Recent Eats + Current Enigmas

Hi you! I’m excited to share with you a few amazing meals from the past few days. Unfortunately, I seem to have momentary memory lapse when trying to record a full day of eats, so I did my best to piece together recent eats along with current enigmas that baffle and bemuse.

Let’s start with dessert.

Eat: The bottom is a mug brownie from The Big Man’s World with ice cream on top.

Enigma: My chromebook. It breathed its last…kind of. Technically the battery breathed its last. After looking at my options, I decided it would just be best to buy a new device, but why chromey did you have to give up right before school starts?20170810_183539-1Eat: This was half of the size of my face, and I had to first strategize the best method of attack. The beauty included hummus, butternut squash, homegrown maters, sprouts, lettuce, and avocado.

Enigma: Naps. They can feel so right at one moment, and then you wake up an hour later in a puddle of your own drool, groggy and hungry, questioning why you thought a little rest would make you feel better. And then…there are those cat naps that are a shot of caffeine, and you wake up ready to tackle the world.20170811_111015Eat: More tomatoes from the garden and plantains fried in coconut oil.

Enigma: Spellcheck. Is someone playing with me? I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve almost sent disastrous texts. It has turned me into an obsessive proofreader. 20170815_174245Eat: Breakfast tacos for dinner with eggs, spinach, avocado, and tomatoes. Our tomato plants are being extra generous, and I am in love.

Enigma: Our backyard groundhog. He has a voracious appetite. He ate three quarters of a fully matured butternut squash. More than once. I’m disappointed about the loss of a butternutter, but I can’t help but feel bad for the bear-sized tummy ache that little furry rodent must be nursing. 20170813_175806Eat: Vegan zucchini waffles with almond butter added post picture. Forever team waffle.

Enigma: Pancakes. They’re the same thing as waffles, but they’re boring-er. They don’t have dozens of little swimming pools to house butter or maple syrup. People only ate them before waffles because no one had invented the waffle maker yet, but we have waffle makers now. Ergo, pancakes are outdated, but I guess they’re still okay some times, which is another reason why they baffle me. I can’t dislike them, but they still make me mildly peeved. IMG_1642.JPGHappy Wednesday, my friends. Hope you all enjoy something delicious today.

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So tell me…

A recent eat and enigma. 

Do you feel strongly about waffles? 


25 thoughts on “Recent Eats + Current Enigmas

  1. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the colours and deliciousness of your pictures! That sandwich is beyond tempting, like everything else on this blog post! can’t wait to see more! And yes, pancakes certainly can’t house pools of maple syrup 😉 xx – Kavi


  2. Lol your opinions about pancakes crack me up! Waffles also have more oil, which makes ’em crispier. I’ll take either, provided my mom made ’em. (She’s the breakfast chef master!)
    In the words of John Denver: “What would life be without homegrown tomatoes?”
    Terrible timing on the Chromebook! On the other hand, it’s better to switch now than halfway through the semester. I had to do that once and it was really stressful. Did you have it backed up?


    1. Ah I bet pancakes made by Joyce’s mom would be an exception to my “waffles are always better than pancakes” dogma.

      That quote is perfect. I want to put in my house somewhere and gaze at it during the winter months.

      That’s an excellent point. Everything was saved on my Google Drive, so thankfully nothing was lost.


  3. Can I be a “current enigma that baffles and bemuses?” I think that would attract all them boys.

    Yes. You are right about waffles. Their perfect little butter holding dimples will always surpass the flat pancake. But. I threw out my waffle maker because I couldn’t make a damn waffle without it sticking and falling to pieces. Or I’m just lacking waffle skills. So, until I get myself a new machine, I have to pretend pancakes are the winner.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bahaha. Cora, you’re an enigma in all the wonderful, unique, creative ways. Aww well that’s completely understandable. I’ve had a few (read: too many to count) waffle fails, and some times I just leave it on the counter in total frustration and my mom cleans it for me. I know, I know. Not cool.

      Pancakes can be a decent temporary fill in for waffles. Maybe just poke holes in the stack, so they’re more absorbent. #DIYdimples.


  4. Great photos & healthy ideas for eats-thanks, Vangie! I had a vegan veggie wrap ,my son made on Sunday! So yummy! It was the spices( cummin, tumeric& fresh garlic that really made the veggies& avacado pop in flavor! Anyway, have a blessed Wed.! Love ya lots💞🙏🌹-Aunt E.


  5. Hehe… I had to laugh about the waffles vs. pancakes. It is so true that waffles are so exciting. I love stuffing all the little holes with nut butter and syrup.
    And also… those ground rodents can be so hard. We often have voles, and they like to tunnel beneath all the growing things and eat them. O_O
    My sister just bought a new computer; we’re going on a trip to Europe, and she got a really pretty one from ASUS. It looks like a Macbook air, but it was cheaper!


    1. Exactly! Bread, oats, waffles, and then pretty much any savory meal. They’re so versatile. I actually do have a zucchini waffle recipe that’s in the recipe tab under “breakfast.” Let me know if you get the chance to try it!


  6. LOL I can’t believe you have a groundhog in your backyard; that is SO COOL for a city gal like me hehe. Those tomatoes and plantains look frickin’ phenomenal (have you tried the roasted plantain chips from Trader Joe’s yet?), and you know, as much as I like waffles, I’ve gotta say I’m team pancake. It’s just, I feel like they don’t try as hard, and they’re so soft and satisfying :p


    1. We have all kinds of critters and are totally ready to share. I haven’t tried the plantain chips from Trader Joe’s, but they sound like something I would love.

      And to each their own. But maybe I’ll convince you eventually 😉


  7. Urgh. Sorry to hear about your computer. That timing is the worst! I’ve got to try this butternut squash in sandwich situation you’ve got going on cuz that looks DELISH.
    Okay. I’m sorry but Team Pancake all the way!!! 😁


  8. The way you described naps was brilliant – and the reason I don’t even attempt to take them anymore. Sure, they sound enticing on certain particularly tired days but bad memories of past attempts keep me away from them.
    Oh how I hear you on the chromebook giving up on you – the same is true for my laptop. There’s never an acceptable time for those things to happen but certainly not just before school starts.
    Also, thanks for introducing me to the word ‘enigma’. It’s always nice to add beautiful words to my English vocabulary – they don’t teach too many of those in school. And now I want to use enigma in as many sentences as possible ;).


    1. Technology makes life easier but more complicated. . .if that makes sense. Thankfully, there was time to order a new one before school started.

      And happy to help 😉 Words that sound like their definition fascinate me. ‘Enigma’ has a mysterious note that I just love.


  9. Girl these eats. YUUUUMMMMM! I’ve never actually tried plantains before but I really want to. I need to just take the chance and buy some at the store, but I’m afraid I’m going to ruin them for myself! haha


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