Having a lot to say but not saying it well.

Last week was long. And awesome. And difficult. And full of those moments where all kinds of things are happening inside but externally the world keeps on spinning, oblivious. It was an adjustment week. A “forge your own trail” week. I have a lot to say about last week, but trying to explain it all would be like trying to give a lost astronaut directions to Saturn. 

“Um…like, you’ll pass Mars, which is kinda red, and then take a right when you see some stars. Or maybe not. Uh nope, I’ve never been there, no one has actually. Maybe just use Google maps? Yeah, Google maps probably work in space.”

Anyway, now it’s a past week.

Thankfully, there were a few productive moments too. That’s something to celebrate. Right, Meg?


20170915_130256Went on a quick run to Trader Joes and spent so much time lovingly perusing the aisles that I ran home in the dark. Backpack of groceries + darkness + uneven sidewalk = not my most brilliant moment. No face-plants happened, but I gracefully tripped a few times.

Visited a church in the area. The church rents a Jewish temple on Sundays for their services, and the architecture is stunning. I was half listening to the message and half gawking at all the pretty things around me. 

Made it through a full week of class + assignments + lab! No further explanation needed.20170913_12064720170913_12271320170914_124223Ate some okay dining hall food, some delicious dining hall food, and food a la dorm.

Washed a load of laundry, sent some mail, started a new book.20170915_173519Spend a rainy Friday afternoon cuddled up in the library with my textbooks. This was one of the few moments when rain added to my day.

Met with the Christian group on campus and enjoyed getting to know them all a little better.

Explored more of the area around campus. I staked out the cutesy coffee shops and even visited one. A bagel sandwich was eaten, and it hit the spot. I’m not a coffee drinker, but coffee shops smell nice and can be great people watching spots. 

There you have it. Hope your week is off to a nice start. Productive if needed. Restful if needed. A happy medium if needed.

So tell me…

Are you good at sorting through complicated emotions and experiences? Some people have a gift, ya know?

What was something productive you did last week?

Do you people watch? 


12 thoughts on “Having a lot to say but not saying it well.

  1. Any specific good finds at Trader Joe’s? It’s so much fun to find new-to-me items whenever I’m there! And what book did you just start?

    I am not good at all at sorting through my feelings (hello therapy). Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by my thoughts–all of these interesting, dynamic thoughts–because I can’t seem to put them into words. Nguhh.

    Glad you were able to start exploring. Hope your upcoming week is filled with more bagels and people-watching.


    1. The bread aisle at TJs makes my heart happy. I scored english muffins and a few other staples.

      I actually just finished the book. It’s called Consumed, and it’s written by a British author. The writing style is unique. Overall, it was just okay.

      It’s so frustrating, right? Having all those uncomfortable emotions but not being able to set them all straight. I. . .got nothing. It’s a pain.


  2. I think you did a pretty great job of explaining your week even if you felt discombobulated. Google maps to the rescue. 🙂
    I love coffee shops. I don’t sit in them enough.
    Also rainy days just beg to be spent in a library.
    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.


  3. Your directions to Saturn explanation perfectly summed up those complicated, tangled, emotion-filled weeks.
    Ah Trader Joe’s. There’s nothing like perusing the aisles there. And it seems to be that we’re on the same page with college food. I’ve been consuming copious amounts of toast with nut butter and salads with hummus.
    So glad that you got to meet with a Christian group and go to a beautiful church building. I adore looking at beautiful church buildings.
    Bagel sandwich. Yes. You know how I feel about bagels. I have yet to visit the (one and only) cutesy coffeeshop in the vicinity, but that’s happening this weekend. It’s also next to a cutesy ice cream shop, so bonus points.
    Hope your week is exactly what you need it to be.


    1. Allll the toast and alll the salad. Surprisingly enough I’m not tired of it yet, which is a really good thing. I’m still very ready to return to my kitchen and bake.

      Thank you much. Hope the end of your week is speeding toward a cutesy coffee shop moment.


  4. sorting through complicated emotions is something we are all working at… and something we figure out more over time I think. Give yourself grace love, and be gentle with yourself. You are doing great 🙂 love that you found the positives in the week. trader joes runs are always awesome too! xoxo


  5. Mmm I don’t think Im good at figuring out/wading through weird emotions until after the fact. Then of course we can be brilliant and basically a PHD in psychology, but when in the middle of it? Yeah, it’s messy.
    Sounds like you are feeling a little messy right now… but I would think that’s totally expected. Things are all still new. You are on your own (in a sense) in a new surrounding trying to make your new “niche” of people and places, so you don’t have that “root” under you yet. It will come. I love that you are getting out there to meet new people, join new groups, and see new things. It could be easy to hide under a little shell when feeling out of sorts.


  6. Oh my gosh your lost astronaut metaphor cracked. me. up. You’re such a talented writer, Vangie!
    I didn’t buy a parking pass my freshman year of college, and figuring out trips to and from the grocery store was rough at first. They often happened at weird times–and once I got on the wrong bus and ended up not getting my milk in the fridge for about two hours! Plus there was a *giant* hill to climb between the grocery store and my schol hall. There are things about being in college I don’t miss. And a lot of things I do miss.
    Best wishes forging that trail.


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