And all the crowd scenes and choreography were

    I say if it’s keeping you smiling, no need to change it. I think summers should be a bit more routine heavy anyways.


  5. Awwww, I’m so glad you emailed me! Chatting about college things with you has made me feel less crazy and more sane. ❤
    I loved Beauty and the Beast! I especially loved that they had all the music from the animated film. And that Emma Thompson was Mrs. Potts. Ugh, I just love her. Emma Watson too. I guess I just love it all.
    That cafe is so cute! All that brick and the lettering!
    My routine has also stayed the same all summer, and I've been enjoying it. I'd say trips to the grocery store and reading books while eating big bowls of oats are things worth repeating. 🙂


  6. Definitely nothing wrong about books, grocery store runs & oats. Sounds like the perfect routine to me too.
    I love trying new, local cafe/coffee shops. And that name–Grazery–is adorable.
    I surprised myself by liking the Beauty and the Beast adaption. I still don’t know how I feel about Emma Watson as Belle though… She’ll always be Hermione in my eyes!


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