Grateful for . . .

Fall has officially arrived. *squeals* Cue the cliché apology for cliché rambles about excitement for sweaters, pumpkin, leaves, hot beverages, cozy blankets, socially acceptable hibernation: all that good stuff.

In the true spirit of fall things and my personal excitement for the coming Thanksgiving break (I cannot, cannot, cannot wait to be reunited with my kitchen…and my family too.), we’re doing a #grateful edition of week in review. Thanks for hosting, MegWeek-In-Review-Button-Final

Grateful for . . . field trips! I think they’re better in college. Last week one of my classes visited a local sculptor, toured his gallery, sat in a circle and held hands (no joke), talked about history and our hopes for humanity. It was a one-of-a-kind experience that was very neat. 20170928_140411.jpgGrateful for . . . cool, sunny afternoons. They make life feel brighter and homework less intimidating.

Grateful for . . . a new job. It’s only a few hours a week, but I needed a little monetary sustenance for the semester. It’ll be helpful.20170928_153052.jpgGrateful for . . . unexpected care packages. A good friend sent a box with some of my favorite snacks, two books, and homemade pumpkin cookies. (They were amazing.) It was so incredibly thoughtful, and when I opened it, I remember thinking, “How did she know that I wanted/needed these specific things?” She’s so perceptive.20170928_152745.jpg20170928_152857.jpgGrateful for . . . lunches eaten outside. I want to spend at least one meal a day savoring and slowing down. I often rush through meals, and I need to take time to enjoy food.20170928_123637.jpgGrateful for . . . a failed quest for banana bread that ended with the discovery of a quaint little park. It was worth the heartbreak of walking back to the dorm empty handed. 20170930_173606.jpg20170930_173707.jpgGrateful for . . . examples of humility and thoughtfulness throughout the week. The woman who sent the care package was one. My parents are another. They are people who listen, really listen, pray for me, and care about my growth and well being. What a blessing to know so many loving people.

So tell me…

What are you grateful for this week?

Something about fall that you’re wildly excited about. 




29 thoughts on “Grateful for . . .

  1. Between the fall feelings and now this post, I’m feeling pretty darn content and cozy. Thank you. We always need a reminder about the little beautiful parts of life. Good friends who selflessly give their time to put a huge smile on your face… there is just nothing better. What a wonderful care package and a wonderful person for sending it. Fall will come and go so quickly so let’s make the most of all those sunny afternoons, chill mornings, mugs of tea, and time with others that we can. And cookies. ❤


  2. I love that the walk for banana bread ended in discovering a quaint little park. Parks are sooo fun to discover and explore especially when they’re quaint and quiet. My parents are also such a wonderful example of humility and compassion and kindness; they truly live and breathe Jesus to me. ❤ It always humbles me.


  3. Gratitude posts are some of my favorites, and I’m a little green with jealousy over that delicious looking care package. I am soaking up the Fall weather too. I’m grateful for fires in the fireplace, hot tea and crunchy leaves.

    Have a great week.


  4. Oooh, what job did you get? And field trips in college?!! I’m so jealous. I wish my professors did that 😦
    There’s something magical about eating outside. So it makes me sad that the weather is getting colder and that soon won’t be feasible anymore.
    Grateful to have a warm cozy bed (that I currently can’t convince myself to get out of…)


  5. I also love taking a long time to enjoy food. After avoiding certain things for a few years, I cannot help but be grateful to eat and appreciate all the wonder that food is. Today I am grateful for beautiful fall days, it was 75 today! I am also grateful for gloves in the morning when I walk to work…lesson learned.
    I am really excited for fall because for the first time in 4 years, I am spending the holidays with my family. What a blessing that is 🙂


  6. My favorite field trip in college was to my Middle Eastern studies professor’s house for Turkish food!
    Today I am grateful for a clean bill of health for my son, who had a bunch of medical tests this week!


    1. I’m sure that whole process was stressful for you both, but that’s super, awesome, wonderful news.

      Field trips that include food > most anything else, especially food made by your prof. What a cool experience!


  7. This is such a warm & cozy post. I’m also grateful fall has arrived, and I’ve been downing tea like nobody’s business. The pumpkin cookies look delicious. And such great books too! Yay for a new job! I’m also trying to take one meal a day to slow down. I’ve been finding myself studying and eating more often than I’d like. Have a lovely rest of your day!


  8. What a blessing to have such a lovely friend who sends you care packages 🙂
    After the events of this week and all the pain and craziness in this world, I’ve been taking time to focus on the small things in life.
    The brisk morning. The sun on my face. The smile from a stranger. The laugh of a friend. The text from my baby sister.
    I cling to these moments and it helps to remind me that not all in this world are filled with darkness. It gives me hope for a better tomorrow ❤


  9. how sweet of your friend to send that!! love seeing your gratitude and love too- two important qualities to have in this life 🙂 cool, sunny afternoons are my favorite- same with crisp fall mornings. happy weekend love!


  10. First off a huge apology for being such a terribly slacky blogger friend. I meant to catch up with you a lot sooner.
    It’s been a while since you published this but reading about all the happiness in your life lately warmed my heart. Especially knowing your [understandable] anxiety before leaving for college. I’m sure there are hard moments, too, yet happy you’re surrounded – even if from the distance – such lovely people and places.
    The field trip you described truly sounds amazing. Like a very special opportunity to not only learn something but develop a bond with your fellow students.
    Two things I’m grateful for are the opportunity to spend this past weekend with my siblings and sweet little nephew as well as our first family dinner in a while [it’s rare for all of us to get together, also because my brother doesn’t get to visit that often due to work and living further away].


    1. Ehh I’ll forgive you 😉 In all seriousness though, I’ve been a very slacky blogger friend too. I guess it’s just a busy time for us both. The weekend with your siblings sounds so needed and lovely. Hope you experience a few more gratitude, smile inducing moments this week.


  11. Thankful for this sleepless night that lead me to your post! I’m praising the Lord! There are so many blessings in our lives and we must be careful not to miss the beautiful gems amongst difficulty in this life.


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