Bye for a little while.

Hi there! I’ve missed this little space of the interwebs. Forgive the worn out excuse, but life has been busy of late. In reality, life itself hasn’t been preoccupied, but the mind that sorts through all the life stuff has been busy.

I haven’t felt able to put together a coherent post, so I’m taking a short break. I’m leaving for college on the 1st, and after orientation is over and I get settled into a routine, the blog will be back on track.

In the meantime, Summer is fading, so I’m doing my very best to soak up the last drops.Β IMG_1774IMG_1733IMG_1732IMG_1708IMG_1757We’ll talk soon. Bye for now!



14 thoughts on “Bye for a little while.

  1. I feel like I preceded my post just two weeks ago with this same premise. It’s tough! You’ve said it perfectly. My brain just hasnt been able to put together all of its thoughts into any sort of cohesiveness. It’s been a struggle to even get out what I have, to be honest.
    Now this time coming up for you…. this is so exciting. Of course I hope to be able to hear/read/see how it’s going for you, but if I don’t, I know it’s because college is a time where you want to be putting your focus on living the experiences it gives you (and maybe some studying). So don’t for one second feel guilty if you aren’t finding yourself blogging as much as you think. Live it girl! And enjoy! (But email anytime to get some of those non-cohesive thoughts out, k?)


  2. Soak up every last bit of summer! Hope your orientation goes well and that the transition is smooth (and exciting)! Also, LOVE your dress. Enjoy your break, and like Cora said, email anytime you need to get your thoughts out. ❀


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